NACE Activity Names

01.11.07 Cultivation of legumes (beans (fresh and dry), beans, chickpeas, lentils, lupine, pea, back porch, etc.).
01.11.12 Growing grains (wheat, corn grain, sorghum, barley, rye, oats, millet, bird seed, etc.). (Except rice)
01.11.14 Cultivation of oilseeds (soybean, peanut, cotton seed, grass seed ticks (castor oil seed), flax seed, mustard seed, niger seed, rapeseed, safflower seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, etc.).
01.12.14 Paddy (shelled rice) cultivation
01.13.17 Growing sugar cane
01.13.18 Cultivation of edible roots and tubers (potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava, yam, etc.).
01.13.19 Growing other vegetable seeds (including sugar cane seeds, except other beet seeds)
01.13.20 Growing of vegetables with edible fruits (cucumber, gherkins, sharp and sweet pepper, melon, water melon, cucurbit species, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, etc.).
01.13.21 Growing mushrooms and truffles
01.13.22 Growing of roots, bulbs, tubers vegetables consumed (carrots, turnips, garlic, onion, shallot, leek, and other similar vegetables)
01.13.23 Growing Leafy or stem vegetables (artichokes, asparagus, cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli, lettuce and endive, spinach, etc.).
01.14.01 Sugar cane cultivation
01.15.01 tobacco farming
01.16.02 cotton cultivation
01.16.90 cultivation of fiber plants (flax, hemp, jute, etc.).
01.19.01 Cultivation of forage plants (yellow turnips, mangoldlar, feed the roots, clover, sainfoin, forage maize and sugar beet seeds and seeds them with other herbs, including excluding sugar beet seeds)
01.19.02 Flower farming (tulips, chrysanthemums, lilies, roses and so on, and their seeds)
01.19.90 cultivation of other annual forage crops
01.21.05 The cultivation of grapes (wine, table grapes and other)
01.22.05 Cultivation of tropical and subtropical fruits (bananas, dates, figs, avocados, mangoes, etc.).
01.23.02 Growing of citrus (grapefruit, lemon, lime, orange, tangerine, etc.).
01.24.04 cultivating oft or hard-cored fruits (apple, apricot, cherry, quince, plum, etc.). (Citrus fruits and grapes)
01.25.08 growing other trees and shrubs (perennial plants), fruits and nuts, fruits (blueberries, currants, chestnuts, peanuts, strawberries, raspberries, walnuts, carob and so on. (Except nuts)) 
01.25.09 growing hazelnuts
01.26.02 olive cultivation
01.26.90 growing other oleaginous fruits (coconut, palm, palm trees, etc.). (Excluding olives)
01.27.02 Tea cultivation (black tea, green tea, yerba mate, etc.).
01.27.90 Cultivation of other crops for the production of beverages (coffee, cocoa, etc.). (Except for tea cultivation)
01.28.01 Growing spices and aromatic plants (fragrant), drugs and pharmaceutical crops (anise, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, vanilla, white or black pepper, lime, sage, etc.).
01.29.01 Growing long-lasting vegetable crops such as rubber trees, christmas trees, meshes, herbal products, etc. used to make filling and tanning. 
01.30.03 Growing vegetable seedlings, fruit trees and so on for planting
01.30.04 Cultivation of flowers and other plants for planting ( including cultivating plants and lawns for decorative purposes , vegetable seedlings , fruit trees excluded)
01.41.31 Growing of animals that can be milked (cows or water buffaloes)
01.42.09 Other cattle and buffalo breeding (excluding those reared for their milk)
01.43.01 Other equine breeding of livestock (donkeys, mules or hinnies, etc.).
01.44.01 Deve yetiştiriciliği
01.45.01 Sheep and goat breeding (raw milk, hair, mohair, wool and so on. Production included)
01.46.01 pig breeding
01.47.01 The raising of poultry (chicken, turkey, duck, goose and guinea fowl, etc.).
01.47.02  activities of hatcheries
01.47.03 Poultry egg production
01.49.01 Beekeeping, honey and wax production (including royal jelly)
01.49.02 Cocoon of silkworm breeding and production
01.49.03 Cultivation and production of domestic animals (except fish) (cats, dogs, birds, hamsters, etc.).
01.49.05 Raising ostriches
01.49.90 Cultivation and production of semi-domesticated or other live animals (other birds (except poultry), insects, rabbits and other fur animals, snails, worm farms, reptile farms, animal embryos, etc.).
01.50.06 Mixed farming (specialization in the production of vegetable or animal production)
01.61.01 fertilization, field tillage, sowing, hoeing, pruning, etc. (except for activities supporting flower cultivation, fertilization made ??by air)
01.61.02 Supporting the production of vegetable crop harvest and mixing, mowing, baling, harvesting operation and so on.
01.61.03 agricultural irrigation activities
01.61.04 Supporting the production of herbal fumigation and pest control activities (including the destruction of weeds, except as required by air)
01.61.05 Fertilisation supporting flower cultivation, field tillage, planting, maintenance, collection and so on.  (excluding fertilisation ?by air)
01.61.06 Supporting the production of plants through air, fertilizing, spraying and pest control activities (including the destruction of weeds)
01.62.01 Herd management, animal nutrition, poultry, cleaning, shearing, milking, providing shelter, blacksmith and so on. 
01.62.02 animal testing in support of the production of poultry sterilization, artificial insemination, and so on. (including activities in poultry production centres)
01.63.01 Weeding and cleaning of post-harvest activities related to other products (except products of cotton or starchy root)
01.63.02 Hard-shell shell breakage and cleaning products, and related activities
01.63.03 rubbing, grinding and cleaning-related activities for hemp products
01.63.04 activities related to the granulation and cleaning of corn, etc..
01.63.05 Services such as the categorisation and the baling of tobacco
01.63.06 Weeding and cleaning products, starchy tubers (potatoes, etc.).
01.63.07 ginning activities
01.63.90 Other activities related to post-harvest crops
01.64.01 Seed processing services for production (including operations vernalization)
01.70.01 Hunting and trapping of wild animals, hunting animals and non-commercial activities (to be eaten, furs, skins, etc., used in research.) (excluding fishing)
01.70.02 Commercial fishing and trapping activities of hunting animals and wild animals (for eating for furs, skins, etc., used in research.) (excluding fishing)
02.10.01 Cultivating of the forest menaged as marsh
02.10.02 Production of sapling and seed for cultivate forests
02.10.03 Cultivation of forest trees ( cultivation of marsh forests)
02.20.01 Production of industruial wood and firewood (including producing wood coal from traditional ways)
02.30.01 Wild products collection that grows other than wood (cork oak bark, roots, pine cones, balm, lacquer and resin, acorns, horse chestnut, moss and lichen, wild flowers, wild fruits, edible fungus, etc.).
02.40.01 Supportive activities like cutting trees in forests, cleaning brenches and peeling
02.40.02 Transportation, stacking and loading activities of cutted and cleared trees in forest
02.40.03 Silvicultural service activities in forest
02.40.04 Protecting  activities of forests against harmfuls (bugs and diseases)
02.40.05 Protecting activities of forests against fire and illegal cutting
02.40.06 Protect and maintece purposed forest road making and maintance
02.40.07 Other forestry service activities (forestry inventories, forest management, forest management consulting services, forest (care, efficiency, etc..) On research and development, etc.).
03.11.01 Fishing in marine areas and coastal waters (including purse seine fishing)
03.11.02 Shellfish (mussels, lobster, etc.)., Molluscs and other marine life products (pearls, natural pearls, sponges, coral, seaweed, etc.).
03.12.01 Fresh waters (rivers, lakes), fish  (trout, carp, catfish, etc.).
03.21.01 Aqua farming (sea bream, bream, grey mullet, etc, including farm fish, fish spawn and tiddlers)
03.21.02  sea aquaculture (mussels, clams, lobster, shrimp, arthropods, crustaceans, seaweed, etc.). (Except fish)
03.22.01 Fresh-water fish farming (ornamental fish, farmed fish, fish eggs and puppies included)
03.22.02 Freshwater aquaculture (mollusks, crustaceans, frogs, etc.). (Except fish)
05.10.01 Coal mining
05.20.01 Lignite mining
06.10.01 Extraction of crude oil
06.20.01 Natural gas extraction (mining)
07.10.01 Iron ore mining (including the production of sintered iron ore)
07.21.01 The separation of uranium from ores containing tar and bitumen.
07.21.02 The separation of thorium from ores containing tar and bitumen.
07.21.03 Uranium mining
07.21.04 Thorium mining
07.21.05 Yellow cake (U3O8) production (derived from uranium ore)
07.29.01 mining of gold, silver, precious metals such as platinum
07.29.02 Aluminum mining
07.29.03 Copper mining
07.29.04 Nickel mining
07.29.05 Lead, zinc and tin mining
07.29.06 Chrome mining
07.29.07 Mining of non-ferrous metal ores not classified elsewhere (mercury, manganese, cobalt, molybdenum, tantalum, vanadium, etc.) (Precious metals, iron, copper, lead, zinc, aluminum, tin, chromium, except nickel)
08.11.01 Marble quarrying (including travertine)
08.11.02 Granite quarrying
08.11.03 Quarrying of building stones
08.11.04 The breakage and cutting of ornamental and building stones
08.11.05 Dolomite and slate quarrying
08.11.06 Limestone quarrying (including the crushing and fragmentation of limestone)
08.11.07 Chalk, gypsum and anhydrite quarrying ( including the extraction, fragmentation and cooking processes)
08.12.01 Quarrying of sand and gravel (except the fragmentation and the mining of clay and kaolin)
08.12.02 Fracture and fragmentation of pebbles
08.12.03 Extraction of clay, refractory clay and kaolin mining and bentonite, andalusite, kyanite, sillimanite, mullite, chamotte or dinas soils
08.91.01 Mining of chemical and fertilizer minerals (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, phosphate, nitrate, barite, barium, pyrite, etc.) (except boron, sulfur mining)
08.91.02 mining of boron minerals
08.91.03 mining (quarrying) of sulfur
08.91.04 mining  of guano (bird manure, including saltpeter)
08.91.05 Amber, lignite and sepiolite quarrying
08.92.01 Peat extraction and its collection
08.93.01 Extraction of rock salt (including sifting and breaking) (except the transformation of salt to edible salt)
08.93.02 Production of sea, lake and source salt (except the transformation of salt to edible salt)
08.99.01 The mining of abrasive materials (sandpaper), asbestos, siliceous fossil residues, arsenic ores, steatite (talc) and feldspar (quartz, mica schist, talc, silica, pumice, asbestos, natural corundum, etc.).
08.99.02 The mining of natural asphalt, asphaltite, stones containing asphalt (natural solid bitumen) and bitumen
08.99.03 Quarrying of precious and semi-precious stones (ruby, emerald, sapphire, chalcedony, etc.)  (with the exception of amber, lignite, sepiolite and diamonds)
08.99.04 Graphite quarrying
08.99.05 Diamond (including industrial diamonds) mining
08.99.90 Other minings and quarryings which are not classified elsewhere
09.10.01 Liquefaction and gasification of natural gas (those that take place in the mine field)
09.10.02 Drilling services related to oil and gas extraction (examinations, research services, geological observations, operation and closure of wells and drilling activities with testing purposes, etc. are included)
09.10.03 Rig crane erection, repair, removal, etc. activities related to oil and gas extraction.
09.90.01 Other service activities supporting mining and quarrying (audit, research services, geological observations, unloading, pumping services) (except those drillings with testing purposes and those for oil and gas drilling operations)
09.90.02 Test drilling activities to support the mining and quarrying (except those for oil and natural gas)
10.11.01 The killing of cattle, sheep, goats and so on. and the processing of meat animals (Slaughterhouse) (fresh, chilled or frozen storage included)
10.12.01 Poultry meat production (fresh or frozen) (including edible offal)
10.12.02 The business activities of slaughterhouses engaged in poultry cutting, cleaning, or packaging poultry
10.12.03 The conversion of the fat obtained from poultry into fat for cooking purposes
10.12.04 Manufacture of feather and down feather (skins included)
10.13.01 production of meat and poultry meat and raw meat, etc. 
10.13.02 Manufacture of salted, dried or smoked products such as sausages, salami, "sucuk", "pastirma", cooked meat, canned meat, salted meat, ham, etc made of meat and the meat obtained from fowl
10.13.03 Production of meat and offal meal (meat and poultry meat produced)
10.13.04 Production of edible animal offal and fats from cattle, sheep, goats and so on. 
10.20.03 Processing and preserving fish, shellfish and molluscs  (freezing, drying, cooking, smoking, salted in brine, canned and so on.)
10.20.04 Production of fish, shellfish, mollusc (fish fillet, fish spawn, caviar, substitutes of caviar, etc.)
10.20.05 Fish Flours, meals and pellets production (for human consumption)
10.20.06  operating activities of boats and vessels processing and storing fish 
10.20.07 Manufacture of uncooked fish dishes (fermented fish, fish paste, fish cake, etc.).
10.20.08 Fish, crustaceans, molluscs or other aquatic invertebrates and the production of their flour, meals and pellets  (not suitable for human consumption) and the production of their other inedible products
10.31.01 Processing and preserving of potatoes (frozen, dried, water removed, crushed potato production) (including peeling)
10.31.02 Potato chips, fries, cookies, potato flour and coarse flour manufacturing
10.32.01 Manufacture of vegetable and fruit juices without additives (turnip juice, tomato juice, carrot juice, orange juice, apple juice, apricot juice, etc.).
10.32.02 Manufacture of fruit and vegetable juice concentrate
10.39.01 Manufacture of vegetable and fruit cans (tomato paste, mashed tomatoes included those made of potatoes excluded) 
10.39.02 production of roasted, salted, processed fruit puree with nuts  (pre-cooked)
10.39.03 Manufacture of fruit and vegetables, jelly, syrup, marmalade, jam and so on. (including manufacture of pulp)
10.39.04 Manufacture of the vegetables and fruits preserved with salted water, vinegar, vinegar water, oil and other preservative solvents)
10.39.05 Manufacture of frozen and dried fruits and vegetables (dried apricots, raisins, dried hibiscus, dried pepper, etc.)
10.39.06 production of chickpeas with the manufacture of roasted beans, peanuts and so on. (excluding nuts)
10.39.07 Processing and manufacturing of tahini made of sesame
10.39.90 The processing and preservation of the fruits and vegetables not otherwise categorised (including the ones that have been cut and boxed)
10.41.01 Production of sunflower oil
10.41.02 Manufacture of vegetable oil (edible),  (soybean, sesame, poppy, cottonseed, hazelnut, rape, mustard and so on.) (olive oil, sunflower oil and corn oil excluded)
10.41.03 manufacture of linseed oil
10.41.05 Pomace oil production (including oils obtained from other cakes) (except maize oil)
10.41.06 Manufacture of cocoa butter, almond oil, thyme oil, Daphne oil, date seed oil, flax seed oil, castor oil, tung oil and other similar oils (except linseed oil)
10.41.07 Production of olive oil (pure, virgin and refined)
10.41.10 Obtaining oil from fish and marine mammals
10.41.11 Pork tallow (stearin), lard oil, oleostarin, oleoyl and inedible tallow liquid (tallow oil) Production of oils and fats from other animals (untreated)
10.42.01 Manufacture of margarine, mixed edible fats 
10.51.01 Manufacture of processed milk (pasteurised, sterilised, homogenised and/or treated with intense heat) (except solid milk or milk dust)
10.51.02 Manufacture of cheese and curd
10.51.03 Milk powder, casein (casein), milk sugar (lactose) and whey (whey), manufacturing (solid or powdered milk, cream included)
10.51.04 Manufacture of milk-based soft drinks (kefir, orchid, etc.).
10.51.05 Manufacture of other products made ??from milk (butter, yogurt, buttermilk, cream, sour cream, etc.). (Including cream) (excluding whipped cream in solid or powder form)
10.52.01 Manufacture of ice cream (plain, vegetable, fruit, etc.).
10.52.02 Manufacture of other edible ice syrup foods
10.61.01 Production of breakfast cereals and other cereal grain products (wheat, oats, corn, rye, and so on. Butters and popcorn and corn flakes included)
10.61.02 Milling of cereals and flour production (corn flour, bran included, except rice flour)
10.61.05 Manufacture of rice, rice flour, butter (factory products included)
10.61.06 manufacture of semolina
10.61.07 Pre-cooked or otherwise prepared cereal grain production (including wheat, excluding corn)
10.61.08 Manufacture of vegetables and legumes and pastes ( mixtures of ready-mixed vegetable flour) (except those cooked)
10.61.09 Manufacture of pulp and flour mixtures used in the manufacture of bakery products (excluding mixtures of vegetables)
10.61.10 Manufacture of other cereal products (wheat for "keskek" included) (excluding wheat and semolina)
10.62.01 Manufacture of starches (from wheat, rice, potatoes, corn, cassava and so on.)
10.62.02 Manufacture of glucose, glucose syrup, fructose, maltose, inulin, and so on. (including invert sugar)
10.62.04 Age of corn milling
10.62.05 manufacture of gluten
10.62.06 Production of corn oil
10.71.01 Manufacture of fresh pastry goods (wet cake, cookie, pastry, cakes, pies, share, pies, waffles, etc.).
10.71.02 Production of bakery products (bread, plain pitta bread, bagel, etc. Except the production of pastry products)
10.71.03 Manufacture of baked desserts (sweetened desserts, baklava, etc.).
10.72.01 Rusks, biscuits, waffles, ice cream cone, wafers and so on. (including those covered in chocolate)
10.72.02 Manufacture of bakery and pastry products, those that are sweet or savory (cookies, crackers, bread, pretzels, etc.).
10.72.03 Production of sweetened durable baked desserts (cooked shredded unsweetened, etc.). (Including manufacture of pastry)
10.73.03 Manufacture of macaroni, noodles, couscous and similar products (including those that are refilled or frozen)
10.81.01 Sugar cane, sugar beet, palm trees, maple sugar (sucrose), and their manufacture or the refining of sugar products (including the production of liquid sugar and molasses)
10.81.03 Maple syrup production
10.82.01  production of chocolate and confectionery containing cocoa (by applying the edible white chocolate and cocoa-based products)
10.82.02 confectionery and candy production (sugar candy, etc.). (Excluding cocoa sweets)
10.82.03 Manufacture of spread-cocoa products
10.82.04 Manufacture of Turkish delight, halva, caramel, candy trumps, fondant, white chocolate, and so on.  (including tahini halva)
10.82.05 Manufacture of chewing gum (gum)
10.82.06 Production of candies from nuts, fruit-peel and other parts of plants (including extracts of licorice)
10.82.07 manufacture of cocoa powder, cocoa butter / paste
10.83.01 Manufacture of Tea (black tea, green tea and tea bags, tea extracts, essences and concentrates)
10.83.02 Coffee products (ground coffee, coffee with melted coffee extracts, essences and concentrates)
10.83.03 Manufacture of herbal teas (mint, wild grass, chamomile, lime, rose hips).
10.83.04 coffee-containing products or substitutes (sugar, milk, including mixed products)
10.84.01 Manufacture of spices (black pepper, red pepper, mustard, cinnamon, allspice, mastic gum, combinations of spices, etc.) (processed)
10.84.02 Manufacture of vinegar and vinegar substitutes
10.84.03 Manufacture of sauces (soy sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, fenugreek, mango sauce, etc.) (except spices, vinegar and tomato paste)
10.84.05 Food salt production
10.85.01 Manufacture of prepared meals (vacuum-packed or protected ones) (restaurant and catering services)
10.86.01 Manufacture of products used for feeding infants and children (baby foods, puddings, etc.).
10.86.02 Manufacture of homogenized food preparations and dietetics prepared for patients (gluten-free foods, sodium-free salt and so on.)
10.86.03 Nutrient-enriched food for sportspeople
10.89.01 Manufacture of ready-made soup prepared with beef broth, fish sauce, chicken broth and concentrated products
10.89.02 Yeast and baking powder manufacturing (including yeast)
10.89.04  manufacture of artificial honey, caramel, shelled eggs, egg albumin, and so on.
10.89.05 Manufacture of plant extracts and peptic products, stabilisers (coke concentrate, malt extract, liquorice included)
10.89.06 Manufacture of various food products not elsewhere classified (including perishable prepared foods, cheese fondues, sugar syrups, and so on.)
10.91.01 Manufacture of ready-made feed for farm animals
10.92.01 Manufacture of prepared pet food (cat and dog food, bird and fish food, etc.).
11.01.01 Manufacture of distilled potable alcoholic beverages (whiskey, brandy, gin, liqueur, raki, vodka, cognac, etc.).
11.01.02 Manufacture of drinks mixed with distilled potable alcoholic beverages
11.01.03 Ethyl alcohol production (unmodified natural features <80%)
11.02.01 Production of wine, sparkly wine, champagne from grapes
11.02.02 Production of grape must
11.03.01 Manufacture of cider and other fruit wines
11.04.02 Manufacture of other non-distilled fermented beverages (including drinks vermouth and the like)
11.05.01 manufacture of beer
11.06.01 manufacture of malt
11.07.01 Production of natural or artificial mineral waters (including those that are sweetened and flavored)
11.07.02 Production of other non-alcoholic drinks (lemonade, soda, cola drinks, fruit drinks, tonic water, iced tea, and so on. Beverages) (excluding drinking water and mineral water)
11.07.03 Production of drinking water (bottled, non-carbonated, sweetened or flavored)
11.07.04 boza production
12.00.04 Manufacture of tobacco products
13.10.03 Production of natural cotton fiber (carding, etc.).
13.10.05 Natural wool and mohair fiber production (carding wool, oil removal, carbonizing and dyeing of wool, etc.).
13.10.06 Natural jute, flax and other vegetable textile fibers production (carding, etc.). (Except cotton)
13.10.08 Separation of silk from the cocoon and wrapping
13.10.09 Carding synthetic or artificial staple fibers
13.10.10 Natural silk yarn bending and making
13.10.12 Bending and spinning cotton fibers 
13.10.13  bending wool and mohair fibers and turning them into yarns
13.10.14  Bending jute, flax and other vegetable textile fibers and yarn making (except cotton)
13.10.15 Bending artificial and synthetic fibers and yarn-making (excluding manufacture of filament yarn and artificial silk fibers)
13.20.14 Production of denim
13.20.16 Maufacture of cotton woven fabric (cotton woven veil fabric included), (fuzzy or chenille fabric, towels, muslin, velour etc, non stiched fabrics andenim, velvet and tufting fabrics excluded)
13.20.17 manufacture of woven fabrics made of wool and natural hair
13.20.19 Natural silk fabric production (veil fabric made by natural silk included) 
13.20.20 Manufacture of woven fabrics made of linen, ramie, hemp, jute fibers and other plant-based textile fibers (veil fabric from vegetalbe fiber included) (except cotton)
13.20.21 production of tufting fabric with towels, chenille, plush
13.20.22 Manufacture of woven  fabric from artifical and synthetic filaments and fibres (except fuzzy or chenille fabric, muslin, towel, plush, etc. Non stichted fabrics and denim, velvet/tufting fabrics;  artificial and synthetic fiber woven veil fabric included)
13.20.23 Manufacture of imitation fur through weaving
13.20.24 Manufacture of woven fabrics of glass fiber (including narrow fabrics of glass fibers)
13.30.01 Bleaching and painting fabrics and textile products (clothing included)
13.30.02 Bleaching and dyeing services of textile fibers and yarns (including bleaching)
13.30.03 Printing on fabrics and textile products (including clothing)
13.30.04 Other finishing services of textiles and textile products (including finishing, sanforizing, and so on)
13.91.01 Manufacture of knitted and crocheted fabrics (cotton and terry fabrics, knitted with the lace raschel machines or the like, curtains, and so on. including knitted or crocheted fabrics, knitted products)
13.91.02 Imitation fur fabric manufacturing through knitting
13.92.01 Manufacture of bed cover sets, bed sheets, pillow cases, tablecloths, blankets. Manufacture of cloths used in bathrooms and kitchens (including hand and face towels)
13.92.02 Manufacture of quilts, comforters, cushions, pouffes, pillows, carpets, sleeping bags and the like
13.92.03 Manufacture of curtains and interior blinds, curtain or bed fringes as well as their frills, materials (guipure, tulle curtains and drapes) included
13.92.04 Manufacture of cleaning rags such as textile floor cloths, dish-cloths, dusters and so on.
13.92.05 Manufacture of blankets
13.92.06 Manufacture of sacks, bags and similar products (to pack goods)
13.92.07 Manufacture of life jackets and lifebuoys
13.92.08  manufacture of parachutes (including dirigible parachutes) and rotochutes and their parts
13.92.09 manufacture of flags, banners and pennants
13.92.10 Manufacture of textile cloth and pouch (for cars, machinery, furniture, etc..)
13.92.11 manufacture of tarpaulins, awnings, blinds (blinds), sails, tents and camping equipment (including inflatable mattresses)
13.93.01 Manufacture of carpets (including tapestry) and rugs (mats, runners and other textile floor coverings included)
13.93.02 activities such as carpet and rug warping, engraving, etc.
13.94.02 Networking and network products, twine, cordage, twine, cordage, rope or netting (fishing nets, offloading networks, etc.).
13.94.03 manufacturing twine, cordage, rope, cord, and the like  (rubber or plastics, impregnated, coated ones)
13.95.01 Manufacture of non-wovens and articles made of them (except apparel)
13.96.01 production of metallized yarn and metallised gimped yarn from woven fabrics (used in clothing and upholstery)
13.96.02 Manufacture of cords, unprocessed material and other ornamental articles from textile
13.96.03 Manufacture of narrow-woven fabrics (labels, badges and similar articles excluded)
13.96.04  manufacture of woven labels, badges, emblems and other similar materials from textile
13.96.05 Manufacture of Textile products and articles for technical uses (including wicks, gas mantles, hose piping, transmission or conveyor belts, bolting cloth and straining cloth)
13.96.06 Manufacture of tire cord fabric
13.96.07 Manufacture of rubber thread and cord covered with textile impregnated or coated with rubber or plastics made ??from textile yarn or fabric strips 
13.96.08 Manufacture of coated or impregnated textile fabrics (fabric to cover skin, engineers, linoleum, theater sets, canvas and so on. included)
13.99.02 Manufacture of veil and other net fabrics (woven, knit (tricot) or crochet (hook), excluded) manufacture of laceand embroidery (collar, scallop collar, lez, applique, motif, quilting products, and so on. included)
13.99.03 manufacture of seals, pressure sensitive clothing fabrics, textiles, shoes, ties, powder puff and so on. 
13.99.04 Manufacture of textile fluff (beds, duvets, pillows, mattresses and the like to fill in)
13.99.06 Gimped yarn and strip, chenille yarn, loop wale-yarn production (excluding tires metallised)
14.11.05 Manufacture of leather clothes (including those that contain leather, shoes not included)
14.12.07 Manufacture of industrial workwear (work aprons, dresses, overalls, etc.) (seamless plastic ones with the exception of fire-resistant and protective safety clothing)
14.12.08 Manufacture of professional clothing (Including uniforms, etc.  school uniforms and industrial workwear excluded)
14.13.04 Manufacture of clothing, weaving, knitwear, crochet fabrics, etc. (coats, jackets, pants, suits, raincoats, nightwear, etc.) (except work clothes and tailor-made goods)
14.13.05 Manufacture of customised clothing, weaving, knitting and crochet (hook), and so on. fabric ones (tailors activities) (Manufacture of wearing apparel, except repair and shirts)
14.13.06 Production of stage and the show clothing, weaving, knitting (knitting) and crochet (hook), and so on. 
14.13.07 manufacture of wedding dresses
14.14.01 Manufacture of clothing that can be worn under shirts, t-shirts, blouses, etc. (woven, knitted or crochet fabrics)
14.14.02 Production of nightgowns, dressing gowns, pajamas, bathrobes (woven, knitted or crocheted fabrics)
14.14.03 Singlets, vests, underpants, briefs, underwear skirt, petticoat, slips, petticoats, bras, corsets, etc. Manufacture of underwear (woven, knitted or crocheted fabrics)
14.14.04 manufacture of underwear, socks, ties, suspenders, braces and other accessories  (woven, knitted or crocheted fabrics)
14.19.01 Manufacture of fitness and workout clothes, ski suits, swimwear and so on. (swimwear, bikini included) (woven, knitted or crocheted fabrics)
14.19.02 Production of scarves, and so on. (woven, knitted or crocheted fabrics)
14.19.04 Manufacture of clothing accessories such as gloves, belts, shawls, ties, hair nets, cloth handkerchieves, scarves, veil and so on.  (leather, woven fabric or woven, knitted or crocheted fabrics) (excluding those for babies)
14.19.05 Manufacture of baby clothing apparels and accessories  (woven, knitted or crocheted fabrics) (panduf baseless included)
14.19.07 Manufacture of hats, caps, and their parts (including hats and headgear of fur, other than those for babies)
14.19.08 Manufacture of wearing apparel (woven fabric or felt or other textile fabric, impregnated, coated or covered)
14.20.04 Post, fur or fur manufacturing of parts made ??of leather, and goods (except apparel and clothing accessories)
14.20.05 Manufacture of posts, made ??of leather or fur, wearing apparel and clothing accessories (fur hats, hoods and gloves not included)
14.31.01 Production of socks (knitted and crocheted with tights, tights, socks, short women's socks, men's socks, booties, socks and other hosiery)
14.39.01  Manufacture of other wearing apparel (knitwear (knitting) and crochet (hook)) (sweaters, pullovers, cardigans, vests, and so on.)
15.11.10 Manufacture of leather and fur skins ( fur and leather tanning , tanning , dyeing , polishing and processing ) (excluding  only drying , iron drumming of processed skin without the skin being subjected to further processing)
15.11.11 Fur Leather and skins scraped clean, shearing, plucking the feathers and bleaching (postlude, including leather dressage)
15.11.13 manufacture of leather and leather-based composition obtained through the mixture of strip leather and hide
15.11.14 Withering and ironing of processed leather on drum without subjecting any other process
15.12.07  production of leather, leather, composite leather and other materials of luggage, handbags, purses, school bags, briefcases, leather cigarette case, leather shoelace, personal care, sewing, and so on. those for travel kits, etc.
15.12.08 Manufacture of Saddlery and harness from leather or other materials (whip, saddle, saddle, leash, saddlebags, etc.).
15.12.09 Manufacture of leather watch straps
15.12.10 Manufacture of plastic or rubber watch straps
15.12.11 Manufacture of watch straps from fabrics and other materials (except metal)
15.12.12 Course / handling of composition leather and manufacture of conveyor belts
15.20.15 Manufacture of leather shoes, boots, slippers, etc. (except all-textile products and orthopedic shoes as well as skiing shoes)
15.20.17 manufacture of plastic or rubber shoes, boots, boots, postal, slippers, and so on. (textiles, excluding orthopedic shoes and ski boots)
15.20.18 manufacture of shoes, boots, slippers, and so on. from textiles and other materials (textile, leather and plastic ones, except for orthopedic shoes and ski boots)
15.20.19  Production of the leather parts of footwear and footwear components (rubber, plastic and wooden parts not included) (upper and lower parts, heels, etc. included)
16.10.01 Timber manufacture ( slicing trees, rasping and shaping activities)
16.10.02 manufacturing of trolley traves and wooden railroad
16.10.03 Manufacturing of tree whool, tree flour, tree sawdust and tree spall
16.10.05 Manufacturing of wooden florings (combinable parquets too.)
16.10.06 Drying of the timber and the timber impregnation or chemical processing services ( those on behalf of others )
16.21.01 Manufacturing of hardwood, bamboo and coverin g plates from other wood material etc. ( unpressed, on shape of leaf)
16.21.02 Manufacturing of compressed fiber, wooden plyboard, mdf, slat, etc.
16.22.01 Manufacture of connectable wooden parquet floors (excluding laminated parquet and laminate)
16.23.01 Manufacture of wooden windows, doors and their cases, thresholds, wooden stairs, stair rails, patios, etc.)
16.23.02 Manufacturing of wooden prefab structures and portable wooden houses
16.23.90 Manufacturing of  unclassified construction shredding and carpentering goods ( wooden girder, timber, buttressi cement mould, etc)
16.24.01 Manufacturing of wooden packing materials like box, chest, barrel etc.
16.24.02 Manufacturing of palette, box palette and other wooden loading trays
16.24.03 Manufacturing of wooden wire pulley, bobbin,chock etc.
16.29.01 Manufacturing of wooden kithcen and tableware ( spoon, fork,glass, garlic press etc.)
16.29.02 Manufacturing of natural cork (roughly angled or blocks, plates, etc.. Though), crushed or granulated cork or natural, agglomerated cork (cork flooring, reels, plugs and plug included)
16.29.03 manufacture of wood works decorated with mother of pearl inlaid, wooden boxes for jewelery and cutlery for other items, wooden statuettes , sculptures and other ornamental decorations
16.29.04 Manufacturing of wooden tools, tool bodies, tool handles, whisks and broom bodies and handles, shoe molds, wooden latchs, clothe and hat hangers
16.29.05 the manufacture of wooden frames (paintings, photographs, mirrors or similar objects) and other articles of wood (panels, frames for canvas, rope and so on. Reels, wooden heels and soles of shoes, beehives, kennels included)
16.29.07 Manufactring of rush mat or knitting material tools and manufacacturing of basket like rush mat materials
16.29.90 Manufactoring of With other wood products nec fuel logs and pellets for energy (not carbonized ones)
17.11.08 Manufacture of pulp-paper
17.12.07 Manufacture of paper and paperboard ( in rolls or sheets for further industrial processes ) ( bituminous , laminated, coated and impregnated and wrinkled crepe paper included)
17.21.10 manufacture of articles used in offices , shops and similar places, such as paper, paperwork sorting boxes , mail boxes, etc.
17.21.11 Manufacture of paper and paperboard carrierbags and bags ( including paper bags )
17.21.12 Manufacture of paper or paperboard cartons, boxes and similar containers
17.21.13 Manufacture of corrugated paper and corrugated cardboard ( in rolls or sheets )
17.22.02 manufacture of ready-to-use toilet paper, paper handkerchiefs, cleansing or facial cleaning paper tissues and towels, tablecloths and napkins (of pulp-paper, paper , cellulose wadding or webs of cellulose fibers )
17.22.03 manufacture of trays, plates , bowls, cups and the like of paper or paperboard,
17.22.04 Manufacture of sanitary products, wearing apparel and clothing accessories such as pads and tampons , sanitary towels , napkins, diapers, etc., (of paper pulp, paper , cellulose wadding or webs of cellulose fibers )
17.23.04 manufacture of ready to use carbon paper , self-copy paper and other copying or transfer paper , duplicator stencil and offset plates of paper along with gummed or adhesive paper
17.23.06 Manufacture of educational and commercial stationery of paper or paperboard that does not contain information ( diaries , notebooks, record books, account books, binders , registration forms and other articles of stationery)
17.23.07 Manufacture of paper or paperboard files , portfolio files, folders, etc.
17.23.08 production of ready-to-use printing and writing paper and other paper and paperboard ( excluding those that are printed )
17.23.09 Manufacture of non-printed envelopes, letter cards , correspondence cards , and the like
17.24.02 Manufacture of wallpapers and similar wall coverings (except for textile wall coverings)
17.24.03 Manufacture of textile wall coverings
17.29.01 Manufacture of paper or paperboard labels
17.29.02 manufacture of filter paper , cardboard and paperboard , articles molded with paper pulp blocks and boards or compressed articles ( including paper or paperboard -based gaskets and washers )
17.29.03 Manufacture of cigarette paper , paper and paperboard bobbins, spools, cops , egg viol and similar papers or props of pulp-paper, paper souvenirs and ornaments
17.29.04 manufacture of paper and paperboard cards for Jacquard machines and manufacture of diagram paper for recording devices (coil , sheet / disc ones)
18.11.01 printing services of newspapers, magazines and periodicals (publications published four times a week or more )
18.12.01 printing services of stickers , calendars , commercial, catalogues, brochures , posters , sales, newsletters , postcards , invitations and greeting cards , yearbooks, contacts, pictures , drawing, and coloring books , comic books, and so on.
18.12.02 printing services of newspapers, magazines and periodicals (publications published less than four times a week )
18.12.03 printing services of encyclopedias, dictionaries , books, booklets, musical works and music manuscripts, atlases , maps, etc.
18.12.04 Reproduction printing ( printing a work of art without changing its original form)
18.12.05 Silk-screen printing activities
18.12.06 printing services of postage stamp , stamp , printed documents, title deeds, smart cards , check books , paper money and other valuable papers and the like
18.12.07 printing services on plastic, glass , metal, wood and ceramics
18.13.01 the production of printing plates or cylinders and other printing components ( plate-making and so on. ) to be used in print media and services such as the preparation of a layout , typesetting, film production services , scraping or acid-eroding of cylinders for gravure printing and so on.
18.13.02 Computer-aided pre-publication services ( computer-aided page design, transparent , acetate, reprographic presentation tools and other digital presentation media, design of the products to be printed through sketches , plans, etc.) ( including desktop publishing )
18.14.01 Binding and related services / bookbinding (folding , assembly , sewing, gluing, cutting , covering as well as services such as stamping , Braille copying, etc.)
18.20.02 Reproduction services of sound and video recordings (the duplication of CD s , DVD s , cassettes and the like from the original (master) copies)
18.20.03 Reproduction services of software (The duplication of computer software and data on CDs , cassettes, etc. from the original (master) copies)
19.10.10 Manufacture of coke oven products out of lignite and peat (Including the manufacture of coke and semi-coke, retort carbon, tar, pitch and pitch coke, etc. products and the flaking of coke)
19.10.11 Manufacture of coke oven products from coal (coke and semi-coke of coal, retort carbon, tar, pitch and pitch coke, etc. including the manufacture of products and the flaking of coke)
19.20.12 Manufacture of peat, lignite and coal briquettes (fuel obtained from the pressure of coal dust)
19.20.15 Manufacuring of oil derivative fuels, oil gases and otherhydrocarbons
19.20.16 Manufacturing of mineral oil (grease and machine oils) from oil
19.20.17 Manufacturing of vaselin, paraffin wax, oil smell, oil bitumen and other oil products
19.20.19 Production of 70% or more by weight of petroleum oils or oils obtained from bitumen production of other mixtures (70% of the products, including biodiesel blended with petroleum oils, mineral oils, excluding)
20.11.01 Manufacture of industrial gases (hydrogen, noble gases, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and other inorganic oxygen compounds of non-metals, fridge-freezer gases as well as liquid or compressed inorganic industrial gases such as air and medical gases)
20.12.01 Manufacture of dyes and pigments (in primary form or from any source as a concentrate) (excluding hand paint)
20.12.02 Manifacturing of tanning abstract, vegetal orijin; tans and salts, ethers, esters and other derivatives;  coloring sections with  vegetabel or animal orijin
20.13.02 Manufacture of metallic halogens, hypochlorites, chlorates and perchlorates (including bleach)
20.13.03 Manufacture of sulfides (sulfides), sulfates, phosphinates, phosphonates, phosphates and nitrates (including alum)
20.13.04 Manufacture of carbonates (sodium, calcium and others) (including washing soda)
20.13.06 Enrichment of uranium, plutonium and thorium ores (including fuel cartridges for nuclear reactors)
20.13.07 Manufacture of other metal salts, and basic inorganic chemicals (isotopes and their compounds, oxometallic / peroxometallic acid salts, cyanides, borates, hydrogen peroxide, sulfur, roasted iron pyrites, piezo-electric quartz etc.)
20.13.90 Chemical elements not classified elsewhere, the manufacture of inorganic acids and their compounds (chlorine, iodine, fluorine, boron, silicon, phosphorus, metalloids such as arsenic scandium, mercury, oxides, hydroxides, hydrogen chloride etc.)
20.14.01 Manufacture of basic organic chemicals (hydrocarbons, alcohols, acids, aldehydes, ketones, synthetic glycerol, nitrogen function compounds etc.) (Ethyl alcohol, including citric acid)
20.14.04 Distillation of wood and coal tar (wood creosote, wood naphtha, vegetable pitch, benzene, toluene, phenol, naphthalene, etc.)
20.14.05 Manufacture of natural resin and its derivatives, colophony, colophony modifications and esterification products, pine turpentine and pine essences as well as natural gum turpentine
20.15.01 Manufacture of fertilizers with phosphate or potassium, fertilizers containing two (nitrogen and phosphorous or phosphorous and potassium) or three nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium), sodium nitrate and fertilizers in the form of other chemicals and minerals
20.15.02 Manufacture of nitrogenous products (nitric acid, sulphonitric acid, pure ammonia, ammonium chloride, ammonium carbonate, nitrites, nitrates, potassium and so on.) (excluding fertilizers)
20.16.01 Manufacture of  polyamides, urea resins, melamine resins in primary forms as well as plastic raw materials
20.16.02 Manufacture of alkyd resin, polyester resin, epoxy resin, polyacetal, polycarbonate in primary form and other polyether or polyester
20.16.03 Manufacture of polymers in primary forms (proteins hardened with ethylene, propylene, styrene, vinyl chloride, vinyl acetate, vinyl esters, acrylic and other polymers, including chemical derivatives of natural rubber)
20.16.04 Manufacture of silicone and polymer ion exchangers in primary forms
20.16.05 Manufacture of other amino resins, phenolic resins, polyurethanes, polyterpenes, polysulphides, cellulose and petroleum resins and other chemical derivatives in primary form
20.17.01 Manufacture of synthetic rubber in primary form
20.20.11 Manufacture of pesticides, rodent pesticides, mold and fungus pesticides, herbicides for weed control
20.20.12 Manufacture of disinfectants (for agricultural and other uses) (including sanitary products, bacteriostats and sterilizer)
20.20.13 Manufacture of germination preventing and plant growth-regulating products
20.20.14 Manufacture of other agro-chemical products (except fertilizer and nitrogen compounds manufacturing)
20.30.11 Manufacture of varnishes and paints , manufacture of those based on acrylic or vinyl polymers  ( those dispersible in aqueous medium , disintegrants , solutions)
20.30.12 Manufacturing of mastic (including fillings, glass, plastering ceruse etc.)
20.30.13 "Manufacture of other paints, varnishes and related products (color adjusters, printing inks, solvents, thinners)"
20.30.14  Manufacturing of paints and varnishes, polyester, acrylic and vinyl polymer-based ones (dispersible in non-aqueous media, disintegrants, solutions)
20.30.15 Manufactoring of spot colourant, matting agents (opacifier) and colorant, enamel and cappings that can be vitrify, linings, glass frit, fluid varnish and similar
20.30.16 Manufacturing of dye preparations prepared driers
20.30.17 Production of electrostatic powder paint.
20.41.01 Manufacture of indoor scents, odour-removers and artificial waxes (other than those for personal use)
20.41.03 Manufacture of crude glycerin (glycerol)
20.41.04 Manufacture of soap, washing and cleaning preparations (detergents) as well as preparations used as soap (excluding the ones for personal care and scouring powders and creams)
20.41.06 Manufacture of polishes, creams and scouring creams and powders (footwear, furniture, floors, coachwork, glass, metal etc.)
20.42.01 Oral and dental care products (toothpaste, and so on.  pastes and powders to keep the denture fixatives and dental floss included)
20.42.02 manufacture of cologne
20.42.03 manufacture of perfumes, fragrances and other liquid products, manicure / pedicure preparations, sun care products, lip and eye make-up, bath salts, cosmetics or personal care powder, soap and organic surface-active preparations, deodorant, etc.. (excluding cologne)
20.42.04 manufacture of shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, gel, hair straightening products and permanent wave products, hair lotions, hair dyes, and so on. 
20.51.21 Manufacture of gunpowder and other propellant powders
20.51.22 Manufacture of explosive or pyrotechnic materials like ready explosives, safety fuses, percussion, detonating fuses, detonators, dynamite, electric detonators, fireworks, fog signals, flares, etc. (except slate)
20.51.23 Manufacture of matches
20.52.05 Manufacture of glue (casein-based, animal-based, starch-based, rubber-based, plastic-based, polymer-based etc.)
20.53.02 Manufacture of volatile oils
20.59.01 Manufacture of photographic plates and films (sensitized, unexposed ones), instant print films, chemical preparations used in photography of and unmixed (neat) products
20.59.03 Manufacture of active carbon
20.59.04 Lubricating preparations (including hydraulic brake fluids), with antiknock preparations and additives as well as the manufacture of antifreezers
20.59.05 Manufacture of writing or drawing ink and other inks (excluding printing ink manufacture)
20.59.06 Manufacture of peptones, other protein substances and their derivatives, as well as leather powder
20.59.07 manufacture of prepared environments for the laboratory, modeling pastes, composite diagnostic or laboratory reagents
20.59.08 Manufacture of chemical elements and compounds in paste form (doped) that are used in electronics
20.59.09 Manufacture of dye carriers that accelerate the dyeing or fixation of finishing materials (including sizing), raw dyes and and so on
20.59.10 Manufacture of pickling (cleaning) preparations, solvents, ready rubber accelerators, compound plasticisers and stabilizers for rubber or plastics, catalytic preparations not elsewhere classified
20.59.11 Manufacture of gelatin and gelatin derivatives and milk albumin (except for gelatin and lactalbumin which are used in the food industry )
20.59.12 Manufacture of chemically modified or non-edible animal or vegetable fats and oils and oil mixtures (lignocaine, fixed vegetable oils for technical and industrial purposes, oils for industrial use, etc.)
20.59.13 Manufactoring of Biodiesel, and so on. biofuel (oil or fat derived from mono alkyl esters of long chain fatty acids) (70% or more than products from biodiesel blended with petroleum oils)
20.59.14 Manufacture of other chemical products not classified elsewhere (absorbers for vacuum tubes, pyrolignites, anti-boiler scale compounds, oil emulsifiers, additives used in food factories and ready binders, etc.)
20.59.15 Manufacture of fire extinguishing preparations and filling materials
20.59.16 Manufacturing of gelatin and milk albumins (only the ones used in food industry)
20.60.01 Manufacture of artificial and synthetic fibers not carded or combed
20.60.02 Manufacture of synthetic filament yarn and synthetic monofilaments, strip and the like (including Polyamide and polyester high tenacity filament yarn) (twisted, textured floors and excluded)
21.10.01 Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products (manufacture of hormones antibiotics, vitamins, drugs such as salicylic acid for the manufacture of medically active substances with pharmacological properties and the production of blood products, and extracts of glands)
21.20.01 Manufacture of medical drugs in pharmaceutical preparations (medicinal products containing antibiotics, painkillers, hormone-containing medicinal products, etc.).
21.20.02 Adhesive dressings, catgut and similar manufacture of medical devices (sterile surgical catguts, tampons used with pharmaceutical substances, cotton wool, gauze, bandages, etc.).
21.20.03 Manufacture of medical drugs for animal health
21.20.04 Manufacture of other pharmaceutical preparations (antisera, antidotes, vaccines, chemical contraceptive preparations based on hormones or spermicides, diagnostic reagents and other pharmaceutical preparations) (including those for animal health)
22.11.17 Manufacture of rubber inner tubes (including changeable outer treads for tires , the manufacture of columns and strips )
22.11.18 Rubber tire manufacturing ( for motorcycles, bicycles , cars, buses, trucks , aircrafts, tractors and other vehicles and equipment ) ( solid or cushion tires included)
22.11.19 Reprocessing of rubber tires and retreading ( rubber coating )
22.19.01 Manufacture of hygienic and pharmaceutical products made of rubber (including condoms, pacifiers, sanitary gloves etc.)
22.19.02 Manufacture of rubber tubes, pipes and hoses (vulcanized rubber)
22.19.03 Manufacture of apparel and clothing accessories made of rubber (clothing, gloves, etc.).
22.19.04 Manufacture of rubber brooms and brushes
22.19.05 Manufacture of rubber shoes / boot soles and other rubber shoes / boot parts
22.19.06 Manufacture of rubber floor coverings and mats
22.19.07 Manufacture of textile fabrics having been rubber coated, impregnated, coated and laminated, whose main component are rubber (except tire cord fabric)
22.19.08 Manufacture of rubber bands, tobacco pouches, windshield wipers, characters for date stamps , taps, sink pumps, bottles with stoppers and rings as well as other sundries made of hard rubber
22.19.09 Manufacture of rubber conveyor belts and the conveyor belts
22.19.10 Manufacture of reclaimed rubber, in primary form or as plates, sheets or strip
22.19.12 Manufacture of rubber erasers, washers, gaskets, boat or pier fenders, other vulcanised rubber articles used in technical jobs as well as molded parts for rails, roads and vehicles
22.19.13 Manufactoring of vulcanised (hardened with sulphur rubber ( in form of rope, thread, sheet, layer, band, stick and  profile)
22.21.03 Manufacture of plastic tubes, pipes, hoses, and fittings 
22.21.04 Manufactoring of plastic intermediate product profil, stick, layer, signboard, block, film, tin foil, strip etc. (inclusive plastic awning)
22.22.43 Manufacturing of plastic bag, trash bag, bag, sack, jug bag, net, packing case, box, safe custody, carboy, bottle, jerrycan, whip, spindle, spool, cap, tap, capsule etc. Packing material production ( inclusive bladder )
22.23.03 Manufacture of plastic tank, tanks, vats and similar containers,
22.23.04 Manufacturing of prefabs from plastic
22.23.05 Manufactoring of floor covering stretchy like vinyl, linoleum (apron)  and plastic floor, the wall- and headliner 
22.23.06 manufactoring of stairs of plastic, balustrade, floor hanger, sunblind, jalousie, roller blind etc.  objects
22.23.07 Manufactoring of washing tub of plastics, washbasin; toilet covers, seats and reservoirs, and similar sanitary products (inclusive the installation and connection part which used in the resident facilities)
22.23.08 Manufactoring of door and windows of plastic/PVC and there cases, ribs, door sills etc
22.23.90 Manufactoring of plastic materials of construction which where uncategorized elsewhere ( manufactoring of plastic cast stone- marble)
22.29.01 Manufactoring of plastic materials used in the table, bathroom kitchen ( silicon cake mold, basin, vessel, bucket etc.) and other household goods
22.29.02 Manufactoring of seamless garment and cloths accessory (inclusive gloves)
22.29.03 Manufacture of plastic office and school supplies
22.29.04 Shoes and slippers, plastic parts manufacturing (including the manufacture of plastic shoe mold)
22.29.05 Manufacture of machinery, furniture, hand tools and the like, plastic fittings, plastic conveyor belts and conveyor belts
22.29.06 Manifacturing of plastic cap (except the protective caps), isolation connector and the lamps, illumination quipments, signboards with lamp etc. Plasticparts witch uncategorized whereelse
22.29.07 Manufactoring of latch, hanger, sponge, soap dish, comb, roller, clasp, hairpin, bead, trinket of plastics and other article  with end prdocut of selfsticky plaque, tabe etc. Products.
22.29.90 Manufactoring of products that uncategorized somewhere else
23.11.01 Manufactoring of flat glass plate or sheet (wire, frosted glass, flat glass, including colored or painted) (poured, rolled, extruded, blown, float, surface polished or polished but otherwise untreated ones)
23.12.01 Manufacturing of glass mirrors (including rear-view mirrors for vehicles)
23.12.02 Manufacturing of toughened safety glass and tempered flat glass  (including automotive glass)
23.12.03 Manufacturing of multi-layer insulation glass 
23.12.04 Manufacturing processed glass plates or sheets (bent, edge-worked, engraved, drilled, enamelled / glazed or otherwise worked, but not mounted framed or ones) (including optical glass)
23.13.01 manufacture of glass bottles, jars and other containers, cups, thermos and other vacuum vessels with the inner surfaces of glass, tableware and utensils made of glass (except bulbs)
23.13.02 Manufacture of glass and crystal used for the decoration of toilets, bathrooms, offices, indoor areas, and so on. (glass trinkets, beads, etc. except small glass items)
23.14.01 Manufacturing of glass fibers (inclusive glass wool and non-woven products made ??from these)
23.19.01 Manufactoring of Pressed or molded glass paving blocks, bricks, tiles and other products, leaded lights and the like, blocks, plates or similar forms a porous, foamed glass (except glass stained glass)
23.19.02 manufacture of glasses for wall clocks, watches or spectacles (convex, curved, hollow and so on. but not optically worked) and those instruments used for the manufacture of such glasses such as hollow glass spheres and their parts
23.19.03 manufacture of glass envelopes (open), and glass parts (those used for electric light bulbs, electric lamps, cathode-ray tubes, and so on.)
23.19.04 Manufacture of articles of small glass (trinkets, and so on. Ornaments, beads, imitation pearls / stones, imitation jewelery, etc. Included)
23.19.05 manufacture of lamps and lighting equipment, illuminated signs, name-plates etc., pieces of glass (including manufacture of glass signs)
23.19.06 manufacture of laboratory, hygienic or pharmaceutical glassware and glass vials (ampoules), (except for use in packaging, and transportation)
23.19.07 Manufacturing of glass electrical insulating material
23.19.08 Manufactoring of Stained glass
23.19.90 Nec Manufacturing and processing of other glass products (including manufacture of flat glass aquarium built)
23.20.16 Manufactoring of Diatomaceous earth filtration (diatomaceous earth) with heat-insulating refractory ceramic products briquettes, blocks, bricks, refractory bricks, etc. refractory ceramic building products
23.20.17 Manufactoring of refractory stills, distillation vessel, melting pot, the valve tip, tube, pipe, ladles, muffle furnace, injection tubes, etc. Products of ceramic
23.20.18 Manufactoring of Refractory cement, mud, mortar, concrete and so on
23.31.01 Manufacture of ceramic tiles and pavement stones (mosaic stones and blocks included) (fire-resistant ones excluded)
23.32.01 Manufactoring of roasted, non-refractory clay and clay chimney pipes and headers, fireplace and chimney pipes, gutters and fittings with a brick, tile, tile, etc. construction materials (ceramic grooves, including pipes and fittings)
23.41.01 manufacture of ceramic and porcelain tableware (plates, cups, utensils, etc.)., and other household articles and toilet goods (china ones and sanitary products)
23.41.02 manufacture of ornaments figurines, vases, statuettes, and so on made of ceramic and porcelain (except toys)
23.41.03 manufacture of china tableware, products for homes, toilets and ornaments made of china (tile-making) (including tile decoration)
23.41.04 Production of cotta casserole dishes, pots, jars, vases, clay sculpture with furnishings, ornamental and decorative ware (except those of porcelain and ceramic and those used in the packaging and transportation of goods)
23.42.01 Manufacturing of ceramic sanitory products
23.43.01 Manufacturing of ceramic insulators and insulative connection parts
23.44.01 Manufacturing of other technic ceramic products (labs, chemical and other fields that ceramic products used in) (excluding fire proof ceramic products)
23.49.01 Manufacture of ceramic products used in packaging, for agricultural purposes, or used for the transportation of goods (ceamic pots, jars, troughs, boats, etc.).
23.49.02 Manufacturing of other ceramic goods used in construction work (non-decorative ceramic pots included)
23.51.01 Manufacture of cement (cement clinkers, Portland, aluminium cement, super phosphate cement, etc. water-resistant cement)
23.52.01 Manufactoring of Hydrated or slaked sulfate from gypsum plaster
23.52.02 Manufactoring of Hydrated or slaked sulfate from gypsum plaster 
23.52.03 Manufactoring of burnt (calcined) dolomite or agglomerated
23.61.01 Manufacture of prefabricated structural elements of cement, concrete or artificial stones (including those of gas concrete and limestone)
23.61.02 Manufacturing of building products from Cement, concrete or artificial stone tiles, slabs, tiles, bricks, pipes, etc.
23.61.03 Manufacturing of prefabricated buildings made ??of concrete
23.62.01 Manufacturing of plaster products for construction purposes (papier mache, sheets, boards, panels, etc.).
23.63.01 Manufacturing of ready-mixed concrete
23.64.01 Manufacturing of mortars
23.65.02 Manufactoring of of doped fiber and cement
23.69.01 Nec Manufacturing of plaster and gypsum based products from components
23.69.02 Concrete, cement or artificial stone manufacture of other products made (sculpture, low and high relief, vases, flower pots, architectural ornaments, garden ornaments, etc.)
23.70.01 The cutting, shaping and finishing of stone and marble (including the manufacture of natural stone, marble, alabaster, of travertine, slate from plate/sheet, basin, tile, flagstone, building stone, tombstone, etc., excluding ornaments )
23.70.02 Manufacture of ornaments made from natural stone, marble, alabaster, of travertine, slate (including those made of sepiolite, amber, etc.)
23.91.01 Manufacture of abrasive products ( millstones , grindstones , grinding stones and so on. ) (excluding woven textile , paper and paperboard , pinned abrasives )
23.91.02 Manufacturing of abrasives attached with textile fabric , paper and paperboard
23.99.01 Manufacture of products made of asphalt and similar materials (including felt used for making roofs and insulating against water)
23.99.02 Manufacturing og mineral sound and heat isolation materials (sprue whools, rock whool, mineral whools, flaked vermiculit, flared clay etc. )
23.99.03 Manufacture of fabricated asbestos ( asbestos ) fibers , mixtures with a basis of asbestos and magnesium carbonate , products made of such mixtures or of asbestos , unmounted friction materials for brakes, clutches and the like, ( brake pads , etc.).
23.99.04 Manufactoring of products from mica and processed mica
23.99.05 Manufacture of bituminous mixtures (natural or artificial stone materials and bitumen as a binder, natural asphalt or those obtained by mixing the respective ingredients)
23.99.07 Manufacturing of asbestos paper
23.99.09 Manufacturing of artifical  corundum
23.99.90 Manufacturing goods from non metal minerals (including carbon fiber but not elecrical purposed ones)
24.10.01 Crude steel production (slab or other primary forms or semi-finished steel products form)
24.10.02 Manufactoring of pen profiles of steel(hot rolling, hot drawing or extrusion operations further treated)
24.10.03 Manufacture of millers (iron or steel-alloyed plates, strands, tins, etc. included) 
24.10.05 Hot-rolled bars and rods of iron or steel production (including rebar)
24.10.06 Producing of pellets of iron or steel and iron powder
24.10.07 Remelting of scrap iron or steel
24.10.08 Obtained by direct reduction of iron ore to sponge iron ferrous products and other products by electrolysis or other chemical manufacturing methods to produce exceptional purity iron
24.10.09 Manufactoring of steel railway and tramway track construction material (unassembled rails and rail equipment, parts, etc.) of the sheet pile (the pile) and welded open sections
24.10.10 Cast iron or cast iron with manganese (iron with mirrors, siegeleisen) production (in blocks or other primary forms)
24.10.12 Manufactoring of ferro-alloys (ferro-manganese, ferro silicon, ferro-silico-manganese, ferro-chrome, and others)
24.20.09 manufacture of steel / iron tubes, pipes , hollow profiles and related fittings, (hot -drawn or hot rolled )
24.20.10 Manufacture of steel / iron tubes, pipes , hollow profiles and related fittings (cold drawn or cold rolled )
24.31.01 Manufacturing of  steel cold drawn bars and solid profiles of the method
24.32.01 Manufacturing of cold rolled narrow strip steel by the method of  (width <600 mm)
24.33.01 Manufactoring of public profiles, ribbed sheets and sandwich panels with the method of cold forming or folding
24.34.01 Manufacturing of cold drawn steel wire
24.41.16 Gold production (raw, semi-processed, in powder form) and goods covered with gold, silver or base metals (production of jewelery and such excluded)
24.41.17 Silver production (raw, semi-processed, in powder form) and silver dressing common metals  (production of jewelery and such excluded)
24.41.18 Platinum Production (unprocessed, semi-processed, in powder form) and platinum coating or dressing gold, silver or base metals, (including the production of palladium, rhodium, osmium, and ruthenium and the production of platinum catalysts)  (production of jewelery and such excluded)
24.41.19 Manufacturing of precious metal alloys  (production of jewelery and such excluded)
24.42.16 Manufacturing of Aluminum foil  (including those from alloy)
24.42.17 Aluminium production (in the raw)
24.42.18  Manufacturing of aluminum sheet, plate, sheet, strip  (including those from alloy)
24.42.20 Manufacture of aluminum oxide (excluding artificial corundum) (alumina)
24.42.21 Manufactoring of aluminium bars, rods, wire and profiles, tubes, pipes and fittings  (including those from alloy)
24.43.01 Manufactoring of Lead plates, sheets, strip, foil, lead powders and flakes (including those from alloy)
24.43.02 Lead production (raw)
24.43.04 Manufactoring of tin bars, rods, profiles, wire, etc. (including those from alloy)
24.43.05 Manufacturing of tin (in the unprocessed form)
24.43.06 Manufactoring of Zinc (in the unprocessed form)
24.43.07 Manufactoring of Zinc bars, rods, profiles, wires, etc. (including those from alloy)
24.43.08 Manufactoring of Zinc plates, plates, sheets, strip, foil, zinc powder, etc.(including those from alloy)
24.44.01 Manufactoring of copper, copper matte and copper powder, cement copper, copper, copper alloys and anode
24.44.03 Manufacturing of copper sheets, plates, sheets, strip, foil  (including those from alloy)
24.44.04 Manufactoring of drawing and rolling of copper tubes, pipes, fittings thereof, bars, rod, wire and sections  (including those of the alloy)
24.45.01 Manufactoring of unprocessed ores or oxides of chromium, manganese, nickel, tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, cobalt, bismuth, titanium, zirconium, beryllium, germanium, etc.(including alloys)
24.45.02 Cmanufactoring of chromium, manganese, tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, cobalt, bismuth, titanium, zirconium, beryllium, germanium, etc. products made from non-ferrous metals (including cermets and other intermediate products of nickel excludin
24.45.06 Manufactoring of Nickel mattes, nickel oxide sinters and other intermediate products of nickel, with bars, rods, profiles, wire, sheet, strip, foil, tubes, pipes and fittings
24.46.01 Radyuml uranium and uranium ores or other metal from ore production, the smelting and refining of uranium (enriched plutonium, uranium, thorium and their manufacture of the compounds excluded)
24.51.13 Cast iron (casting of semi-processed iron, grey iron, graphite iron, malleable cast iron, tubes, pipes and profiles with an empty inner part, manufacture of tubes and pipes of cast iron and their connection parts)
24.52.20 Steel casting
24.53.01 Casting of light metals (aluminum, magnesium, titanium, zinc etc. casting of semi-finished products of cast light metal casting)
24.54.01 Casting of non-ferrous heavy metals (copper, etc.).
24.54.02 Casting of precious metals
25.11.06 manufacture of metal roofing and frames for building and construction parts ( towers, poles , supports, bridges, etc. . ) ( Excluding prefabricated buildings with shutters and fire escapes )
25.11.07 manufacturing of shutter and emergency stairway from metal
25.11.08 Manufacturing prefab stucture from metal
25.12.04 Manufacturing of aluminium doors, windows, their frames, door sill, shutters, etc. 
25.12.05 Manufacturing of E309S teel doors, windows, their frames, door sill, shutters, etc.
25.12.06 Manufacturing of Iron doors, windows, their frames, door sill, shutters, etc. (including gates)
25.21.10 Manufacture of central heating radiators ( except electric radiators and cast radiators )
25.21.11 Manufacturing of central heating  boilers ( Combi, room heater and other central heating boilers) (excluding steam generators and superheatedwater boilers)
25.21.12 Manufacture of central heating radiators , manufacture of cast iron ones ( except electric radiators )
25.29.01 Manufacturing of metal containers used for compressed or liquefied gas
25.29.02 Manufacturing of containers having 300 liter capacity like metal reservoirs, tanks, barrels etc.( excluding the ones for compressed and liquefied gas and mechanic and superheatedequipted ones.)
25.30.01 Manufacturing of steam production boilers (steam generators) superheated water boilers, and spare part of those and asistant units and capacitor for steam or other steam power units
25.30.02 Manufacturing nuclear reactor parts and nuclear reators ( excluding isotope seperators)
25.40.01 Manufacturing of non military purposed firearms like  pistol, revolver, shotgun, air gun, baton and their spare parts
25.40.02 Manufacturing of military weapons and their spare part ( big artillery, war equipments, rocket launchers, torpedo hives, heavy machine guns etc)
25.40.03 Manufacturing of war equipments like bombs, missile , ammunations like shells, bullets and their spare parts
25.50.01 Hammering, pressing, printing and stigmatizing of metals
25.50.02 powder metallurgy
25.61.01 Heat treatment of metals and anodising, curing, varnish, etc. surface treatment, electrolysis, or by chemical treatment with zinc-coated metallic coating (excluding tin and nickel plated) and plastic, Teflon, etc. non-metallic coating materials activities
25.61.02 Activity of covering metals with tin
25.61.03 Activity of covering metals with nickel
25.62.01 the use of machinery, such as oxygen CNC , CNC plasma , CNC water jet etc.and writing on top of the machinery
25.62.02 Machine processing of metals (milling, grating, varnishing, grooving, combining, welding, etc.) except laser-cutting metals)
25.62.03 Cutting metals or writing on it by using laser rays
25.71.01 Manufacturing of kitchenware like spoon, fork, scoop, cullender, sugar tons and tablewares, and flatwares ( including fish knifes, breakfast and fruit knifes but not table knifes)
25.71.02 manufacturing of knifes like  table knifes(excluding fish knifes, breakfast and fruit knifes )pruning knifes, switchblades, cleavers (exluding the ones for machines ) and scissors like tailor scissorsetc.
25.71.03 Manufacturing of the weapons like sword, machete, bayonet, spear, hunter knife and their spare parts
25.71.04 Manufacturing of manicure and pedicure sets and tools, paper knifes, letter oppeners,sharpenters and their knifes, mince and splitting knifes,  and hair cutting and animal trimming machines and tools with alike un electrical cutter machines
25.71.05 manufacturing of razors, straight razors ,razorblades and shavers
25.72.01 Manufacture of locks, keys, hinges, automatic door closers, locked clipses, connection parts, key holders, holders, little wheels for buildings, furniture, vehicles, etc.)
25.73.02 Manufacturing of hand tools, machine tool parts, vises, pinchers etc.
25.73.03 Manufacturing of  mould and pouring model from metal ( cake and shoe moulds)
25.73.04 Manufacturing of jewelery tools and spare parts (shanks, chisel, hammer etc. )
25.73.05 Manufactoring of plastic mold and casting pattern ( except shoetree and cake tinn)
25.73.06 manufacturing of molding models fromm hardwood and other materials
25.91.01 manufacturing of steel barrels and similar preservations
25.92.01 Manufactoring of Iron or steel, food, drinks and other products for a capacity <50 liters box  (soldering or crimping who closed) (including those of tin)
25.92.02 manufacturing of geared caps (bottle cap etc.)f  stoppers,taps, caps from cheap metal
25.92.03 Manufactoring of Capacity not exceeding 300 lt.y aluminum barrel barrels, buckets, boxes, etc.(tooth paste, such as cream, top tube and the folding boxes, including aerosols)
25.93.01 Manufactoring of Metal chains (articulated link chain), plus parts and springs and leaves for springs, coated or cored wires, rods, tubes, plates, electrodes (electrical works with those used in electrical insulation excluding)
25.93.02 manufacturing of needle, hasp, packing needle, knitting needle, awl, nail etc.
25.93.03 manufacturing of good produced from wire ( knitten wire, knitten line, carriying rack, barbed tape, (exlusing electrical insulationed ones) and steel, iron or copper wire hosier and grate, webs , etc.
25.94.01 Manufacturing of non-grooved connection materials from iron steel and copper (washers, rivets, wedge base pins, cotter pins, etc.)
25.94.02 Manufacture of connection materials, products made of iron, steel or copper (rivets, cotter pins, cotters, etcç)
25.99.01 Manufacturing of table and kitchenwares made from iron, steel, and aluminium (pan, pot, teapot, coffeepot, wire pool etc.) (excluding copper covered ones)
25.99.02 Manufacturing of kitchen sinks, bathtubs, shower tray, hot tub (with or with kitchen sinks), and other sanitory goods
25.99.03 Manufacturing of armored or manned safes, safe rooms, locked money safes,armored doors etc. (from cheap metal)
25.99.04 Manufactoring of office materials from cheap metals, (file boxes, stamps, staples, paperclips, etc.)
25.99.05 manufacturing of various goods made of metal ( clips , combs, hair clips, hairpins , curlers, buckles, clothes hangers, badges, ranks, traps, waste baskets , cigarette cases, pallets , reels , hooks, cosmetic boxes, etc. . ) (except those used in the manufacture of textile products )
25.99.06 Manufacturing of table and kitchenware from copper (coffepot, pan, plate, pincher etc. )
25.99.07 Manufacturing of permanent metallic magnets
25.99.08 manufacture of ship and boat propellers and anchors , grappling irons, and so on out of metal
25.99.09 Manufacturing of aluminium jalousie curtain
25.99.10 Manufacturing of metal ladders
25.99.11 manufacture of rings, bells and so on. manufacture of figurines, frames, mirrors and other ornaments with base metal trinket items (including bicycle bells, but those made by pouring the mold, those with copper utensils excluded)
25.99.12 Manufacture of bells, bell gongs, etc. that are poured into the mold and the manufacture of trinket items, statuettes and other ornaments through the pouring of the base metal into the mold (including bicycle bells, but those with copper utensils not included)
25.99.13 Manufacturing of gutter, roof coverings from metal
25.99.14 Manufacturing of signs, singboards, numbers, letters and other symbols from cheap metal ( inluding car licence plate but not lightened ones)
25.99.15 manufactoring of  lead tube, pipe and their connected parts and lead bar, stick ,profile, wire, etc. (excluding alloys)
25.99.16 manufacturing of tin plate, layer, sheetiron, strip, foil, tube , pipe and tin powder
25.99.17 Manufacturing of zinc tube, pipe, and conection parts 
25.99.18 figurines, frames, mirrors and other ornaments and decorations made of copper (except kitchen utensils)
25.99.19 manufacturing of cheap metal materials used in railroad and trolley, and connection parts
25.99.20 anufactoring of non-electric fruit and vegetable slicing, chopping and waters extraction tool, meat mincer, coffee and spice grinders, hand mortar, rendering and so on. hand-powered kitchen appliances and accessories
25.99.21 Manufactoring of electroless unbulb revolving chimneys, ventilation ducts, etc.
25.99.90 Production of fabrication metallic products which are not classified elsewhere
26.11.04 manufacture of diodes, transistors, diacs, triacs, thyristors, resistors, LEDs, crystal, relay, micro switches, fixed or adjustable resistors and capacitors, electronic integrated circuits
26.11.05 manufacture of cathode-ray picture tubes, television camera tubes and magnetrons, klystrons, microwave tubes and other valve tubes, LCD and plasma TV panels and indicators
26.11.06 Manufacture of bare printed circuit boards
26.11.90 Manufacture of other electronic components
26.12.01 Manufacture of loaded electronic boards (loaded printed circuit boards, audio, video, controller, networks and modem cards, smart cards, etc.).
26.20.01 Manufacture of computers and computer peripherals
26.30.02 manufacturing apparati and equipment for radio and television studios and devices fort he broadcast of radio and television transmission (including TV cameras and base stations)
26.30.03 Manufacture of communication devices using infra-red (infrared) signals (eg, remote control devices)
26.30.05 Manufacture of transmitter and receiver antennas (external, telescopic rod, satellite, air and sea vehicles dish antennas)
26.30.06 manufacture of wired and wireless phones, cell phones, cable video phones, pagers and fax machines (including manufacture of answering machines)
26.30.08 Manufacture of centralized communication equipment and digital or analog telephone-telegraph plants and gateways, bridges, routers, data transmission equipment (including walrus or walrus-type recorders and keys)
26.30.09 manufacture of burglar and fire alarm systems and door speech systems (intercom) (video) included (except for alarm systems for motor vehicles)
26.30.10 The acquisition of voice, images or other data, their conversion and transmission / re-used for the creation of other machinery manufacturing (transmitter / receiver, telegraphs, telex equipments, switching and routing apparati included)
26.30.90 Manufacture of other communications equipment not elsewhere classified
26.40.08 Manufacture of audio and video player and recorders, household-type video cameras and other video recording or reproducing apparati
26.40.09 Radio and television production (including those used in motor vehicles)
26.40.10 manufacture of microphones, speakers or headphones, electrical sound amplifiers (amps)
26.40.11 manufacture of monitors and projectors, (automatic data processing systems such as a computers)
26.40.12 manufacture of video games and consoles (used with a television and its screen)
26.40.90 Manufacture of consumer electronics
26.51.02 Manufacture of detectors (detectors of underground resources, mining, mines, security control, radiation, and so on.)
26.51.03 Manufacture of instruments and appliances used to measure and control the amount of electricity (voltage, current, etc.). (multi-meters, voltmeters, oscilloscopes and other voltage, current, resistance or electrical power for the first measurement and control) (excluding electricity meters)
26.51.04 Manufacture of instruments and appliances used in the measurement of speed and distance (vehicle speedometer, tachometer, taximeter etc.).
26.51.05 Manufacture of instruments and appliances used in the measurement of heat and temperature (thermometer, thermostat, pyrometer, etc.).
26.51.06 manufacture of appliances and instruments used in light, ray and color measurement (polarimetry, colorimetry, refractometer, etc.).
26.51.07 Manufacture of instruments and appliances used in meteorology
26.51.08 Production of navigation compass and other navigation device and tools, radar and sonar appliances (inluding those used in aerian, terrestrial and maritime transportation)
26.51.09 the production of instruments used for measuring and controlling air, liquid and gas flow, levels, pressure or other variables (hydropower, flow meter, barometer, hygrometer, etc.).
26.51.10 manufacture of gas, liquid or electricity production or consumption meters
26.51.11 manufacture of equipped drawing tables and machines and other drawing, marking-out or mathematical calculating instruments (caliper kit, pantograph, painting, drawing, electrical / electronic plotters and so on included)
26.51.12 Manufacture of precision scales used in laboratories, jewelry-making and so on.
26.51.13 Manufacture of control equipment for industrial processes
26.51.14 manufacture of rangefinders, theodolites and other surveying, hydrographic, oceanographic, hydrological and geophysical instruments and apparati
26.51.15 manufacture of radio navigational aid apparatus and remote control devices (rockets, missiles, machines, etc.)
26.51.90 manufacture of instruments and appliances used in measuring, testing and navigation (hydraulic or pneumatic automatic regulating or controlling instruments mileometers, pedometers, stroboscopes, manostats, calipers, spectrometers included)
26.52.03 Manufacture of recording equipment, time recorders, parking meters, time switches with clocks and watches (time shift, etc.).
26.52.04 Production of watches, table, wall and pocket watches, their machines, frames and other parts (chronometers and clocks for vehicles, including the instrument panel for clocks for vehicles)
26.60.01 manufacture of irradiation, electromedical and electrotherapeutic equipment (electro-cardiography, hearing aids, radiology equipment, X-ray equipment, X, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, ultra-violet and infra-red based on the use of radiation, etc.).
26.70.11 manufacture of objective lenses, plates and plates of polarizing material, color filters, optical lenses, prisms, mirrors and other optical elements, along with binoculars, optical microscopes, optical telescopes and other astronomical instruments and their parts and components
26.70.12 manufacture of microfilm, microfiche or other microform readers
26.70.13 Manufacture of cinematographic cameras and projectors, transparencies (slides), and other projectors
26.70.16 Manufacture of cameras (digital, instant image prints, those that are used in recording documents on microfilms, etc. those used under the sea and in air photography as well as in forensic medicine or criminological labs)
26.70.19 Manufacture of flash lamps, photographic enlargers (amplifiers), apparati for photographic laboratories, negatoscopes (thin light panels), projection screens, liquid crystal devices and lasers (except laser diodes)
26.80.01 manufacture of blank magnetic audio and video cassette tapes (including plaque)
26.80.02 Manufacture of magnetic stripe cards (blank phone cards included)
26.80.03 Production of blank CDs, DVDs, floppy disks, blue rays (blu-ray) drives, and so on. (molds used for the production of disks (matrix) and master included)
26.80.90 Manufacture of magnetic and optical media
27.11.01 Manufacture of electric motors, generators and transformers ( excluding parts thereof )
27.11.03 Manufacture of parts and components of electric motors, generators and transformers
27.12.01 manufacture of specific devices for electrical circuit switching, protection and control of electrical distribution ( fuses , automatic circuit breakers, relays , insulation, circuit and load break switches, voltage limiters , wave suppressors , etc.).
27.12.02 manufacture of specific devices used in electrical circuits, switching, protection, control and distribution of electricity (control panel in the table, console, cabinet and so on. including other bases, electrical switch, plug and socket included)
27.20.01 Manufacture of components for electric accumulators ( batteries, plates , separators, lead grids ) ( excluding the manufacture of the battery trays and lids )
27.20.02 manufacture of non-rechargeable (primary) batteries and their parts and components (manganese dioxide, mercury oxide, silver oxide, lithium oxide, and zinc-air reaction batteries)
27.20.03 Manufacture of accumulators ( lead acid , nickel cadmium , nickel metal hydride , lithium-ion , lithium polymer , nickel-iron and other electric accumulators )
27.20.04 Manufacture of rechargeable batteries and battery parts
27.20.05 Manufacturing of accumulator boxes and covers
27.31.04 Manufacture of fiber optic cables
27.32.03 Manufacture of other electronic and electric wires and cables (coaxial cable and other coaxial electric conductors, insulated winding wires, insulated water under the earth conductors, silicon acetate and copper conductors, etc.). (Fiber optic cable not included)
27.33.02 manufacture of materials used in wiring (plug, socket, printed, buttons and so on. Switch, plug, socket, plastic electrical conduit and cable trays, plastic insulating fittings, machinery and equipment, etc.). (Except for use in electronic components)
27.40.01 manufacture of discharge lamps, ultraviolet or infrared lamps, arc lamp, tungsten halogen, incandescent light bulb, the other incandescent bulbs used in photography with a flash bulb, flash cubes and the like
27.40.02 Manufacture of sealed beam lamp units of motor vehicles and, electrical lighting or visual signaling equipment for air , land, air and sea vehicles (including the external warning lights of police cars , ambulances, etc.)
27.40.03 Manufacture of chandeliers, wall lights and other electrical lighting fixtures, props, photographs or film projectors and spotlights to the studios, electric table lamps, work lamps, lamp shades and so on. (including lighting sets for decoration)
27.40.04 manufacture of street lighting equipment (excluding traffic lights)
27.40.05 Manufacture of lighting fixtures such as batteries, accumulators, magnetos portable electric lamps, and electric-powered flashlights and lamps, gas lamps, etc and luxury lighting. (except for vehicles)
27.40.06 Manufacture of illuminated signs, illuminated advertising , and the like
27.40.07 manufacture of parts and components of lamps and lighting fittings of lamps, lighting fixtures and the like (except glass or plastic)
27.51.02 Manufacture of household-type electric water heaters (storage water heaters, instantaneous water heaters, boilers included), electric heating appliances (electric stove, radiator, etc.) and electric soil heating devices
27.51.03 Manufacture of household type vacuum cleaners and carpet cleaning / washing machines, dry or wet vacuum cleaners, cordless and battery-operated hand-held vacuum cleaners
27.51.04 manufacture of small electric household appliances used in the in the kitchen (tea or coffee maker, urn, grilling, frying equipment, toaster, food processor, mixer, blender, juicer, meat grinder, toaster, deep fryer, etc.).
27.51.05 the manufacture of other small electric household appliances (electro hand dryer, electric iron, towel dispenser, air humidifier) ??and electric blankets
27.51.06 Manufacture of electrical personal care items (electric shaver, epilator and hair clipper, hair styling electro-machine (hair dryers, curlers, combs, curling irons), electric toothbrush, etc.).
27.51.07 Manufacture of parts and components of electrical household appliances
27.51.08 Manufacture of household type refrigerator, freezer, washing machine, tumble dryer, dishwasher, ceiling fan, exhaust fan, fan, suction hood, oven, stove, microwave oven, electric cooking plate and so on.
27.51.90 Manufacture of other electrical household appliances
27.52.02 Manufacture of tools such as non-electrical household-type gas, liquid or solid fuel stove, cooker, grill, fireplace, barbecue, urn, water heater (water heater, boiler, etc..) and so on.
27.52.05 Manufacture of non-electric cooking devices (set-top gas stove, gas or oil-fired furnaces and ovens, etc.).
27.52.06 Manufacture of non-electric domestic appliances, and parts
27.90.02 manufacture of resistors and potentiometers, electrical capacitors, resistors (except heating resistors)
27.90.03 manufacture of electrical signaling, safety or traffic control equipment (railways, roads, inland waterways, parking facilities, port installations and airfields) (traffic lights and signaling equipment included)
27.90.04 Graphite or carbon-carbon electrodes and other products used in the manufacture of electrical work (coal heaters, battery carbons, carbon brushes, etc. arc lamps and other lamps included)
27.90.05 Electrical welding and soldering equipment (soldering irons, arc welding machines, induction welding machines and so on.) and manufacture of electrical machinery and apparatus for hot spraying of metals or sintered metal carbides
27.90.06 Manufacture of liquid crystal devices (LCD) or light-emitting diode (LED) indicator panels as well as electric sound or visual signaling apparati not elsewhere classified (electronic number plate (scoreboards) included)
27.90.08 Manufacture of electrical machinery and apparatus with individual functions (antenna amplifiers, devices transmitting power to fences, electrical machinery with translation or dictionary functions, noise reduction units used in audio recording devices, etc.).
27.90.09 manufacture of electrical isolators (insulators), (except glass and ceramics)
27.90.10 Manufacture of tanning equipment such as tanning beds, tanning lamps and so on.
27.90.90  Manufacture of other electrical equipment (including electro, electro-magnetic couplings, brakes and lifting heads, and electrical particle accelerators, signal generators, etc.).
28.11.08 Manufacture of turbines and turbine parts (wind , gas, water and steam turbines, water wheels and their parts) ( excluding turbo-jets or turbo-propellers for aircrafts)
28.11.09 Manufacture of spark-ignition or compression-ignition internal combustion engines used in marine vehicles , rail vehicles, and in industrial settings and their parts ( except aircrafts, engined vehicles, engines of motorcycles )
28.11.10 Manufacture of all internal combustion engines, pistons used in diesel engine, etc., cylinders and cylinder blocks , cylinder heads, cylinder liners , intake and exhaust valves, piston rings, moving arms , carburetors , fuel nozzles, etc
28.12.05 Manufacture of fluid power equipment and parts thereof (hydraulic and pneumatic motors, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic and pneumatic valves , hydraulic systems and parts thereof )
28.13.01 manufacture of air or vacuum pumps, air or other gas compressors (except hand and foot-operated air pumps , motor vehicles )
28.13.02 Production of liquid pumps and liquid elevators (those used for fuel , lubricants, cooling and other purposes ) ( including displacement and centrifugal pumps, fuel pumps used in gas stations ) ( including pumps , except those for internal combustion engines )
28.13.03 Manufacture of hand and foot-operated air pumps
28.13.04 Manufacture of pumps that are designed to be mounted on internal combustion engines (oil pumps, fuel pumps ( petrol, diesel pumps and so on.) and cooling pumps )
28.14.01 Other taps and valves / valve manufacturing, bulk ones (including industrial faucets, valves, taps and valves used in plumbing and heating with natural gas )
28.14.02 Other taps and valves / valve manufacturing (including industrial faucets, valves, taps and valves used in plumbing and heating with natural gas , except those cast )
28.15.01 Manufacture of bearings and mechanical power transmission equipment ( ball and roller bearings, transmission shafts ( shafts ) , cam and crank shafts , cranks and so on as well as roller bearings, plain shaft bearings , bearing housings and drive shaft bearings , etc.).
28.15.02 Manufacture of clutches ( clutches ), shafts (shaft), couplings and universal joints ( excluding the clutches used in motor vehicles )
28.15.03 manufacture of gears / gear sets , balls and roller screws, gears, gear boxes and other speed changers ( excluding gearboxes and differentials used in motor vehicles)
28.15.04 manufacture of flywheels and pulleys, articulated link chains and power transmission chains
28.21.07 Manufacture of industrial furnaces and ovens, such as electric or non-electric laboratory furnaces, casting furnaces and so on. ( trash incinerators and electric bread and bakery ovens included)
28.21.08 manufacture of furnace burners ( detonators )
28.21.09 Manufacture of mechanical stokers , mechanical grates, mechanical ash dischargers and similar appliances
28.21.10 manufacture of non-electric domestic heating equipment, such as sun collectors ( solar collectors) , steam and oil heating systems and similar furnaces and heating equipment
28.21.11 Manufacture of induction or dielectric heating equipment
28.21.90 manufacture of ovens and furnaces (industrial furnaces) not elsewhere classified
28.22.10 manufacture of manual or motor -powered lifting, handling, loading or unloading machinery (crane pulley , hoist , crane , anchor crane , jack, forklift, lifting and carrying rigs, cranes, mobile lifting frames and so on. )
28.22.11 manufacture of elevators, escalators and moving walkways ( except those used underground )
28.22.12 production of pneumatic and other continuous action elevators , conveyors and elavators
28.22.13 Production of other lifting, carrying, loading or discharging machines (pulling mechansims for aerial ropeway, chair lift etc., loading machines for agricultural use, smart shelf systems and others)
28.23.01 Manufacture of pocket-size devices such as calculators and machines which have calculatory functions and which record, present and display information (electrical, electronic, mechanical , etc.).
28.23.02 manufacture of dictation machines ( small and portable voice recorders )
28.23.03 manufacture of cash registers
28.23.04 Manufacture of money counting and Money packaging machines
28.23.05 Manufacture of typewriters, shorthand and word processing machinery ( electric or non-electric ) ( including Braille writers )
28.23.06 manufacture of photocopying and thermo-copying machines and office type offset printing machines ( paper size < = 22x36 cm ),
28.23.07 Manufacture of office instruments and equipment such as toner cartridges, punches , stapling machines, tape cutters, writing boards ( including smart boards ) , pencil sharpeners and so on.
28.23.08 Manufacture of mimeograph machines , mail handling machines, address-printing machines and other office printing machines
28.24.01 Manufactoring of motor or pneumatic hand tools (sanding, grinding, polishing and so on. Electric hand-held tools or chain with a circular saw, drill, nailing tools, rivet guns, etc.)
28.25.01 manufacture of industrial refrigerating and freezing equipment and heat pumps glass-fronted , bench or furniture type coolers, condenser heat exchanger function undergoing compressor units , etc.).
28.25.02 Manufacture of industrial fans and blowers ( including roof ventilation fan )
28.25.03 Manufacture of air-conditioning equipment ( air conditioners ), ( including those used in motor vehicles )
28.25.04 manufacture of heat exchanger units ( heat exchangers ), machines and devices used for liquefying air or other gases, machines and devices for air / gas filtration and purification 
28.29.01 Production equipment for distilling and rectifying processes in oil refineries , chemical industry, beverage industry and so on
28.29.02 manufacture of gas generators, water gas generators , acetylene gas generators and the like 
28.29.03 Manufacture of machines used for cleaning and drying bottles or other containers ( jars, cans , drums, boxes , etc.).
28.29.04 manufacture of liquid filtering or purifying machinery and apparati ( water filtration / purifying equipment included)
28.29.05 Filling, packing and packaging machinery manufacturing (Machines for filling , closing, sealing, labeling, encapsulation and those used for gasing drinks, etc. )
28.29.06 Manufacture of automatic vending machines (Vending machines for food, drinks, etc.) (including change machines )
28.29.07 manufacture of gaskets and mechanical seals of metal layers ( those combined with other material or made of two or more metal sheets)
28.29.08 Manufacture of weighing machines and scales ( scales and scales used in homes and shops , continuous measurement scales, vehicle scales ( bridge-type scales ) etc. ) ( jewelry scales and precision scales used in laboratories excluded)
28.29.09 manufacture of centrifuge ( cream machines, tumble dryers, except those used in laboratories )
28.29.10 manufacture of machines that deposit, distribute or  liquid and powder, such as fire extinguishers, spray guns, steam or sand blasting devices and so on
28.29.11 Manufacture of non-electrical welding and soldering equipment and gas-operated surface tempering ( tempering ) machinery and equipment ( including blowtorches and torches )
28.29.12 Manufacture of institutional dishwashing machines
28.29.17 Manufacture of calendaring or other rolling machines ( excluding those for metals or glass )
28.29.18 Manufacture of oil filters, fuel filters, air filters, grease nipples , oil seals and the like for internal combustion engines 
28.29.19 Manufacturing of levelling instruments, measuring rods, tape measure, steel meter and rulers with handheld measuring tools
28.29.20 Production of machines not elsewhere classified for the treatment of materials by heat exchange (vacuum - steam plants for the coating of cooling towers, etc. and metals via vapor deposition for direct cooling through water circulation )
28.30.08 Manufacture of trailers and semi - trailers for agricultural purposes
28.30.09 manufacture of machinery and equipment used for the cleaning , sorting or grading of eggs, fruits or other agricultural products
28.30.10 Manufacture of tractors and pedestrian controlled tractors ( motoculteurs )
28.30.11 Manufacture of poultry machines, bee-keeping machinery and animal feed preparation machinery and equipment ( including incubators )
28.30.12 Manufacture of lawn mowers ( including cutter bars mounted on tractors )
28.30.13 Manufacture of harvesting and threshing machinery ( harvester - harvester, straw making machines, straw and hay baling machines, root and tuber harvesting machines , etc. . )
28.30.14 manufacture of machines used in the preparation of the soil , in cultivation and planting, such as plows, ploughs , harrows, disc harrows , scarifiers , cultivators , anchor machines, drills , seedlings and planting machines, etc,  as well as the manufacture of fertilizing tools. 
28.30.15 Manufacture of milking machines
28.30.16 manufacture of machinery used in agriculture and horticulture, throwing, dispersing or spraying liquid or powder ( irrigation equipment, sprayers , portable  liquid and powder sprayers used in pesticide spraying , etc.).
28.30.17 Manufacture of other machinery for forestry and machines and devices for garden/field care
28.41.01 manufacture of processing centres for processing metal and the like with machine-tools ( those that are operated by laser and the like for working metal )
28.41.03 manufacture of machine tools for metal turning , drilling, milling and planing 
28.41.06 Manufacture of other machine tools for working metal 
28.41.07 Manufacture of parts and accessories for metal-working machine tools (tool holders and self-opening die heads , job holders, separator machine heads and other special accessories)
28.49.02 Manufacture of electroplating machinery (for electroplating , plating, electrolysis or electrophoresis)
28.49.03 manufacture of machine tools for working stone, ceramics, concrete or similar mineral materials or for cold working glass with handle or manufacture of parts thereof (sawing, stoning and polishing thereof)
28.49.04 manufacture of wood, cork, bone , hard rubber, hard plastics or similar hard materials for working machine tools and their parts ( transfer , sawing, planing , milling, grinding , sanding, polishing, bending, punching , slitting, pressing, etc.).
28.49.05 manufacture of tool holders and self-opening die heads , the workpiece holders, Dividing heads and other special attachments , axles, ferrules and fittings and fixtures for machine tools and hand tools
28.49.90 Manufacture of other machine tools not elsewhere classified
28.91.01 manufacture of machines and equipment, such as converters ( metallurgy ) , ingot molds ( ingot molds ) , ladles , casting machines, and so on used for hot metalworking. 
28.91.02 Manufacture of cylinders and other parts for the hot and cold metal rolling machines and for rolling and metallurgical machines 
28.92.01 Manufacturing of concrete and cement mixers ( not including trucks with mixers)
28.92.02 Manufacture of bulldozers, graders, scrapers, flatteners, loaders, mechanical loaders, excavators, pile drivers, unloading machines, asphalt machines, concrete-laying machines, etc. 
28.92.03 Manufacturing of the machines using in classifying, sieving, seperating, crushing, grinding, kneading the rock,soil, ore, gypsum, cement and other mineral materials (not including concrete and cement mixers)
28.92.05 Manufacturing of coal and rock cutters, tunelling and well drilling machines, piercing and drilling machines (over and under ground)
28.92.06 Manufacturing of constantly moving elevator and conveyors for under ground usage
28.92.08 Manufacturing of tracked tractors ( tractors used in construction and mining)
28.92.09 manufacture of dump trucks not used on roads (mega trucks)
28.92.10 Manufacturing of snow shoveller and snowblowers , land compressers,  and other machines that used in mines, quarries, constructions, parks etc.
28.92.11 Manufacturing of  the parts of drillinng, excavation machines, cages of cranes and moving conveyors, and parts of the machines that used in classifying, grinding, and mixing the materials like rock and etc.
28.93.01 The industrial preparation of food and drinks, machines for the preparation (bread, cookies, pasta, candies, chocolate, sugar, meat, fruits, vegetables, solid fats and oils, etc. industrial machines)
28.93.02 Manufacturing of the machines used in manufacture of wine, fruit juices and etc. ( presses, crushers and etc.)
28.93.03 Manufacturing of dairy products equipment and centrufugal cream separators ( homogenizeders, irradiators, milk maker machines and chesee maker machines etc.)
28.93.04 Manufacturing of machines used in preparetion and processing of tobacco (machines used inseparating tobacco leafs from their veins and manufacturing of cigarette , cigar, pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco)
28.93.06 Manufacturing of machines used in milling industry for processing or grinding the grain and dried vegetables ( machines used for producing flour, middlings, and sieves, paddy peeling machine etc.)
28.93.07 Manufacturing of the non electric ovens for bread and other bakery products (gas, liquid and solid- fuiled)
28.93.08 Manufacturing of non home-type cooking and heating devices ( including filtered coffee machines etc.)
28.93.09 Manufacturing of dryers for agricultural products (including roster machines and devices for coffee, nutshell and etc.)
28.93.10 Manufacturing of machines used in classify or scale the seeds, granules, lugumes (including agricultural sectors)
28.94.01 Manufacture of machinery for the  processing of skins or leather or for the repair of footwear and other leather goods 
28.94.02 manufacture of industrial washing machine, dry cleaning machine, tumble dryer, iron and ironing press machine 
28.94.03 manufacture of industrial and domestic sewing machines(sewing machines, needles, furniture, bases and covers and so on. Pieces included)
28.94.04 Manufacture of machines used for the extrusion and texturisation or cutting of synthetic textile products and machines for creating, weaving natural textile fibres (carding machine and threshing machine, etc. included)
28.94.05 Manufacture of machinery for the finishing of felt, textile yarn and fabrics, washing, bleaching, dyeing, finishing, cleaning, spinning, winding, impregnation, finishing, cutting, and so on
28.94.06 Manufacture of textile spinning machines, doubling, twisting, winding or reeling machines
28.94.07 Knitting, knitting machines and similar machines, tufting and manufacturing (making gimped yarn, tulle, lace, embroidery, trimmings, braid or net and machines included)
28.94.08 Auxiliary machinery for use with machines and textile printing machines for textile production (Dobbies, Jacquards, etc.). (Offset printing machines, typographical, flexographic, gravure printing machines excluded)
28.94.09 Textile, wearing apparel and leather production machinery parts manufacturing (except those used in sewing machines)
28.95.01 Manufacturing of machines used in production of paper and pasteboard
28.96.01 Manufacturing of plastic and rubber machines (machines used for proceed plastic and rubber or manufacture products from those materials)
28.99.01 Manufacturing of printing and binding machines, print helper mahines and spare parts of those machines (offset pressing machines, typographic pressing machine, typesetting machine, machines for press molds, binding machiche etc) (excluding office type printers)
28.99.02 Manufacturing of machines used in glass and glass object manufacture and hot processing of glass objects and machines used in assembly of electical or electronic lambs, tubes, bulbs
28.99.04 Manufacturing of machines used in protuction of goods  like tile, briquet, shaped ceramic clay, pipe, graphite electrot, black board chalks etc.
28.99.05 Manufacturing of fair area entertainment equipments like otomatic bowling saloon equipments, ferris wheel, carrousel, swing, shooting range etc and casino game tables.
28.99.06 manufacture of aircraft take-off equipment , catapults used on aircraft carriers (the mechanism that allows vehicles to take off in short distances) and related equipment
28.99.07 Manufacturing of the machines and devices used in production of semi- condactor mono crystalled ingot (boules) , chip plates and semi condactor apparatuses and electronic intergrated circut or straight panel monitors
28.99.08 Manufacturing of twine and rope machines
28.99.09 manufacture of of the hardware used in balancing and aligning rubber tires ( except those used for the rim )
28.99.10 Manufacturing of industry robots for spesific purposes in multi tasks.
28.99.11 Manufacturing of dryers (the ones used in manufacturing of  wood, paper clay, paper, pasteboard, milk powder, and other materials) (excluding the ones for home type, agricultural and textile)
28.99.12 manufacturing of the isotopic separtors machines and devices.
28.99.90 manufacturing of the spesific purposed machines not classified in any other place
29.10.01 manufacture of road vehicles, such as vans, trucks, semi-trailers, trailers, tanks , and so on.
29.10.02 Manufacture of cars and similar vehicles
29.10.03 Manufacture of motor vehicles’ engines ( including the remaking of engines in factories )
29.10.04 Production of passenger transport vehicles, such as mini-vans, minibuses , buses , trolley buses, metrobuses , and so on.
29.10.05 manufacture of motor vehicles, such as snowmobiles , golf carts , ATV motorcycles , go- carts and so on.
29.10.07 Manufacture of special-purpose motor vehicles ( amphibious vehicles , garbage trucks , road cleaning vehicles, armored transporters, mixer trucks, mobile cranes, fire trucks , ambulances, motor homes , etc.).
29.10.08 Manufacture of chassis for motor vehicles
29.20.01 manufacture of mechanical parts of trailers ( trailer) , semi- trailers( semi- trailer) , and other vehicles not mechanically propelled ( these vehicles’ bodies, frames, axles and other parts)
29.20.02 manufacture of trucks, cabins , cups, dump trucks for motor vehicles, ( the bodywork of cars, trucks , vans, buses , vans, tractors, dump trucks and special purpose motor vehicles)
29.20.03 Manufacture of containers( those that are specially designed for one or more transportation types)
29.20.04 manufacture of trailers ( trailer) and semi- trailers ( semi- trailer ), ( excluding those for agricultural purposes and those in the type of a caravan )
29.20.05 Production of caravan -type trailers ( trailers ) and semi- trailers ( semi- trailer) - for housing or camping
29.20.06 modification of land vehicles and bodywork services
29.31.04 Manufacture of ignition wiring sets and other wiring sets for motor vehicles as well as the production of spark plugs and magnetos , dynamos , magnetic flywheels , distributors, ignition coils, starter motors , alternators and so on.
29.31.05 Manufacture of electrical equipment, such as electrical signaling equipment, horns , sirens , windscreen wipers, demisters , power windows / door systems, voltage regulators, and so on for motor vehicles and motorcycles.
29.31.06 Manufacture of car alarm systems
29.31.07 Manufacture of electric or battery-operated lighting apparatuses or signs for bicycles ( including bicycle dynamos )
29.32.20 Manufacture of other parts and accessories for motor vehicles ( brakes , gear boxes , wheels, suspension systems , shock absorbers, radiators , exhausts, clutches, steering boxes , ties , tie rods , ball joints , etc.). (Including those for tractors, fire trucks , and so on. )
29.32.21 manufacture of parts and accessories of the body, cabin and cups for motor vehicles ( bumpers , seat safety belts, airbags , doors and so on included)
29.32.22 Manufacture of seats for motor vehicles ( except those for rail and air )
30.11.01 construction activities of floating and submersible drilling platforms
30.11.02 construction of passenger ships and boats , ferries , tankers, refrigerated vessels , dry bulk carriers, tower and pusher craft , dredgers , offshore vessels, hovercrafts and other vessels ( except for those used for sports and recreation )
30.11.03 Manufacture of warships and submarines
30.11.04 Manufacture of fabricated ships for fishing ships and boats and for the processing and storage of marine products
30.11.05 manufacture of floating docks, pontoons , coffer dams , floating quays , floating piers, buoys , floating tanks, barges , seagoing barges , floating cranes, inflatable boats , etc. that are not for entertainment purposes .
30.11.06 Manufacture of seating for vessels and floating structures
30.11.07 Manufacture of internal compartments for vessels and floating structures
30.11.08 reconstruction or large-scale alteration of ships, floating platforms and structures
30.12.01 Manufacture of personal water crafts , such as jet skis and so on.
30.12.03 manufacture of inflatable motorized / non-motorized boats (those for entertainment and sports)
30.12.04 manufacture of motorized / non-motorized sailing boats, motor boats and yachts , rowboats , boats , canoes , and similar recreational vehicles as well as hovercrafts ( including polyester boats ) used for entertainment and sports
30.20.01 manufacture of railway and tramway locomotives and coaches, luggage vans , locomotive tenders , railway or tramway maintenance or service vehicles ( except the manufacture of locomotives and wagons or parts of the seats )
30.20.02 Manufacture of components  of railway and tramway locomotives and wagons
30.20.03 Manufacture of seats for rail transit vehicles
30.20.04 manufacture of parts used for mechanical or electromechanical signaling, safety or traffic control devices ( those for railways , tram lines , roads , inland waterways , parking facilities, port installations or airports)
30.20.05 Large-scale renewal and equipment services ( completion) of railway or tramway locomotives and wagons
30.30.01 Helicopter manufacturing (including a large-scale revision and modification of helicopters and helicopter engines in factories)
30.30.02 Manufacture of aircraft parts ( fuselage , wings, doors , control surfaces , such as landing gear assembly parts, propellers , helicopter rotors , engines, turbo-jets , turbo- propeller engines and so on. , and the parts thereof )
30.30.03 manufacture of hot air balloons , zeppelins , gliders, hang gliders and other non-powered aircraft
30.30.04 Manufacture of planes and similar aircrafts (including the large-scale revision and modification of aircrafts or aircraft engines in factories )
30.30.05 The manufacture of ground-based flight training devices and their components
30.30.06 Manufacture of spacecrafts , space launch vehicles and mechanisms of satellite, space probes, orbital stations and space shuttles
30.30.07 manufacture of intercontinental ballistic missiles ( ICBMs ),
30.30.08 manufacture of the seats used in aircrafts and space vehicles
30.40.01 Manufacture of military fighting vehicles (tanks, armored fighting vehicles and the parts thereof )
30.91.01 manufacture of  motorcycles , mopeds and motorized bicycles ( bicycles with an auxiliary motor )
30.91.02 manufacture of motorcycle parts and accessories ( fifth wheel , motorcycle sidecar , motorcycle gear , etc.).
30.91.03 Manufacture of motorcycle engines
30.92.01 Manufacture of non-motorized bicycles ( three-wheeled service bikes, bikes for two or more people, racing bikes, gear bicycles) ( except plastic bicycles for children)
30.92.02 Manufacture of bicycle parts and accessories ( wheels, handlebars , frames , forks , pedal brake hubs / hubs, wheel hubs / hub brakes , crank - gears , pedals and gear -free parts, etc.).
30.92.03 Manufacture of vehicles for disabled people (motorized, non-motorized, cordless, rechargeable, etc.).
30.92.04 Manufacture of parts and accessories of vehicles for people with disabilities.
30.92.05 Manufacturing of strollers, pushchairs and spare parts
30.99.01 Manufactoring of vehicles without Mechanically propelled (shopping carts, industrial carts, hawker carts, luggage carts, hand drawn golf carts, trolleys for transplant patients, including slides)
30.99.02 Manufacturing of carts pulled by animals
30.99.90 manufacturing of transportation equipments not classified in any where
31.01.01 Manufacture of furniture for indoors, particularly for offices, schools, places of worship, hotels, restaurants, cinemas, theaters and so on. (except those of stone, concrete, ceramics) (cloakrooms, file cabinets, altars, pulpits, chairs, student desks, office-type chairs, etc.).
31.01.02 Manufacture of machine tools and furniture for laboratories and technical offices (microscope tables, laboratory tables (Whether or not with cabinets, gas nozzles, tap rails, and so on.), fume hoods, drawing tables, etc.).
31.01.03 custom manufacturing of furniture such as counters for shops, showcases, shelves, chest of drawers and so on. (excl. those made for offices, laboratories and technical bureaux)
31.01.04 manufacture of skeletons of office furniture
31.02.01 Manufacture of kitchen furniture
31.03.01 Manufacture of mattresses (mattress supports, rubber inflatable mattress and water mattress not included)
31.03.02 Manufacture of bed supports (spring-steel wire mesh or wood or metal structures, furnished with wooden slatted bed base frames, bed bases, bed frames, etc.).
31.09.01 Complementary work such as the painting of furniture, varnishing, lacquering and so on.
31.09.02 complementary work such as coating chairs, seats, and so on. (re-coating of office and home furniture not included)
31.09.03 Manufacture of furniture such as cupboards and end-tables for sewing machine, TVs, computers, and so on.
31.09.04 manufacture of furniture sets for bedrooms and dining rooms, manufacture of bathroom cabinets, furniture for the rooms of teenagers and children, wardrobes, coat-hangers, and so on. (walk-in closets, desks, nesting tables, and so on included)
31.09.05 Manufacture of skeletons of chairs, armchairs, sofas, sofa beds, etc. (except for plastic ones and those used in offices)
31.09.06 Manufacture of furniture used in parks and gardens, benches, tables, stools, chairs, seats, and so on. (except plastic ones)
31.09.07 manufacture of chairs, armchairs, sofas, sofa sets, sofa beds, divans, marquise, and so on. (except those used in parks, gardens, and offices and those made of plastic)
31.09.08 Manufactoring of plastic bank, table, stool etc. Furnitures
32.11.01 Printing Coin
32.12.01 Manufacture of jewelery and precious metals (precious metals, printing, pasting, and so on. including those of base metal clad)
32.12.03 Manufacture of technical and laboratory supplies made of precious metals (metal melting pots, spatulas, electroplating anodes, and so on. included)
32.12.04 Natural pearls and precious stones, precious stones, jewelry, and jewelry processing and manufacture of parts thereof (including synthetic gems or those that are produced)
32.12.06 Activities related to precious metal articles, whether or not modified, and activities of relief carving
32.12.07 Industrial processing of diamonds
32.12.08 Manufacture of tableware, cutlery, toilet articles, office equipment, and so on. with base metal cladding using precious metals or precious metal imitations
32.13.01 Manufacture of imitation jewelery and related articles
32.20.21 Manufacture of electronic musical instruments or keyboard instruments (instruments producing sounds or amplified sounds with electric power) (digital piano, synthesizer, electric guitar, etc.).
32.20.22 Manufacture of other spring / string musical instruments (saz, guitar, violin, etc.).
32.20.23 Manufacture of pipe-based musical instruments with expanding, funnel-like mouths and other woodwind musical instruments (saxophone, flute, trombone, trumpet, etc.).
32.20.24 Manufacture of percussion instruments (snare drums, drums, xylophones, bells, “kas”, etc.).
32.20.25 manufacture of pianos and other keyboard stringed / wired instruments
32.20.26 Manufacture of musical instruments such as keyboard pipe organs, harmoniums, accordions, mouth harmonicas (harmonica), scarfs and so on.
32.20.27 Manufacture of music boxes, LIGHTERS, lanterns, rattles and so on.
32.20.28 Metronomes, tuning forks (Tonometers), and pitch pipes, mechanisms for musical boxes, manufacture of musical instrument wires and parts and accessories for musical instruments
32.20.90 Manufacture of musical instruments not elsewhere classified
32.30.17 Manufacture of snow-skis, ski boots, ski boots, ski sticks, ice skates and roller skates, water skis, surfboards, sailboards and so on. Manufacture of machinery and parts thereof (including skateboards)
32.30.18 Manufacture of articles and equipment for gyms or athletics  (jumping horse, dumbbells and barbells, rowing and cycling equipment, javelins, hammers, boxing, working the balls, boxing or wrestling rings, etc.).
32.30.19 Manufacture of goods for sports such as climbing, hunting or fishing goods (helmets, fishing rods, fishing hooks and hooks, automatic fishing reels, hand shovels, butterfly nets, making the fish artificial baits like flies, bullets, bird baits, etc.).
32.30.20 Manufacture of other articles for sports or outdoor games (boxing gloves, sports gloves, bows, baseball and golf clubs and other items with the ball, table tennis, tennis rackets, net and balls, leggings, leg protectors, and other inflatable swimming pools, etc.).
32.30.21 Ball Manufacture (for baseball, football, basketball and volleyball)
32.40.01 Manufacture of game papers and cards ( playing cards , etc.).
32.40.02 manufacture of coin or token-operated game machines, appliances and accessories used for billiards (Gaming machines such as roulette, etc. pool tables and cues , cue racks , billiard balls, chalk, bulk or sliding score counters , etc.).
32.40.03 manufacture of jigsaw puzzles, puzzles and related products ( lego, etc. included)
32.40.04 Manufacture of stuffed dolls and toy animals
32.40.05 Manufacture of toy dolls , puppets, animals and their clothing, parts and accessories ( except those that are stuffed )
32.40.06 manufacture of materials for funfairs, table or parlor games
32.40.07 Manufacture of toy musical instruments
32.40.08 Manufacture of wheeled toys designed to be ridden ( including plastic bicycles and tricycles )
32.40.09 manufacture of game boards (chess , checkers, darts, backgammon boards, “okey” boards go, and so on. ) as well as games such as taboo , monopoly and so on
32.40.10 Manufacture of wheeled toys , toy baby carriages , toy trains , and other reduced-size models / mock-ups or toy construction sets , racing sets (motorized ones , die-cast toys and other plastic toys included)
32.40.11 Manufacture of electronic gaming (electronic checkers , chess , etc.). ( Except for video game consoles used with a television )
32.40.90 Manufacture of games and toys not elsewhere classified
32.50.01 manufacture of glasses (for eye defects removal, corrective, protective or other purposes), eyeglass lenses, contact lenses and frame and frame parts for glasses and so on
32.50.02 Manufacture of artificial limbs, prosthetic and orthopedic products, parts and accessories thereof (artificial joints, dental fittings, orthopedic shoes and corsets, braces, medical nails, truss, etc.).
32.50.03 Manufacture of instruments and appliances used in dentistry (including dental aerators) (syringes, needles, catheters, cannulae and the like not included)
32.50.04 manufacture of medical, surgical, dental or veterinary furniture, barbers' chairs and similar chairs and parts (surgical and examination tables, adjustable hospital beds, dental chairs, etc.). (Except for the X-ray tables and chairs)
32.50.06 Manufacture of dental cement, dental wax, filler material, cement for the treatment of bones, gel preparations, sterile adhesion barriers, sewing materials (catgut excluded), glue, laminaria, absorbable hemostatic, etc..
32.50.07 Manufacture of medical, surgical, dental or veterinary syringes, needles, catheters, cannulae and the like
32.50.08 manufacture of tools for the treatment of eye surgery, diagnosis, testing (circular saws on the cornea, ophthalmoscope, retinoscope, keratometry, etc.).
32.50.09 Manufacture of mechano therapy appliances, massage apparati, psychological aptitude-testing apparati (excluding moves to the mechano therapy devices), respiratory apparati for ozone therapy, oxygen therapy, aerosol therapy,
32.50.10 Manufacture of sterilisation tools for medical, surgical or laboratory use
32.50.11 manufacture of blood pressure gauges, potentiometers, oscillometric, medical endoscopes, clinical or veterinary thermometers, kidney dialysis equipment, blood transfusion devices (except glass bottles for blood storage)
32.50.12 manufacture of anesthesia apparati and instruments, diathermic devices (including ultrasonics), ultrasonic lithotripsy centrifuges used in laboratories
32.50.13 activities of dental laboratories (Manufacture of prosthetic teeth, metal crowns, and so on.)
32.50.90 Manufacture of other tools and equipment for medical, surgical, dental or veterinary use, not elsewhere classified.
32.91.01 Manufacturing of brooms and whisks used in home and office cleaning(excluding vacuum)
32.91.02 Manufacturing of painting, whitewashing, wallpapers and strain brushes and paint rollers
32.91.03 Manufacture of tooth brushes, hair brushes, shaving brushes and other brushes for personal care, painting brushes, writing brushes and cosmetic brushes 
32.91.90 Manufacturing of whisks and brooms not classified in any other places
32.99.01 manufacture of articles such as tailor mannequins, hand sieves and sieve, artificial flowers, fruits and plants, jokes and magic-like goods, and mechanisms of odor sprays, casket and so on. (including the bridal bouquet)
32.99.02 manufacturing of jeans, print buttons, snaps, buttons, zippers and so on.  (including parts of buttons and zippers)
32.99.03 Manufacture of pipes, cigarette holders, stone beads, etc.
32.99.04 Manufacture of fountain pens of all kinds , whether or not mechanical, ballpoint pens and pencils, crayons , pastels ( including the tips of pens and the inside of pencils )
32.99.06 manufacture of wigs, false hair, false beards, eyebrows, etc.
32.99.07 Manufacture of umbrellas, parasols, walking sticks and seat canes, crutches, and so on. (including their parts)
32.99.08 Manufacture of date stamps, stamps , seals or numbering stamps , counters , hand-operated printing equipment, embossing labels, hand printing sets, prepared typewriter bands and punches
32.99.09 manufacturing of gas masks and protective purposed respiration equipment (excluding the curing ones 
32.99.10 Manufacturing of fire proof and protective security  outfit and helmets with other security products
32.99.11 Production of lifebuoys
32.99.13 Manufacture of vacuum and thermos containers
32.99.14 Chalk production ( writing , drawing, or French chalk )
32.99.15 Manufacture of synthetic wax and candles as well as candle preparations
32.99.16 Manufacture of writing or drawing boards
32.99.17 Manufacture of cigarette lighters and other lighters, tinder and (pyrophoric) alloys (container volume for lighters? 300cm3 liquid or liquefied-gas fuels included)
32.99.18 manufacture of carved articles made of ivory, bones, horns, pearls obtained from animals
32.99.90 Other manufacture (gut (other than silkworm gut), including crop and bladder manufactured goods, excluding those sterilized for medical purposes)
33.11.01 maintaince and repairment of the metal pipe, pipe lines and pumping stations
33.11.02 Maintaince and repairment of firearms and war materials (including the repairment of sport and entertainmet purposed guns)
33.11.03 maintence and repairment of the steam boilers and steam genarators
33.11.04 maintence and repairment of the central heating hot water boilers and radiators
33.11.10 maintence and repairment of the metal tanks, reservoirs and protection covers (including conteyners)
33.11.11 Maintence and repairment of the nuclear reactors
33.11.90 Maintence and repairment of metal products not classified in anywhere
33.12.02 Maintence and repairment of the agricultere and forestry machines ( excluding maintence and repairment of the tractors)
33.12.03 Maintence and repairment of the motor and turbines (hidrolic, wind , gas, water, steam turbines) (including ship and boat turbines but not engines   of land vehicles and motorbikes)
33.12.04 Maintence and repairment of the industry ovens, stoves, stove burners
33.12.05 Maintence and repairment of the lifting and carrying equipments
33.12.06 Maintence and repairment of the industry type cooler and ventilation equipments
33.12.07 Maintence and repairment of the  weighing tools
33.12.08 Maintence and repairment of the machines used in mining, construction, oil and gas fields
33.12.09 Maintence and repairment of the motocultors and tractors used in agricultural and forestry
33.12.10 Maintence and repairment of equipments working with fluid power, pumps, compressors and valves (including fuel oil pumps repair)
33.12.11 Maintence and repairment of metal processer machines and machine tools (including CNC ones)
33.12.12 Repairment of engined or pneumatic (air pressured) hand tools (round/ chain saw, drill, pneumatic or engined metal cutter scissors, hammer bolt wrench
33.12.13 Maintence and repairment of electrical weld and solder gears
33.12.14 Maintence and repairment of metallurgic machines
33.12.15 Maintence and repairment of food, drink and tobacco processer machines
33.12.16 Maintence and repairment of textile, clothing good and leather production machines (including knitting machines repairs)
33.12.17 Maintence and repairment of machines used in manufacturing of paper, paste board and cardboard
33.12.18 Maintenance and repair of office and accounting machinery ( typewriters , cash registers, copiers , calculators, etc.).
33.12.19 Maintence and repairment of machine tools used in proceeding of strict materials like tree ,cork, rock and solid rubber. (including CNC ones)
33.12.21 Maintence and repairment of filtering or cleaning machines and apparatus for liquids
33.12.27 Maintence and repairment of cutter home appliances amd hand appliances (printing guillotine, bandsaw, handsaw, spud, harvester, etc.)(excluding motorized and pnomatic ones)
33.12.28 Maintence and repairment of machines used in plastic and rubber manufacture and processing
33.12.29 Maintence and repairment of industrial bearings, gears and gearsets and drive mechnasims
33.12.30 Maintence and repairment of agricultural purposed trailers
33.12.90 Maintence and repairment of other machines unclassified in any other place (including refill and repair of fire extinguinshers )
33.13.01 maintenance and repair  of measuring, testing and navigation instruments and equipment
33.13.02 maintenance and repair of irradiation, electromedical and electrotherapeutic equipment
33.13.03 repair and maintenance of professional optical instruments and photographic equipment (excluding repair of consumer electronic products)
33.13.04 Maintenance and repair of other professional electronic equipment
33.14.01 maintenance and repair of power transformers, distribution transformers and special transformers (including electricity distribution and control apparati)
33.14.02 maintenance and repair of electric motors, generators, and motor generator sets, (re-winding of coils included)
33.14.03 Maintenance and repair of other professional electrical equipment
33.15.01 maintence and repairment of ships and boats (including maintance , repairment and caoulking of floating stuructures, wherries etc. 
33.16.01 Maintence and repairment of air vehicles and space vehicles ( excluding tranformation in factories, overhoul and rebuild)
33.17.01 Maintence and repairment of railroad locomotives and vagons
33.17.90 Maintence and repairment of other  unclassified transportation equipments (including maintence and repairment of four  wheeled weight carriers and carts) 
33.19.01 repair of tents, camping equipment, fishing nets and other ready-made textile materials, sacks
33.19.02 repair of ropes and sail cloths and cloth-lined vessel shroud, tarpaulins
33.19.90 Repairment of equipments not classified anywhere (wooden conteyners, ship barrels, coins, working game machines, millstone etc.)
33.20.33 Installation of agricultural purposed industry machines and equipments
33.20.34 Installation of lifting and carrying equipments ( excluding elevators and moving stairways)
33.20.35 Installation of engines and turbines, (excluding air vehicle, land vehicle and motorbike engines) pumps and compressors
33.20.36 Insatallation services of machines used in processing, cutting and shaping of metals
33.20.37 Insatallation services of industry machines and equipments for metallurgy
33.20.38 Insatallation of machines used in mines, quarries and constructions
33.20.39 Insatallation services of  ındustry machines and equipments used for food, drinks and tobacco proceeding.
33.20.40 Insatallation services of industry machines and equipments using for textile, clothing goods and leather production
33.20.41 Insatallation services of industry machines and equipments used in paper and cardboard production
33.20.42 Insatallation of glass and ceramic pipes and lines in industry factories
33.20.43 Insatallation of machines used id milling 
33.20.44 Insatallation of metal protection covers and cisterns
33.20.45 Installation of industiral type climatization
and cooling equipments
33.20.46 Insatallation services of general purposed machines (including  Insatallation services of weighing, filtering, distillatin, covering, bottleing, spraying, steam/sand spraying, calendering and office and accounting machines)
33.20.48 Insatallation services of machine toolsused in processing strict metarial like tree, cork, rock, solid rubber etc.
33.20.49 Insatallation services of industry machines and equipments used in plastic and rubber production
33.20.50 installation services of professional medical machinery and precision and optical instruments, electronic equipment
33.20.51 Insatallation services for electronic equipments (including Insatallation of electric engines, generators and transformators, electric distrubition and control devices etc.[excluding electrical signalisation for roads etc.])
33.20.52 Insatallation servives for fabrication metal products ( including the installation services of steam generators and installation of metal pipe systems in industry facilities, excluding central heating hot water boiling , machines and equipments 
33.20.53 Installation of industries process control equipment (design and instalment of industrial process control equipments and automatic production facilities, instalment of industrial time measurement devices) (including automated ones)
33.20.54 Insatallation of industry ovens and stove burners
33.20.90 Installation services of other industry machines and equipments not classified in anywhere (pinting press machines, cement manufacturing machines included)
35.11.19 Electric power generation
35.12.13 Transmission of electrical energy (operation of the distribution system that transmits electricity from its source of production)
35.13.01 Distribution of electricity (operation of the electrical power distribution system that transmits electricity from its source of production or from the transmission system to the end-user)
35.13.02 Maintenance and repair of electrical meters
35.14.01 Activities of brokers and agents that regulate the sales of electricity via power distribution systems operated by other businesses
35.14.02 Electricity trading for users (except brokers and agencies)
35.14.03 Activities aimed at changing electricity and transmission capacity for electricity
35.21.01 Producing calorific gas fuels from various gases including natural gas by purification, mixing etc.
35.21.02 Carbonization of coal, production of gas from agricultural side goods and wastes
35.22.01 Distribution of gaseous fuels through mains (distribution and supply of all kinds of gaseous fuels through a main pipe system)
35.22.02 Maintenance and repair of gas meters
35.23.01 Gas trade to the consumers through mains (excluding brokers and agents)
35.23.02 The activities of brokers or agents who regulate sales through gas distribution systems operated by other businesses
35.30.21 Production, collection and distribution of steam and hot water
35.30.22 Cooled air and chilled water supply and distribution (including production of ice)
36.00.02 Water collection, purification and distribution
36.00.03 Maintence and repairment of water meters
37.00.01 Sewerage (sewage removal and treatment of waste, sewage systems and waste water treatment plants in operation, septic tanks and pools emptying and cleaning portable toilets, activities, etc.)
38.11.01 Collection of non-hazardous waste (trash, recyclable material, textile waste, etc.) (construction and demolishing waste,bushes, debris excluded)
38.11.02 Construction and demolition waste, bushes, twigs, debris collection and removal of debris such as
38.11.03 Safe operation of waste transfer stations
38.12.01 Hazardous waste collection (explosive, oxidizing, flammable, toxic, corrosive, infectious wastes and substances harmful to human health and collection activities) (nuclear wastes, biochemical waste, used batteries, etc..)
38.21.01 Reclamation and disposal of hazardous waste and for the disposal operation of storage space
38.22.01 Reclamation and disposal of hazardous waste (hazardous waste reclamation operation of the plants, used for the destruction of hazardous waste disposal and so on. Activities) (excluding radioactive waste)
38.22.02 Reclamation and disposal of radioactive waste
38.31.01 Of ships and floating structures for the recovery of scrap materials cleavage (dismantling)
38.31.02 Separation for recycling of scrap pieces (cars, computers, televisions, etc.. Equipment) (with ships and floating structures used to sell parts to create excluding disassembly)
38.32.01 Disaggregated metal waste, scrap and other components usually be recovered by mechanical or chemical replacement process
38.32.02 Disaggregated non-metallic wastes, scrap and other components usually be recovere
39.00.01 Remediation activities and other waste management services (cleaning of polluted soil and groundwater, land mines, and so forth.)
41.10.01 Develop of the building projects ( to organize the domicile and other intended purpose building projects by means of pair up financial, technical and physical tools, building projects acquired for resale) ( expect building society)
41.10.02 Activities of housing construction cooperatives 
41.10.03 Activities of the work place cobstruction cooperatives
41.20.01 Construction of buildings for non-residential purpose (industrial buildings such as factories, workshops as well as hospitals, schools, hotels, offices, workplaces, shops, malls, restaurants, closed sports centres, mosques, closed parking spaces, toilets, etc.)
41.20.02 Construction of buildings for residential purpose (detached dwellings, multiple family residence buildings, the construction of skyscrapers, etc.) (except for the construction of wooden buildings)
41.20.03 To combin and constitute the component in the square for the prefabs
41.20.04 Building from wooden buildings with raim of residing 
41.20.05 reorganization or renovation of available buildings for residential or non-residential purposes ( large-scale revisions )
42.11.01 Construction of roads, highways, streets and pathways that connect cities.
42.11.02 Repearing of road surface through tarmacing(asphalt), construction of bumps,pavement,bike lane ,roads and so on. painting of road surface  and installation of road barriers, traffic signs and plates  along the road and tunnels.
42.11.03 Construction of runways  in the airport
42.12.01 Construction of railways and undergrounds (includes repearing and maintenance)
42.13.01 Bridge constructions(that includes viaducts  and elevated highways)
42.13.02 Tunnel construction
42.21.01 Construction of long distance pipelines for lıquid products;(includes transportation of oilproducts and gas, water and otherproducts related to the transportation of long distance pipelines on land and under the sea)
42.21.02 Drilling of water wells and activities of installation septic system (well,artesian well,etc)
42.21.03 Construction of Water mains,water lines, water treatment plants, sewage disposal plants and pumping stations (irrigation systems (canals) included)
42.21.05 Construction of short distance (local) pipelines( for transportation of oil and gas products, water and steams,sewer and any other fluid products within short-distance range)
42.22.01 Construction of long- distance electricity power lines ( long-distance and long-distance high-voltage electric transmission lines above ground / underground/ undersea )
42.22.02 Construction of power plants (hydroelectric power plants, thermal power plants, nuclear power generation plants, etc.).
42.22.04 the construction of urban (short distance) power lines ( transformer stations and distribution sub- stations etc. within local limits . )
42.22.05 Repair and maintenance of telecommunications grids and networks
42.22.06 Construction of long distance telecommunication lines ( long distance under/over ground or  sub sea telecommunication transmission lines)
42.22.07 Construction of urban telecommunication (short distance communication) lines (transmission towers including the antena , tranformer stations and distrubition sub stations in territorial borders etc.)
42.91.01 construction of port along the coast and related hydro structures(structures such as water ways, roads, ports and marinas, piers and wharves, breakwaters, channels and so on.)
42.91.02 Screaning and cleaning of water and water catchment areas(ground water) include (sea, rivers, lakes, etc.)
42.91.03 Construction of Shipyard, dock and canal (for shipbuilding and repair)
42.91.04 Construction of dams and dykes
42.99.01 Construction of outdoor sport structures and facilities and recreational areas (golf courses, outdoor stadiums, tennis courts, athletic fields, beach resort, mountain shelters, amusement parks, etc.).
42.99.02 Construction of mining-related or industrial structures (rolling shafts and towers, mining loading and unloading stations, refineries, chemical facilities)
42.99.03 Construction of other outdoor structures that are not classified  elsewhere (includes subdivision of land together with land improvement ,improvement without excluding subdivision)
42.99.04 Construction of natural gas processing plant
43.11.01 Demolishing buildings and other structures
43.12.01 Soil and land preparation, the area to be cleaned with the excavation and earthmoving work (agricultural land preparation, blasting and rock removal, construction, agriculture and so on. Fields, drainage, earthwork, excavation, filling and so on. Works) (for mining, except those of)
43.12.02 The preparation of mining sites (includes tunneling, with the exception of oil and gas fields)
43.13.01 Test drilling and boring (Test drilling and boring work among others,construction, geophysical, geological purposes and sample drilling) (excluding drilling tests carried out in conjunction with mining)
43.21.01 Installation of electrical wiring , cable TV and computer networks and residential antennas ( satellite antenna included) , electric solar energy collectors , electric meters , fire and burglary alarm systems for buildings and structures (except for transportation lighting and signaling systems)
43.21.03 installation of lighting and signaling systems for highways, railways, roads and other rails, ports and airports (including airport runway lighting systems)
43.22.01 Installation of heating, ventilation, refrigeration and air conditioning systems in buildings or other construction projects (home type boiler (combi boiler, etc..) and maintenance, repair and installation of burners including the installation of non-electric solar energy collectors )
43.22.03 Water and sewer installation and repair in buildings and other construction projects  (sanitation including the installation of sprinkler systems, installation of fire fighting systems, laying of sewerage systems, etc.).
43.22.05 Gas installation activities (including installation works for the supply of gaseous oxygen in hospitals)
43.29.01 Maintence and repairment of elevator walking stairways, walking roads, otomatic and slewing door including Insatallation
43.29.02 Other installation works (lightning rods, signs (illuminated or not), installation work of roller blinds and sun-shields, etc.).
43.29.03 Constructing and installing heat,sound or vibration insulation at work(including the installation of thermal insulation and vacuum cleaning system)
43.29.05 Fencing and railing installation works (including the installation of metal fire escapes)
43.31.01 Plastering (in- and out- plaster or gypsum plaster and plasterworks in buildings or other constructions 
43.32.01 The assembly of fitted kitchens, kitchen worktops, cupboards, fine wood interior stairs, paneling and the like
43.32.02 The installation of doors and window frames (including armored doors, automatic and revolving doors not included), windows, shutters, roller shutters, garage doors, etc. (made of any material)
43.32.03 Installation of movable partitions and suspended ceilings on metal construction joinery
43.33.01 Floor and wall covering in the inner or outer sides of buildings (marble, mosaic, granite, tiles and pavements stones, parquetry, wooden floor or wall coverings) (except wallpapers and linoleum)
43.33.02 Other floor upholstery and coating and wall coating works which aren't categorized  anywhere else. (carpet, floor linoleum and other flexible floor coatings and wallcoating)
43.34.01 In- and out-painting  of buildings
43.34.02 Glaze works
43.34.03 Painting of buildings external structure
43.39.01 Decorative material, embellishments and ornaments in the assembly and construction bys. other integrative and complementary works (covering the radiator grill with the installation of acoustic panels, acoustical tiles or other materials including jobs containing)
43.39.02 Cleaning of new buildings after the construction
43.91.01 Roofing (comprising the installation of the roof frame construction, roof construction, roof gutters and gutter mouth works roofing work with metal and other materials) (including carpentry)
43.99.01 Installation of structural steel compounds (buildings, bridges, cranes, electrical transfer towers, etc. installation of prefabricated steel compounds, etc.)
43.99.02 Underground work (mining, storage, and so on. including Gallery and the vertical well drilling activities, excluded water well drilling)
43.99.03 The construction of an outdoor swimming pool
43.99.04 Renting of cranes and other simlar construction equipment with operator(which take place in a special kind of construction)
43.99.05 Work of concretes in constructions(pouring concrete into the mold, etc.)
43.99.06 Masonry and brickwork jobs
43.99.07 Setting up work platforms and dismantling off scaffolds
43.99.08 Water insulation work (flat roofs and terraces insulation work on work, construction and other underground structures in exterior waterproofing, moisture, insulation, etc..)
43.99.10 Construction and establishment of industrial furnaces and chimney (including the work of laying firebricks into the combustion chamber for ovens)
43.99.11 Construction for the construction of piling and foundation works (including ramming bored pile)
43.99.12 Specialized construction activities like for the exterior of  constructions, steamy cleaning, sand spraying
43.99.13 Construction smithing ( to bend and knot the reinforcing iron)
43.99.14 the montage and installation of prefabs ( installation and etc. of all sorts of street buildings (bus tatation, call box, bank etc.) expet the prefab houses)
43.99.15 Specialized construction works  non classifed in elsewhere (including fireplace and barbeque)
45.11.10 Wholesale trade of otomobiles and small engined motor vehicles (including passenger transporters like ambulance and minibus [ less than 3.5 tons])
45.11.11 Retails of automobiles and land vehicles with engines (including ambulances and busses lower than 3.5 tonnes) 
45.11.12 Wholesale trade of otomobiles and small engined motor vehicles based on a price or conctract (intermediates) (
45.11.13 Retail trade services of cars and light motor vehicles of the (passenger motor vehicles, including ambulances and minibuses, etc. (less than 3.5 tonnes)) (tool with internet, TV. Etc.. Including trade out)
45.19.01 Wholesell trade of other land vehicles ( trucks,tow trucks, buses, trailers, half trailers, caravans and motorized caravans)
45.19.02 Retails of other land vehicles with engines (trucks, towers, busses, trailers, half-trailers, recreational vehicles with/without engines)
45.20.01 repairment of motorized land vehicles'es electric system
45.20.02 Repair of motor vehicles’ tires ( including wheel adjustment and balancing )
45.20.03 Operations like car greasing, washing and polishing
45.20.04 Maintence and repairment of seats and plakings of motorized vehicles
45.20.05 Repair and activities of car body and hood of motorized terrestrial vehicles etc. (door, lock, glass, repair after impact, dyeing, etc)
45.20.06 General maintenance and repair of motor vehicles (including the maintenance and repair of radiators , air conditioning and exhaust pipes, excluded those conducted in the same business and excluding the electrical system , tire and body repair services)
45.20.07 General maintence and repairment services of motorized land vehicles
45.20.08 LPG system mounting and maintance of motorized land vehicles
45.20.09 Only dyeing activities of motorized terrestrial vehicles
45.31.10 Wholesale trade of motor vehicle accessories ( including car alarm systems ; motorcycle parts and accessories not included)
45.31.11 Wholesale trade services of motor vehicles ( semi-trailers , tippers, including the battery ; motorcycle parts and accessories not included)
45.31.12 Wholesale trade services of tires and rims for motor vehicles ( except motorcycles’ and bicycles’ tires and wheels )
45.31.13 Wholesale trade of motor vehicle windows
45.31.14 Wholesale trade of motor vehicle parts and accessories on a fee or contract basis
45.32.02 Specific parts of motor vehicles, retail trade in specialized stores ( flatbed , dump, including the battery , tires and motorcycle parts and accessories with the exception of glass )
45.32.03 Retail sale of tires and rims for motor vehicles in specialized stores (motorcycle parts and accessories not included)
45.32.04 Retail sale of accessories for motor vehicles in specialized stores (motorcycle parts and accessories not included)
45.32.05 Retail sale of windows of motor vehicles in specialized stores (motorcycle parts and accessories not included)
45.32.06 retail trade of parts of used motor vehicles in specialized stores ( excluding parts and accessories of motorcycles )
45.32.90 Other retail trade of motor vehicle parts and accessories ( via specialised ones or those that use mail , countertops, markets and so on.  ) ( excluding parts and accessories of motorcycles )
45.40.01 Maintenance and repair services of motorcycles and bicycles
45.40.02 Retail sale of motorcycles and motorized bicycles in specialized stores
45.40.03 Retail sale of parts and accessories of motorcycles and motorized bicycles in specialized stores
45.40.04 Wholesale trade services of motorcycles and motorized bicycles
45.40.05 Wholesale trade services of parts and accessories for motorcycles and motorized bicycles
45.40.06 Wholesale trade services of motorcycles, motor bikes and related parts and accessories on a fee or contract basis
45.40.07 other retail trade services of motorcycles , mopeds and parts and accessories thereof ( those conducted via the internet , mail , countertops, markets and so on. )
46.11.01 Flowers, plants and other agricultural raw materials, textile raw materials and semi-finished goods brokers that are sold on a fee or contract basis
46.11.02  brokers that wholesale live animals on a fee or contract basis
46.12.01 Vehilces which make wholesale trade Solid, liquid and gaseous fuels and related products on a fee or contract basis  (including motor vehicle fuels)
46.12.02 Brokers who perform wholesales of industrial chemicals, fertilizers and other agro-chemical products based on a fee or contract
46.12.03 Intermediaries carrying out the wholesales of metals in primary form and metal gems based on a contract
46.13.01 Building material wholesale on a fee or contract basis who intermediaries (excluding rebar and lumber)
46.13.02 Intermediaries carrying out the wholesales of timber and timber products
46.14.01 brokers that carry out wholesales on a fee or contract basis, of computers, software, electronic and telecommunications equipment and other office equipment
46.14.02 intermediates wholeselling unclassified agriculture, machine and ındustry equipment based on a price or conctract
46.14.03 intermediates who selling ships, air vehicles, and unclassified transportation vehicle based on a price or conctract
46.15.01 brokers that carry out wholesales of furniture on a fee or contract basis
46.15.02 intermediates wholeselling hardware store products and hand tool based on a price or conctract
46.15.03 Brokers that carry out wholesales of radio, television and video equipment on a fee or contract basis
46.15.04 Brokers that carry out wholesales of cutlery, cutting tools, and other household goods on a fee or contract basis
46.16.01  brokers that carry out wholesales of leather clothing, fur and footwear on a fee or contract basis
46.16.02 brokers who sell leather goods and travel accessorieson a fee or contract basis
46.16.03 Intermediaries that wholesale clothing based on a certain price or contract (except leather clothing)
46.16.04 brokers that carry out wholesales of textiles on a fee or contract basis (yarn, fabric, home textiles, curtains, and so on.) (except apparel)
46.17.01 Intermediaries that wholesale food products on a certain price and contract (including the intermediary production associations, excluding fresh fruits and vegetables)
46.17.02 Wholesales of fresh fruits and vegetables on a contractual basis for a fee, trade intermediaries (including intermediaries and producer associations)
46.17.03 Tobacco and tobacco products to brokers that carry out wholesales on a fee or contract basis (including vehicle manufacturers associations)
46.17.04 brokers that carry out wholesalesof beverages on a fee or contract basis  
46.18.01 brokers that carry out wholesales on a fee or contract basis of games and toys , sports equipment , bicycles, books, newspapers , magazines, stationery items , musical instruments , watches and jewelery , photographic and optical instruments
46.18.02 Cosmetics, perfumes and toilet articles and cleaning materials brokers that sell wholesale on a fee or contract basis
46.18.03 Brokers that carry out the wholesale trade services on a fee or contract basis of medical products, equipment, and materials
46.18.04 brokers that carry out wholesales of certain paper and paperboard (cardboard ) products on a fee or contract basis
46.18.05 Wholesale on a fee or contract basis of pharmaceutical products by sales agents
46.18.06 Untreated wood waste, scrap and recyclable materials, and so on. nec, on a fee or contract basis of other particular products that sell wholesale brokers
46.19.01 Intermediaries that carry out wholesales on a fee or contract basis of a variety of goods
46.19.02 Intermadiaries that make the bulk sale of multitiple goods in auctions
46.21.01 Wholesale trade services of animal feed (bird seed, fodder roots, forage kale, millet, spa, alfalfa, forage maize and so on. With the bran, plant, pulp, etc.).
46.21.02 Wholesales of crops (wheat, barley, rye, oatmeal, corn, unshelled rice, etc.)
46.21.03 wholesale trade of oil seeds and oleaginous fruits (soybean, peanut, cotton seed, linseed, rapeseed, sunflower seed, cotton seed, etc.).
46.21.04 Wholesales of unprocessed tobacco
46.21.05 Wholesale trade of silk worm cocoons
46.21.06 Wholesales of cotton
46.21.07 Wholesale trade of wool and mohair
46.21.08 wholesale trade of seeds (other than oil seeds)  (vegetable seeds, flower seeds, and seeds of forest trees included)
46.21.90 Wholesale trade services of agricultural raw materials (raw inedible offal, feathers and skins, lac, henna flower, natural sponges, natural cork (except vanquished), black pepper, natural rubber, etc.).
46.22.01 wholesale trade of flowers, plants and flower bulbs 
46.23.01 Wholesale trade services of live animals (except poultry)
46.23.02 Wholesale trade of live poultry (chicken, turkey, etc.). 
46.24.01 Wholesale trade of hides, skins and fur skins 
46.24.02 Wholesales of tanned leather, deerskin and cowhide
46.31.01 Hazelnuts, pistachios, peanuts and walnuts, wholesale trade (excluding roasted)
46.31.02 Wholesale trade services of fresh figs and grapes
46.31.03 Citrus wholesales
46.31.04 Wholesales of other fresh vegetables and fruits (including potatoes)
46.31.05 wholesale trade of olives (processed)
46.31.06 Wholesale trade services of cultivated mushrooms
46.31.08 Wholesale trade services of dried legumes (beans, lentils, chickpeas, etc.).
46.31.09 Wholesales of roasted or processed dried nuts (chickpeas, roasted hazelnuts, pistachios, sunflower seeds, etc.)
46.31.10 Wholesale trade services of raisins
46.31.11 Wholesale trade of dried figs
46.31.12 Wholesale trade services of dried apricots
46.31.90 Wholesales of other prepared or preserved fruits and vegetables (jam, molasses, fruit pulp, including those made ??in brine or marinade) (nuts, figs, grapes, citrus fruits, olives, excluding cultivated mushrooms and nuts)
46.32.01 Wholesale trade services of meat, poultry and game
46.32.02 Wholesale trade services of meat (excluding meat of game animals and poultry)
46.32.03 Wholesale trade of edible offal (liver, tripe, kidney, gizzard, etc.). 
46.32.04 Wholesale trade services of meat products (ham, sausage, sausage, bacon, etc.).
46.33.01 Wholesale trade services of dairy products (processed milk, milk powder, yogurt, cheese, cream, butter, etc.).
46.33.02 Wholesale trade services of eggs and egg products
46.33.03 wholesale trade of edible oils and fats of animal or vegetable origin  (excluding butter)
46.34.01 Wholesales of alcoholic drinks
46.34.02 Fruit and vegetable juices, mineral water, soft drinks and other non-alcoholic drinks Wholesale trade (except water)
46.34.03 Wholesale trade services of water (including water stations, excluding tap water)
46.35.01 Wholesale trade services of tobacco products (pipe tobacco, cigarettes, cigars, etc.). (Except for raw tobacco)
46.36.01 Wholesale trade services of chocolate and sugar confectionery (including halva, Turkish delight, hard candy, candy sugar, and so on.)
46.36.02 wholesale trade services of bakery products
46.36.03 Wholesale trade services of sugar (granulated sugar, cube sugar, crystal sugar, etc.).
46.36.04 Wholesales of ice cream and other edible ice
46.37.01 Wholesales of tea
46.37.02 Wholesales of coffee, cocoa and spices
46.37.03 Wholesale trade services of  aromatic plants that are used for beverages
46.38.01  wholesale trade of fish, crustaceans, molluscs and other aquatic products
46.38.02 Wholesale trade of feed or food for pets (except for livestock)
46.38.03 Food salt (table salt), wholesales
46.38.04 Wholesales of flour, starch, risoni and ready-made products (meat/vegetable bouillon, ready-made soups, etc.) (bread yeast, dry yeast, etc. included) 
46.38.05 Wholesale trade services of homogenised food, dietetic food products  (baby food, diet foods, sports nutrition, etc.).
46.38.06 Wholesale trade services of other food products (natural honey, malt, ready meals, vinegar, etc.).
46.39.01 Wholesales of frozen food in shops not allocated to any certain product
46.39.02 Wholesales of drinks and tobacco in shops not allocated to any certain product (excluding frozen products)
46.41.01 Wholesale of domestic linens, curtains, and a variety of household goods and textile materials (sheets, bedding, pillow cases, tablecloths, towels, blankets, quilts and other fixtures and so on included)
46.41.02 Wholesale trade services of haberdashery (needles, sewing thread, buttons, zippers, snaps, scallop, lace, guipure, etc.).
46.41.03 Wholesales of fabrics (including drapery)
46.41.04 Wholesales of threads (except drapery goods and sewing thread)
46.41.05 Wholesale trade services of other textile products (fish net, sack, sackcloth, rope included)
46.42.01 Wholesales of baby clothing, sportswear, other garments (skiing clothing, swimwear included)
46.42.02 Wholesale trade services of footwear (slippers, sandals, and so on. İncluded, sports shoes not included)
46.42.03 Wholesales of socks and clothing accessories (hats, gloves, scarves, bowties, ties, etc.)
46.42.04 Wholesale trade of fur and leather garments
46.42.05 Wholesales of outerwears (including those work clothes with those knitwear, excluding those fur and leather)
46.42.06 Wholesale trade of  underwear (briefs, panties, shirts, T-shirts, robes, sleepwear, bras, corsets, bathrobes, etc.).
46.42.07 Wholesale trade of umbrellas (except for parasols and garden umbrellas)
46.42.08 Wholesale trade of shoe materials 
46.43.01 Wholesale trade services of household appliances (refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, oven, tumble dryer, etc.).
46.43.04 Wholesale trade of records, audio and video tapes, CDs and DVDs (except empty ones)
46.43.05 wholesale of electricity supplies ( cables , fuses, sockets, plugs, sockets , bulbs, electrical switches, circuit breakers , switches, relays , batteries, etc. . ) (Excluding those used in industrial ones and electrical machinery , apparati and appliances)
46.43.08 Wholesale trade of burglar or fire alarms and similar apparatus - for home use
46.43.09 wholesale of radio, television, video and DVD equipment (radio and TV equipment, including antennas for cars)
46.43.10 Wholesale trade services of photographic products (flashing lights, photographic emulsions, polarizing material, photographic plates and film, etc.).
46.43.11 wholesale of optical goods (glasses, watches and glasses, binoculars, etc.).
46.43.12 wholesale trade of air conditioners (non-industrial) for residences, offices and shops
46.43.90 Wholesale of electrical household appliances (irons, vacuum cleaners, extractor fan, ceiling fan, shaver, hair dryer, water purifier, sewing machine, water heater, electric stove, electric radiators, etc.).
46.44.01 wholesales of china, glassware and ceramic products (China, glassware, glass or porcelain bowls, plates, cups, vases, trays, ornaments, etc.).
46.44.02 Wholesale trade of cleaning materials (including detergents, scouring creams and powders, softeners, soft soap, etc. except for personal cleansing soap)
46.44.04 Wholesale trade of polishes and creams (footwear, furniture, floors, coachwork, glass or metal)
46.45.01 Perfumes, cosmetics and colognes wholesale (including perfumery)
46.45.02 Wholesale of soap (for personal hygiene)
46.46.01 Wholesale trade of surgical, medical and orthopedic instruments and devices
46.46.02 Wholesale trade services of basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations
46.46.03 wholesale of instruments and appliances used in dentistry (including prostheses, fittings) 
46.46.04 wholesale of animal health drugs (serum, vaccines, etc.).
46.47.01 wholesale of furniture and furniture accessories (including beds)
46.47.02 Wholesale trade services of carpets, rugs, floor coverings and so on.
46.47.03 Wholesale trade services of lighting equipment (chandeliers, lamp shades, etc.).
46.48.01 Wholesale of gems and jewelry (gold, silver, and so on. Ones) (except imitations)
46.48.02 Wholesale trade of clocks (watches, table clocks, wall clocks, stopwatches, etc.)
46.49.01 Wholesale trade services of leather goods and travel accessories (bags, suitcases, wallets, belts, and so on. included)
46.49.02 Wholesale trade services of sports equipment (basketball, soccer, and so on. Athletic shoes, ski boots, athletic shoes, such as special, bicycles and bicycle parts and accessories, including tents and camping equipment)
46.49.03 Wholesale trade services of stationery products
46.49.04 Wholesale trade services of games and toys ( puzzles, playing cards, coin-operated game machines, and so on included)
46.49.05 wholesale of wicker furnishings, other wood products and cork goods (threads and so on. Reels included)
46.49.06 Wholesale trade services of musical instruments
46.49.07 wholesale of cutting tools and metal cutlery and other tableware and kitchenware (including copper utensils)
46.49.08 Wholesale of toilet paper, napkins , paper towels , paper trays, plates, cups , diapers and so on. ( except plastic )
46.49.09 Sports hunting and fishing supplies (pistol, shotgun, except for fishing nets)
46.49.11 Wholesale trade of books, magazines and newspapers
46.49.12 Wholesale trade services of souvenirs (pipes, beads, copper ornaments, including imitation jewelery)
46.49.16 Wholesale trade services of personal and household weighing machines and scales
46.49.17 wholesale trade of plastic tableware, kitchenware and other household articles and toilet articles (plastic trays, cups, plates, bags, sponges, etc.).
46.49.21 Wholesale trade of works of art (including busts and statues)
46.49.22 Wholesale trade of razor blades, razors and blades 
46.49.23 wholesale of art print products (painting, photography, etc.).
46.49.24 wholesale trade of frameworks for painting, photography, and so on.
46.49.25 Wholesale trade of bee hives
46.49.26 Wholesales of sport and leisure boats, rowing boats and canoes (for watercraft, including outboard engines)
46.49.27 Wholesale trade services of stamps and coins
46.49.90 Wholesale of household goods and household appliances (sun and garden umbrellas, lighters, matches, cleaner brush, toothbrush, hairbrush, artificial flowers, candles, baby stroller, inflatable bed, electric stove, cooker, gas stove, etc.).
46.51.01 Wholesale trade of computers, computer peripheral equipment and software (computer equipment, POS devices, ATM machines and so on included)
46.52.01 Wholesale trade services of telecommunications equipment and parts (including telephones and communication equipment)
46.52.02 Wholesale trade services of electronic equipment and parts (electronic valves, tubes, semiconductor devices, microchips, integrated circuits, printed circuit boards, etc.). (Except for navigation devices)
46.52.04 Wholesale trade of blank audio and video tapes and floopy disks, magnetic and optical disks, CDs and DVDs
46.52.05 wholesale trade of direction-finding compasses and other navigational instruments and devices
46.61.02 Wholesales of equipment for agriculture, animal husbandry and forestry (trucks, agricultural vehicles, ploughs, fertiliser-laying machines, combine harvesters, milking machines, poultry machines, beekeeping machines)
46.61.03 Wholesale trade of grass cutter and garden machine and equipments, and spare parts
46.62.01 wholesales of wood processing counters and spare parts (including holders)
46.62.02 wholesale trade of metal processing machine tools and spare parts ( including part holders)
46.62.04 Wholesale trade of sed for soldering or welding machines and hot spraying of metals or sintered metal carbides used for theelectrical machinery and equipment and parts
46.62.90 Wholesale trade of ther materials for processing, machine tools and parts (including clamp) (excluding those used in woodworking and metal processing)
46.63.01 Wholesale trade of  indoor and outdoor construction machines ( including construction pumps ,dozers, graders, bucket excavators included)
46.63.02 Wholesale trade of mining machines ( including capstans for mines , constantly moving elevators and conveyors)
46.64.01 Wholesale trade of machines for the textile industry and of sewing and knitting machines ( except household type machines)
46.64.02 wholesale trade of parts and accessories of textile industry machinery , sewing and knitting machines ( excluding parts and accessories belonging to the household type machines )
46.65.01 Wholesale trade services of office furniture
46.66.01 Wholesale trade services of other office machinery and equipment ( except computers and computer peripheral equipment ) ( calculators, typewriters, cash registers , photocopiers, stenography machines, pencil sharpeners, office type staplers, punches , etc.).
46.69.01 Wholesale trade of  transportation vehicles (including ships, tugboats, locomotives, air vehicles and their sparee parts and container but excluding land vehicle, motorbikes and bikes)
46.69.03 Wholesale trade of car batteries , batteries and their spare parts (except those used at home, in motorcycles and motor vehicles )
46.69.04 Wholesale trade of compressor and its sparee parts ( cooling, air and other purposes)
46.69.05 Wholesale trade of weapons and ammunation (including pistol,shotgun, etc.)
46.69.06 Wholesale trade of sparee parts of machines and equipments (millstone, rubstone, abrasize and stiction products, conveyor belts, glass and ceramic profucts for techniq purposes, etc.)(excluded the ones for land vehicles)
46.69.07 Wholesale trade of lifting and carrying tools ( forklifts, vehicle lifts, elavators, walking stairways, conveyors, cranes, etc. )
46.69.08 Wholesale trade of machines used in food, drinki and tobacco industry and their sparee parts ( bottle and other materials cleaning and filling machines, drink and tobacco processing machines, agricultural product dryers etc.)
46.69.09 Wholesale trade of electrical machinery, apparatus and equipment such as wind turbines, capacitors, electrical insulators (insulators), AC / AD / DC motors, generators, insulated winding wires and so on.
46.69.10 Wholesale trade of burglar or fire alarms and signaling and traffic control equipment (except for those for house and car use)
46.69.11 Supplying gas, liquid or electricity or wholesale trade of production meters
46.69.12 Wholesale trade of water steam, hydrolic and gas turbines
46.69.13 Wholesale trade of measuring machines like weighting machine, scale  etc. (excluding the  home type one)
46.69.14 Wholesale trade of devices based on the use of X-rays or of alpha, beta or gamma radiations
46.69.15 Wholesale trade of steam production boilers and  superheatedwater boilers
46.69.16 Wholesale trade of armored or reinforced safes and boxes, and armored or reinforced doors for strongrooms, and money or file boxes (from cheap metal)
46.69.17 Wholesale trade of mechanic devices like fire extinguishers, spraying guns, steam and sand sprayers. ( excluding fire extinguishers for cars and agricultural purposed devices)
46.69.18 Wholesale trading of personal protective equipments for work safety.
46.69.90 Wholesale trade of general and spesific purposed other machines , devices and tools (including metal pouring moulds, iron or steel tanks, barrels, vats, boxes and stoppers, bootle caps, etc)
46.71.01 Wholesale trade of liquid fuels and related products e (crude oil, crude oil, diesel, gasoline, bio-diesel, fuel oil, gas oil, lubricating oils, greases, etc.).
46.71.02 Solid fuels and the wholesale of related products (lignite, hard coal, charcoal, coke, firewood, etc.).
46.71.03 Wholesales of gas fuels and related products (LPG, bottled gas, natural gas (LNG, CNG), etc. included, those over the circuits excluded)
46.72.01 Wholesale trade of non-ferrous metal ores and their concentrates (including ores such as aluminum, copper, nickel, lead, zinc, tin, etc. but excluding uranium and thorium as well as precious metal ores
46.72.02 Wholesale trade metals which are non-ferrous in primary form - slab, block, granules, powders, pellets, plates, bars, rods, profiles etc. (including aluminum, copper, nickel, lead, zinc, tin, etc. excluding gold, silver and platinum)
46.72.03 Wholesale trade of precious metal ores and concentrates (gold, silver, platinum, etc.).
46.72.04 Wholesale trade of iron ore
46.72.05 Wholesale trade of iron and steel in primary forms - billet (ingot), blocks, granules, powders, pellets, etc.. forms (pig iron, cast iron, manganese, iron, steel and steel alloys etc.)
46.72.06 Wholesale trade of metals which are precious in primary form - billets, blocks, granules, powders, pellets, plates, bars, rods, profiles etc. forms (gold, silver, platinum, etc.)
46.72.07 Wholesale trade of uranium and thorium ores
46.72.08 wholesale trade of Iron / steel, rolled / cold rolled flat products
46.72.09 Wholesale trade of Iron / steel bars and rods, profiles, sheet piles (the pile), tubes and pipes  (wire rod, rebar, drill pipe, oil, gas and so on. Lines for pipes, etc. with wire included)
46.72.10 Wholesale trade of Iron / steel products in other primary forms (ribbed plates, sandwich panels and railway or tramway track construction material included)
46.73.01 Wholesale trade of products derived from primary processing of wood (lumber, wood wool, wood chips and shavings, rail and tramway sleepers, plywood, particle and fiber boards (MDF, chipboard, etc.), Parquet panels, wooden casks, drums and other containers, etc. .)
46.73.02 Wholesale trade of Paints, varnishes and lacquers 
46.73.03 Wholesale trade services of flat glass (window glass, mirror glass, safety glass, tempered flat glass, multi-layer insulation glass, glass paving blocks, bricks, etc.).
46.73.05 Wholesale trade of bathtubs, sinks, toilet seats, WC stonesand reservoirs and ceramic tiles (ceramic, glass, marble, plastic, iron, steel, copper or alliminium)
46.73.06 Wholesale trade of Prefabricated metal structures, bridges, bridge parts, towers, lattice masts, construction elements, other structures and structural elements
46.73.07 Wholesale trade of cement, plaster, mortar, limestone, mosaic and etc. services of construction materials
46.73.08 Wholesale trade of Brick, tile, brick, flagstone, etc.. construction materials
46.73.09 Wholesale trade of Stone, sand, gravel, clay, kaolin and etc. services of construction materials
46.73.10 The wholesale trade of processed marble, travertine, alabaster and the products made from them (including the ones in plate form as well as basins and sanitary products)
46.73.11 Wholesale trade of marble, granite, slate, sandstone etc. (in raw or block state form)
46.73.12 Wholesale trade of unprocessed tree( raw material) (forest tree, industrial woods)
46.73.13 Wholesale trading of metal doors, windows and their frames and thresholds for doors
46.73.14 Wholesale trade of wooden doors, windows and their frames and sills
46.73.15 Wholesale trade of plastic door, windows and there frames, door sills, blinds, jalousie, stors and similar products
46.73.16 Wholesale trade of prefabs from concrete, cement, artificial stone; of the construction elements and other products.
46.73.17 Wholesale trade of plastic prefabs and construction elements
46.73.18 Wholesale trade of wooden prefab sturucture
46.73.19 Wholesale trdae of gypsum-based building products , components (papier mache, panels, boards, etc.).
46.73.20 Wholesale trade of plastic layers intentional for construction, salbs, films, foils, tape and conduits also roofing products of asphalt etc. (inclusive shingle, styropor for jacketing nylon cover for construction, greenhouse etc. )
46.73.21 Wholesale of wallpapers, textile wall coverings, plastic floors, wall or ceiling coverings (Including mats, rubber matting, linoleum, vinyl floor coverings and so on)
46.73.22 Wholesales of materials used for insulation in buildings (fibre glass, stone wool, bitumen products, etc.)
46.73.23 wholesale trade of solid wood, laminate and laminate flooring
46.73.90 Wholesale trade of not elsewhere classified construction material (inclusive stairs, balustrade, plastic storage, ceramic pipe etc.)
46.74.01 Wholesales of hardware products, tools (nails, staples, screws, locks, hinges, connection parts hammers, saws, pliers, screwdrivers, sets, hooks, rings, rivets, etc.)
46.74.03 Wholesale trade of plumbing and heating equipment and supplies (sink faucet, valve, valves, plugs, t-pieces, links, etc..) (Excluding boiler and radiators)
46.74.04 Wholesale trade of Iron or steel central heating radiators, central heating boilers (boilers included) parts thereof (excluding steam generators and hot water boilers producing)
46.74.05 Wholesales of barbed wire made of iron or steel, wires made of copper or aluminium, cables, strands, etc. (except those with electrical insulation), wholesales of products made of iron and steel such as grills, nets, cages and fences
46.74.06 Wholesale trade of metal reservuars, tank, barrel etc. ( excluding central heat purposed ones and mechanic or thermal equipted ones)
46.74.07 Wholeselling trade of agriculture and forestry tools and materials (excluding agricultural purposed machines and equipments like axe ,harvester, scythe etc)
46.75.01 Wholesale of industrial chemicals (aniline, printing ink, chemical glue, fireworks, coloring agents, synthetic resin, methyl alcohol, paraffin, essences and flavorings, soda, industrial salt, paraffin, nitric acid, ammonia, industrial gases, etc.).
46.75.02 Wholesale trade of synthetic fertilizers (fertilizer minerals, fertilizers and nitrogen compounds, and peat and ammonium sulfate, ammonium nitrate, sodium nitrate, potassium nitrate, etc. Including nitric acid, except sulphonitric acid and ammonia)
46.75.03 Wholesale trade of animal or vegetable fertilizers (trade in closed area)
46.75.04 Wholesale trade of agricultural chemical products (insecticides, herbicides, disinfectants, fungicides, anti-sprouting products, plant growth regulators and other agro-chemical products)
46.75.05 Wholesale trade of animal or vegetal fertilizers (trade in open area)
46.76.01 Wholesale trade services of textile fibers (twisted raw silk, wool, animal hair, carded or combed cotton, etc.).
46.76.02 Wholesale trade services of paper and paperboard in bulk ( bulk newsprint paper , cigarette paper , cardboard , carbon paper , toilet paper, napkins , etc.).
46.76.03 Wholesale trade of raw pearls, precious and semi-precious stones, (excluding industrial diamonds)
46.76.04 Wholesale trade of primary phase of plastic and rubber ( ethylene, styrene, vinyl chloride, acrylic etc. Polymers with primary phase of synthetic and reclaimed rubbers)
46.76.05 Wholesale trade of plastic bags, case, pouch, sack etc. packaging materials intended using in the industry
46.76.90 Intermediate products (excluding agriculture), wholesale trade (corundum, tire cord fabric, textile products for technical use (hoses, conveyor belts, bolting cloth), plastic or rubber sheet and pipe, industrial diamonds, non-food ice, etc.).
46.77.01 Wholesales of scarp metal  (paper, glass, plastic and so on. secondary raw materials excluded)
46.77.02 Wholesales of junk (paper, glass, plastic, etc.) (except metal) 
46.90.01 Non-specialized wholesale trade (wholesale trade of various commodities) (excluding wholesale trade in another country)
46.90.04 Wholesales to another country and wholesale trade (wholesales of various goods)
47.11.01 Retail sales in shops and supermarkets (retails of food, drinks or tobacco in shops not allocated to any certain product)
47.11.02 Retail trade in supermarkets and hypermarkets (food, beverages or tobacco)
47.11.03  food, beverages or tobacco (retail trade) (including co-operatives, issued sales and food consumption)
47.19.01 Other retail sales in shops not allocated to any certain product (clothing, furniture, computers, hardware, cosmetics, jewellery, toys, etc.) (shops not focused on the sales of food, drinks and tobacco)
47.21.01 Retail of fresh vegetables and fruits in shops (including greengrocer products and mushrooms) 
47.21.02 retail trade in specialized stores of particular processed and preserved fruits and vegetables (with pickles, frozen, salted, in brine, canned and dried fruits and vegetables and so on. including legumes, olives and nuts included)
47.21.03 Retail sale of olives
47.21.04  Retail sale of dried legumes (beans, lentils, chickpeas, etc.).
47.21.05 Specialised store retail trade services of certain nuts
47.22.01 Specialised store retail trade services of a particular item (offal, game and poultry, including the butchers)
47.22.02 Retail sale of certain meat products in specialized stores (sausages, salami, sausage, bacon, etc.).
47.23.01 Retail trade of particular fish, crustaceans and molluscs (live, fresh, chilled and frozen products made from them, such as those included with the fish fillets)
47.24.01  retail trade services of  bread, pastry and bakery products (bread, biscuits, cakes, donuts, ice cream cone, etc.).
47.24.02 Retails of chocolate and candies (candies, turkish delight, halva, etc. included, ice cream excluded)
47.24.03  Retail trade of a particular type of ice cream, flavored edible ices and so on. (except for services rendered in patisseries)
47.25.01 Retail sale of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks (raki, beer, alcoholic beverages, such as fruit juice, fruit juice, turnip juice, fizzy drinks and so on., included, drinking water, not included)
47.25.03 Wholesales of drinking water in shops allocated to a certain product (including the ones that have been bottled, except tap water)
47.26.01 Retail sale of tobacco and tobacco products (water-pipe tobacco, pipe tobacco, cigarettes, cigars, etc.).
47.26.02 retail trade of pipe, water pipe, cigarette holders, and so on. 
47.29.01 Retail sale of milk and milk products
47.29.02  retail trade of sugar and crystal sugar
47.29.03 tea, coffee, cocoa and spices retail trade (including herbal teas)
47.29.04 retail trade of edible fats and oils (including edible oil)
47.29.06 retail trade of cereals, flour and grain products (wheat, rice, corn, etc.).
47.29.11 Specialised store retail trade services of eggs
47.29.12 Retail sale of homogenised food preparations and dietetics (gluten-free foods, sodium-free salt and so on. nutrient-enriched foods for sportspeople, etc.).
47.29.90 Retail trade services of other food products in stores (ready-made food, food salt, sauce, yeast, soup, syrup, jam, peanut butter, pasta, honey, pet foods, etc.).
47.30.01 Retails of fuels for land vehicles with engines and motor cycles (gasoline, fuel oil, diesel, biodiesel, LPG, CNG, etc.)
47.30.02 Retail trade of greasing and cooling products for motorized land vehicles in shops allocated to a specific property
47.41.01 retail trade of computers , peripheral equipment and software in specialized stores assigned to a certain product ( including video game consoles )
47.42.01 Retail sale of telecommunications equipment in specialized stores (phones, cell phones, fax, etc.).
47.43.01 Retail sale of audio and video devices and their components in specialized stores (radio, television, stereo, radio, DVD player, mp3 player, etc.).
47.51.02 Specialised store retail trade services of a particular fabric (including knitwear)
47.51.03  retail sales of certain garment-making products in specialised stores (needles, sewing thread, Orlon, button, zipper, snap, scallop, lace, guipure, etc.).
47.51.04 Retail sale of basic materials for the construction of tapestry or embroidery
47.51.05 Retail sale of household linens, and a variety of household goods of textile materials in specialized stores (sheets, bedding, pillow cases, tablecloths, towels, blankets, quilts and other fixtures, etc.).
47.51.90 Other textile products retail trade in stores dedicated to a specific product (except millinery products and sewing yarn, including other threads, gaseous weaves, gasolier mantle, car covers etc.)
47.52.01 Retail trade of cement, plaster, fee, brick, tile, briquet, stone, sand, gravel etc. Construction materials in stores which are appropriated of a specific good,  
47.52.02 Retails of hardware equipment (nails, staples, screws, locks, hinges, connection parts hammers, saws, pliers, screwdrivers, sets, hooks, etc.) (including agricultural and gardening products)
47.52.03 Retail trade of colour, varnish and lac in stores which are appropriated of a specific good
47.52.04 Retail trade of float glass in stores which are appropriated of a specific good (window glass, glass mirro, safety glass, temperedly float glassi multiplex insualting glasses,  upholstery blocks of glass, glass bricks etc.)
47.52.05 Retail trade of goods in specialized stores a particular metal doors, windows and their frames and thresholds (including steel door)
47.52.06 Retail trade of a particular property has been allocated in stores plumbing and heating equipment and supplies (sink faucet, valve, valves, plugs, t-pieces, links, etc.. Included) (boilers and radiators excluded)
47.52.09 Retail trade of plastic door, windows and there frames, door sills, blinds, jalousie, stors and similar products in stores that are assigned to specific goods
47.52.10 Retails of products obtained from the first processing of trees (timber, wood shavings, splinters, fibrous plates, parquetry, wooden barrels, wooden boxes, etc
47.52.11 Retail trade of goods in specialized stores a particular bath tub, sink, toilet seat cover, toilet block and the reservoir with ceramic tiles and tiles etc.. sanitary products (ceramics, glass, cultured marble, plastic, iron, steel, copper and so on. included, except marble)
47.52.13 Retail trade of allocated a specific goods in specialized stores iron / steel bars and rods, profiles, tubes and pipes
47.52.15 Retail trade of central heating radiators from iron or steel, central heatiing  boilers (inclusive combi boilers) and there piecess (expact the high pressure hot water procreator generator and boilers) in stores which are appropriated of a specific good 
47.52.16 retail trade of lawnmovers and garden equipments in  shops assigned to a spesific food ( including snowblowers) (excluding hand tools used in agriculture and gardening)
47.52.17 retail trade of wooden doors, windows and their frames and sills in specialized stores
47.52.18 Retail sale o fprefabricated buildings and building elements ollocated  in specialized storesa specific goods  (metal, concrete, plastic, wood, etc..)
47.52.19 Stores specialized in specific goods, processed marble, travertine, alabaster (alabaster) and retail trade of products made from them (which is in sheet with marble sinks and so on. Sanitary products included)
47.52.20 Retail trade of  plaster and plastıc based component products intentional for constructions in stores which are appropriated of a specific good  (papier-mache, panel, sheet etc.)
47.52.21 Retail trade of roofing products from plastic sheets intentional for constructions, foils, bands and conduits with asphalt etc.  in stores which are appropriated of a specific good  (inclusive nylon cover for construction,shingle, styropor, for jacketing etc.)
47.52.22 retail trade of wood, laminated floorings and parquet
47.52.90 Certain goods nec in specialized stores Retail sale of construction material (home-type soldering and welding machine, stairs, railings, metal or plastic tank, ceramic pipes and so on. Included)
47.53.01 retail trade of curtains, interior blinds, curtain or bed canopy and frills in specialized stores
47.53.02 retail trade of certain carpets, rugs and other textile floor coverings (including those made of felt)
47.53.03 retail trade of wallpaper, textile wall coverings, floor coverings and mats of rubber as well as plastic floor, wall or ceiling coverings in specialised stores (resilient floor coverings, such as linoleum, vinyl, and so on. included)
47.54.01 Retail sale of household appliances and small electric household appliances (fridge, washing machine, water heater, fan, oven, toaster, food processor, etc.). (Radio, television and photography products excluded)
47.54.03 Retail sale of electrical installations for home use (transformers, fuses, relays, batteries and battery electric accumulators, coaxial cables, electric conductors, switches, sockets, plugs, sockets, etc.).
47.54.90 Retail sale of electrical household appliances in specialized stores (home burglar and fire alarms, razor, sewing, weaving and knitting machine, oven, stove, radiator, etc.). (radio, TV, and photography products excluded)
47.59.01 Certain non-electrical household appliances in specialized stores cutlery, crockery, glassware, glassware, porcelain and pottery products such as retail trade in products (except for metal crockery)
47.59.02 Retail sale of lighting equipment in specialized stores (lamps, lighting fixtures, chandeliers, lamp shades, illuminated signage, portable electric lamps, etc.). (Except electrical equipment)
47.59.03 Retail sale of home furnishings and accessories (bases, bed bases, bed frames, including materials such as straw and excluding osier)
47.59.04 retail trade  of wooden, cork goods and wickerwork goods (wooden tableware and kitchenware, wooden frames, baskets, jewelry and so on. Wooden boxes, wooden figurines, cork products, straw, etc.).
47.59.05 Retail trade of musical instruments and music scores (note paper) in specialized stores
47.59.06 Retail sale of metal tableware and kitchenware in specialized stores (pressure cooker, cookware, coffee pot, dish and so on. including cutlery, except those of copper)
47.59.07 Retail trade of plastic tableware, kitchenware, toiletries and other household goods (plastic plates, cups, bags, cans, bottles, flasks, coils, coil, furniture fittings, and so on included)
47.59.08 Retail sale of office furniture and accessories
47.59.09 retail trade of copper, copper tableware and kitchenware in specialized stores
47.59.10 Retail sale of garden furniture in specialized stores
47.59.11 retail trade services of beds in specialised store
47.59.12 retail trade of particular paper or paperboard, toilet paper , tissue paper, paper towels , paper or paperboard tray with paper tablecloths and napkins , plates , bowls, cups and the like in product-specialized stores
47.59.13 Retail sale of electrical air heaters or hot air distributors (parts of stove, cooker and so on.) in specialized stores
47.59.14 retail trade of heaters such as electric water heaters, ovens and water heaters and boilers, etc (gas, liquid, or solid fuel) in specialized stores
47.59.90 Retail sale of other household goods (household weighing and scales, sun and garden umbrellas, lighters, and household type brooms and brushes for household cleaning, home-style metal box, safe and frames, etc.).
47.61.01 Retail sale of books in specialized stores assigned to a particular product ( books, encyclopedias , guides and so on. Books on CD and DVD media , etc.).
47.62.01 Retail sale of stationery products in specialized stores assigned to particular products
47.62.03 Retail sale of newspapers and magazines in specialized stores assigned to particular products
47.63.01 Retail sale of music and video recordings (full audio, music, and video tapes, CD / DVD and so on. including empty ones) in specialised stores
47.64.01 hunting and fishing equipment and supplies retail trade (sporting / hunting rifles and ammunition and fishing rods, pins and mushrooms to the fish, to birds, etc.).
47.64.02 Retail trade of vehicle for sport or fun except motor vehicle in stores which are assigned to specific goods ( inclusive boat, sailboat, canoe, kayak, boot, zeppelin etc. And outboard in water craft)
47.64.03 Retail sale of camping equipment in specialized stores (including tents and sleeping bags)
47.64.05 retail trade services of bikes in specialised stores
47.64.06 Retail sales of footwear for sports in specialized stores (including ski boots)
47.64.07 Retails of articles for gymnastics or athletics and equipment in specialized stores  (dumbbells, treadmills, etc.).
47.64.90 Retail sale of other sports merchandise (parachutes, rotochutes, life-jackets, life-belts, ropes and ropes for sport, riding whips, skiing and roller skates, etc.).
47.65.01 Retail sale of games and toys in specialized stores assigned to particular products ( dolls made ??of any material , playing cards , fireworks, other coin-operated game machines , equipment for magic tricks or jokes , etc.).
47.71.01 Retail sales of clothing for babies and kids in shops allocated to a certain product (underwear for babies included)
47.71.02 Retail sale of clothing accessories in specialized stores  (gloves, ties, hats, scarves, shawls, handkerchieves, belts, suspenders, umbrellas, walking sticks, and so on. (Excluding parasols))
47.71.03 Retail sale of fur leather clothing (including processed fur skins)
47.71.04 Retail sales of clothing in shops allocated to a certain product (coats, jackets, etc.)
47.71.05 Retail sale of underwear and socks (shirts, underpants, briefs, nightshirts, pajamas, bathrobes, dressing gowns, chemises, underwear skirt, underskirt, dressing gowns, singlets, vests, bras, corsets, t-shirts, tights, tights , etc.).
47.71.07 Retail sale of clothing of leather or garments containing leather
47.71.08 retail trade of sweaters, pullovers, cardigans, waistcoats and similar articles
47.71.09 Retail sale of clothing in specialized stores (industrial and professional trousers, bib overalls, panties, pants, shorts, suits, jackets and blazers, etc.).
47.71.11 Retail sale of clothing in specialized stores (tracksuits, swimwear, skiwear, mountaineering clothing, etc.)
47.71.12 Specialised store retail trade services of wedding dresses
47.71.90 Retail sale of clothing (plastic, of vulcanised rubber, paper, non-wovens, impregnated, coated or covered textile fabric or clothing)
47.72.01  retail trade of slippers and so on.(except for trainers and those made of textiles only)
47.72.02 retail trade of luggage, handbags and other travel accessories  (leather, composition leather, plastic sheeting, textile materials, vulcanized (ebonite) fiber or paperboard)
47.72.05 Retail trade of harness and saddlery goods in specialized stores (saddles, etc.).
47.72.06 Retail sales of footwear in specialized stores (leather, shoe uppers, heel, heel cushions, shoe laces, etc.).
47.72.90 Retail sale of other products of leather or of composition leather (leather or of composition leather, except apparel)
47.73.01 Retail sale of pharmaceutical products for human health in specialised stores
47.73.02 Retail trade of products for animal health such as veterinary drugs, vaccines, and so on in specialised stores
47.74.01 Retail sale of medical and orthopedic goods in specialized stores (excluding glasses, including other medical products)
47.75.01 Retails of cosmetic products in shops allocated to a certain product (toothbrushes, brushes, non-electrical shaving machines, razors, shaving knives, perfumes, colognes, natural sponges, soap included)
47.76.01 Retail sale of pets and pet food (including different types of fish, dogs, birds, hamsters, turtles and so on., Aquarium, cages and leashes for cats and dogs and so on.)
47.76.02 Retail sales of flowers, plants and seeds (fruit, vegetable and flower seeds, cut flowers, planting, plants, live plants, tubers and roots, cuttings, mushroom spawn, tree seedlings, etc.).
47.76.03 Retail trade of fertilizers and agro-chemical products in stores that are specialized in specific goods (peat, chemical fertilizers, animal or vegetal fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, etc.).
47.77.01 Retail trade of gold and other precious metals, jewelry, furniture and jewelery (including the retail trade of jewelry products, except silver)
47.77.02 Retail trade of silver, gems, souvenirs and jewelery (retail trade of silversmith products)
47.77.03 Retail trade of clocks in specialized stores (watches, table, wall clock, stopwatches and so on.)
47.77.05 Retail trade of certain products in specialized stores with natural or cultured pearls, precious or semi-precious stones (products made of diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire, etc.)
47.78.01 Retail sale of stamps and coins (issued on special occasions, including retail trade services of stamps and coins)
47.78.02 Retail trade of coal and firewood in shops  allocated to a specific property
47.78.03 Retail trade of eyeglasses, contact lenses, glasses and so on in specialised stores (opticians’ services)
47.78.04 Retail trade of souvenirs, handmade jewelry and imitation products (excluding artwork)
47.78.05 Retail trade of weapon and ammunation in shops assined to a spesfic good ( excluding sports and hunting purposed ones )
47.78.06 retail trade services of certain works of art (commercial art galleries, painters, engravers, sculptors, composers and other artists' original work) (except antiques)
47.78.07 Retail trade of specific optical and precision equipment in specialized stores (microscopes, binoculars and compasses, including eyeglass lenses, photographic products)
47.78.08 Retail sale of office machinery and equipment ( computing machines, typewriters, copiers, scanning devices and fax machines , drawing tables , etc.) in specialized stores assigned to particular products.
47.78.09 Retail sale of fuel oil used in homes  allocated a specific goods in specialized stores (who are cast on the ground and reaching the customer wants, excluding the direct sale of fuel oil)
47.78.10 Retail trade of home type bottled gas inshops assigned to a spesific good
47.78.15 Retail trade of cleaning materials in stores that are specialized in specific goods (including soft soap, detergents, fabric softeners, shampoos, etc. excluding the ones for personal hygiene)
47.78.16 retail trade of wool, mohair and so on.
47.78.22 Retail sale of photographic equipment and instruments in specialized stores
47.78.23 Retail  trade of fire extinguishers and their equipments in shops assigned to spesific good (excluding the ones for the cars and high preassure)
47.78.26  retail trade of artificial flowers, leaves, fruits and candles
47.78.27 Retail sale of baby carriages and parts thereof in specialized stores
47.78.28  Retail sale of live bovine and ovine animals (pets included)
47.78.29 Retail sale of live poultry
47.78.30 Retail trade of textiles in specialized stores, particularly sacks, bags, and so on.  (used for the packing of goods)
47.78.90 retail trade of other new (unused) goods in specialized stores (including synthetic sponge)
47.79.01 Retail trade services of a particular antique in specialised stores
47.79.03 Retail sale of second -hand books in specialized stores assigned to a particular product (activities of bookshops )
47.79.04 Retail sale of used furniture, electrical and electronic household goods in specialized stores
47.79.05 Retail sale of used goods in auction halls
47.79.06 Retail trade of used clothes and accessories in stores dedicated to specific product
47.79.90 Retail trade of other used objects in stores dedicated to specific product (except used motorized terrestrial vehicles and motorcycle parts)
47.81.01 Retail sale of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages via stalls and markets (except peddlers)
47.81.02 Retail trade of fruits and vegetables (fresh or processed) via stalls and markets, (including olives, excluding peddlers)
47.81.03 Retail trade of meat and meat products via stalls and markets (sausages, salami, bacon, poultry, and so on.) (excluding peddlers)
47.81.04 Retail sale of eggs via stalls and markets (excluding peddlers)
47.81.05 Retail sale of edible fats and oils via stalls and markets (excluding peddlers)
47.81.06 Retail trade of cigarettes, tobacco and so on via stalls and markets (except peddlers)
47.81.07  Retail sales of milk and milk products via stalls and markets (excluding peddlers)
47.81.08 Retails of fish and other maritime products via stalls and markets (excluding peddlers)
47.81.09 Retail trade of tea, coffee, cocoa, spices via stalls and markets (except peddlers)
47.81.10 Retail sale of bakery products via stalls and markets (except peddlers)
47.81.11 Retail trade of candies via market stalls (excluding peddlers)
47.81.12 Retail trade of food stuff and drink by peddler or with motorized vehicles (except alcoholic drinks)
47.81.90 Retail sale via stalls and markets of other food products (including honey, flour, cereals, rice, pulses, and so on, excluding peddlers)
47.82.01 retail trade of underwear apparel, outerwear, socks, clothes, accessories and footwear (excluding peddlers)
47.82.02 retail trade of goods, dry goods and furnishing products via stalls and markets (excluding peddlers)
47.82.03 Retail trade of textile, clothes and shoes by peddler or with motorized vehicles
47.89.01 Retail trade of home and office furniture (wood, metal, and so on.) via stalls and markets (except peddlers)
47.89.02 Retail trade of glass, mirror by way of counters and bazaars (expact thepedlars)
47.89.03  Retail sale of live bovine and ovine animals via stalls and markets (excluding peddlers)
47.89.04 Retail trade of flowers, plants and plant seeds via stalls and markets (including potting soil and pots), (excluding peddlers)
47.89.05 Retail trade of electrical machinery, equipment and hand tools, electrical supplies (except peddlers) via stalls and markets
47.89.06  Retail sale of pets and foods via stalls and markets (parakeet, cat, dog, etc.). (Excluding peddlers)
47.89.07 Retail sale via stalls and markets of photographic materials (excluding peddlers)
47.89.08 Retail trade of imitation jewelry, ornaments, souvenirs tourist attractions via stalls and markets (excluding peddlers)
47.89.09  retail trade of personal care products and cosmetics via stalls and markets (excluding peddlers)
47.89.10 Retail sale of items used in kitchen utensils, bathroom and toilet via stalls and markets (except peddlers)
47.89.11 Retail trade of sports equipment, hunting and camping equipment(excluding peddlers)
47.89.12 Retail trade of cleaning products via stalls and markets (excluding peddlers)
47.89.14 Retail sale via stalls and markets of live poultry (except peddlers)
47.89.15 Retail sale of books via stalls and markets ( except peddlers )
47.89.16 Retail sale of games and toys via stalls and markets ( excluding peddlers )
47.89.17 retail trade of music and video tapes, CDs, and DVDs via stalls and markets (excluding peddlers)
47.89.18 Retail trade of carpets, rugs, and so on via stalls and markets (except peddlers)
47.89.19 Retail trade of other products by  peddler or with motorized vehicles
47.89.90 Retail sale of other goods via stalls and markets. (excluding peddlers)
47.91.14 Retail trade throught radio,letters, TV or internet
47.99.10 Retail trade with vending machines
47.99.11 Retail trade made outside stores, counters or market places (retail trade made by visiting houses or by commission agents)
47.99.12 Direct fuel sell by conveying the product where the customer wants, expect the shops and bazaars (radiator fuel, firewood etc.)
49.10.01 Intercity passenger transport by rail
49.20.01 Intercity and urban freight transport by rail (Transport of frozen products , petroleum products , bulk liquids and gases , dry cargo , and so on. )
49.31.01 Transport by rail , metro, tram, and so on as well as urban and suburban passenger transport (Transport by funicular , cable car, and so on, which is part of urban and suburban transport is included. )
49.31.04 Internal urban and suburban transportation of passengers made with buses and public buses
49.31.05 Urban and suburban passenger transportation with buses ( including airport buses provided by the municipality )
49.31.06 urban and suburban passenger transportation in minibuses ( on designated routes )
49.31.90 other urban and suburban passenger transportation as part of road transport ( trolleybus , and so on. included, public buses , minibuses, buses and airport buses excluded ) ( on designated routes )
49.32.01 Passenger transportation by taxi ( minibuses excluded)
49.32.02 rental of other private vehicles along with their drivers (car , limo , and so on included; minibuses, buses and so on excluded)
49.39.01 Interurban scheduled road passenger transport ( inter-city bus and tram between cities and school buses personel shuttles , and so on included; urban and inter- city transportation and airport buses and inter-city airport shuttles are excluded)
49.39.02 Land road, inner-city and intercity passenger transport with airport services
49.39.03 group transportation, such as the transport of staff, students, etc. on land roads within cities, suburban and rural areas (local staff shuttles and school buses , etc.).
49.39.04 international passenger transport by road (bus, etc. . )
49.39.06 Renting buses, minibuses and so on with their drivers ( for designated routes ) and road passenger transport for excursions ( city tour bus, sightseeing bus , and so on included)
49.39.08 passenger transport on vehicles drawn by animals or humans or beasts of burden (passenger transport with carriages , bicycles and so on)
49.39.90 Cable trains ( funicular ) , cable cars and ski lifts (except for those that are part of urban , suburban or metropolitan transit systems) and land road passenger transport not elsewhere classified with other chauffeured transportation of road passenger transport
49.41.01 Inter-city freight transport by road (food , liquid , dry bulk , and so on. ) ( Excluding gas and petroleum products )
49.41.02 Long-distance road freight transport (food , liquid , dry bulk , and so on. ) ( Excluding gas and petroleum products )
49.41.03 International freight transport by road (food , liquid , dry bulk , and so on. ) ( Excluding gas and petroleum products )
49.41.05 Road transport of live animals ( livestock, poultry, wild animals , etc.).
49.41.06 Hiring motorized trucks and other transport vehicles with drivers
49.41.07 cargo transport on road by human or animal -drawn vehicles ( Cargo transport by sliegh-like vehicles, horse-drawn carriages and so on.)
49.41.08 Inter-city cargo transport by road (gas and oil products, chemical products , etc.).
49.41.09 Inter-city cargo transport on road (gas and oil products, chemical products , etc.).
49.41.10 International freight transport by road (gas and oil products, chemical products , etc.).
49.41.90 Container and other cargo transport services on land, suitable for various types of transportation ( except house-to-house transport )
49.42.01 Transport of homes and offices on using land roads ( transport from home to home , etc.).
49.50.01 Transport of crude oil , refined petroleum and petroleum products by pipelines
49.50.03 Operation of pipeline pump stations
49.50.04 Transportation of natural gas through pipelines
49.50.90 Transport via pipeline of other goods (coal sludge, chemical products, etc.).
50.10.12 Rental of passenger ships and boats on seas and coastal waters with their crews ( including the navigation of boats )
50.10.13 transport of passengers on ferries , cruise ships and boats on coastal waters ( operation of fastcraft included; except for those carried out in international waters, rivers/lakes )
50.10.14 Operation of yachtes on seas and coastal waters
50.10.15 Operation of tours on seas and coastal waters, tour boats and boats ( excluding yacht management )
50.10.16 The transportation of passengers by ships on international seas
50.10.90 other passenger transport on seas and coastal waters ( sea taxis and so on included)
50.20.17 The transportation of crude oil, petroleum products and chemicals by tanker vessels on international waters ( excluding gas )
50.20.18 Transportation of dry bulk cargo in international waters ( except for transport of chemicals )
50.20.19 pull and push services ( towage ) on international waters and coastal shipping line (transporting barges , oil towers, etc.) ( excluding inland waters )
50.20.20 Transport of frozen or refrigerated goods by refrigerator vessels in international waters
50.20.21 Transport of containers suitable for various types of transport by container ships in international waters
50.20.22 rental of cargo ships with crew in international waters and on the coastal shipping line ( excluding inland waters )
50.20.23 Transportation of other bulk liquids by tanker vessels in international waters (except for the transportation of crude oil , petroleum products , gases and chemicals )
50.20.24 Transporting gas by tanker vessels in international waters
50.20.25 Transport of crude oil , petroleum products and chemicals in tanker vessels on the cabotage line ( excluding gases ) ( excluding inland waters )
50.20.26 Transportation of dry bulk cargo on the cabotage line ( except for the transport of chemicals ) ( excluding inland waters )
50.20.27 transporting frozen or refrigerated goods by refrigerator vessels on the cabotage line ( excluding inland waters )
50.20.28 Transport of containers suitable for various types of transportation by container ships on the cabotage line ( excluding inland waters )
50.20.29 transporting other liquids by tank vessels on the cabotage line (except for the transportation of crude oil , petroleum products , gases and chemicals ) ( excluding inland waters )
50.20.30 transporting gases by tanker ships on the cabotage line ( excluding inland waters )
50.20.90 Other freight transport on international waters
50.20.91 Other transportation on the cabotage line ( excluding inland waters )
50.30.08 Passenger transport in inland waters (those conducted on rivers, canals and lakes, etc.). ( Including those conducted for excursion-related purposes)
50.30.09 rental of passenger transport ships and boats with their crew on inland waters
50.40.05 Inland water cargo transport (those conducted on rivers, canals and lakes, etc.).
50.40.07 rental of cargo transport ships and boats with crew on inland waters (rivers, canals and lakes , etc.).
50.40.08 Towing and pushing services on inland waterways ( towing ) (transportation of barges , buoys, etc.) ( on rivers, canals and lakes , etc.).
51.10.01 Airline passenger transport (scheduled ones)
51.10.02 Air passenger transport ( those that are for touristic and sightseeing purposes and those that are non-scheduled) ( including air taxi transport )
51.10.03 Rental of air passenger transport vehicles with crew
51.21.17 Cargo transport by air
51.22.02 Space transport ( launching of satellites and space vehicles , cargo and passengers transportation into space )
52.10.02 Refrigerated storage and warehousing activities (storage for frozen or refrigerated goods including perishable goods)
52.10.03 Grain storage and warehousing activities ( operation of grain silos , etc.).
52.10.04 storage and warehousing activities of petroleum , petroleum products, chemicals, gas , and so on.
52.10.05 Bulk liquid storage and warehousing activities ( oil, wine, and so on included; oil, petroleum products, chemicals, gas , and so on excluded)
52.10.90 Other storage and warehousing activities ( refrigerated warehouses and grain , chemicals, bulk liquid and gas storage activities are excluded)
52.21.04 towing and roadside assistance activities for road transportation for private and commercial vehicles  
52.21.05 Auxiliary activities to railroad transportation ( rail pull and push services , maneuvering and shunting services , rail terminal services and so on included, except depository activities )
52.21.06 management of depository agencies for land transportation ( including depository activities conducted on railways )
52.21.07 Parking and garage operations ( including bicycle parking and storage of caravans in winter )
52.21.08 Highway , tunnel and bridge operations
52.21.09 Bus terminal services for passenger transport by road
52.21.10 operation of bus, minibus and taxi stops for passenger transportation by road (bus terminal services excluded)
52.21.12 Liquefaction of gases for assisting land transport
52.21.13 activities of passenger transport cooperatives
52.21.90 Other supporting land transport services ( including truck terminal operations )
52.22.06 the operation of ports and waterways in support of waterway transport (Operation of ports , piers , docks , pools, waterways , marine terminals, and so on.) ( excluding the operation of lighthouses , lightships and so on.)
52.22.07 Services provided with navigational assistance items such as lighthouses , floating lights , lightships , buoys , channel markers and so on in support of waterway transport
52.22.08 pilotage and berthing activities on sea and coastal waters and inland waters, ( including dry-docking and removal of the ship from the pool )
52.22.10 marine salvage and re- float activities on the sea, coastal waters and inland waters, ( the withdrawal of vessels in distress , rescuing the ships and cargoes , etc.).
52.22.90 Other supporting services for water transport
52.23.03 Airport ground service activities ( excluding shipping and cargo handling services )
52.23.04 Airport management (airfield management, passangers terminal and including tickets sales services of airlines companies, except port ground services and activities of ticket agencies)
52.23.06 Air traffic control services ( services provided by the the towers and radar stations at airports included )
52.23.07 Supportive services for space transportation
52.23.90 Supportive activities for air transportation (fire-fighting and fire prevention activities , the withdrawal of aircraft , etc. in airports).
52.24.08 cargo and baggage handling services related to waterway transport ( including container-handling services )
52.24.09 cargo and baggage-handling services related to airline transport
52.24.10 cargo-handling services related to land road transport
52.24.11 cargo handling services related to rail road transport
52.29.01 Sea freight forwarding activities of brokers
52.29.02 International sea freight transport agency services
52.29.03 Air Freight transport agency services
52.29.04 Customs brokers' activities
52.29.05 Weighing Service ( weighing of loaded vehicles , etc.).
52.29.06 Activities of land road cargo transport agencies
52.29.07 The activities of land road cargo transport commissioners
52.29.09 Activities of competent customs brokerage centres or brokerage centres
52.29.11 Regulation and procurement of transport documents and dispatches
52.29.13 Freight air transport activities of brokers
52.29.14 Freight rail transport agency services
52.29.15 Freight rail transport activities of brokers
52.29.16 removal of goods carried from crates , chests, etcetera, taking samples, conducting analyses and so on.
52.29.17 activities of cargo-forwarding cooperatives
52.29.18 Cabotage line sea freight forwarding agency services
52.29.90 Supportive activities for transportation not lesewhere classified (organisation of group shipments, temporary enclosures of goods in cases, etc. for protection during transportation, cargo unification, grouping and separation of components , and so on included)
53.10.01 Postal activities under universal service obligation (shipping and courier companies’ activities are excluded)
53.20.08 home distribution activities of things purchased, such as food, furniture and so on. (urban cargo forwarding and home to home transport and so on excluded)
53.20.09 Courier activities (including those conducted by land, sea and air, except postal activities under universal service obligation )
53.20.10 the collection, classification, transport and distribution activities of cargo, such as packages and parcels ( excluding bulk cargo and postal activities under universal service obligation )
55.10.02 activities of accomodation centres, such as hotels and so on. ( activities of centres providing daily cleaning and bed-making services ) ( except those not providing restaurant services and time-share)
55.10.05 activities of accomodation centres, such as hotels and so on. ( activities of centres providing daily cleaning and bed-making services ) ( except those not providing restaurant services and time-share)
55.20.01 Holiday and other short -term accommodation activities ( in hostels, time-share , vacation homes, apartment hotels , bungalows , chalets , etc.) (except the activities of rooms or suits providing daily cleaning and bed-making services)
55.20.03 Activities of accomodation for less than a month in homes belonging to individuals or those rented
55.20.04 Activities of hostels for vacations
55.30.36 activities of parking areas for camping centres , caravans and so on. (provision of outdoor facilities for camping with tents or caravans, provision of accommodation services for adults or kids in camping programs and hunting camps)
55.90.01 accommodation activities in student and worker dormitories , hostels and rented rooms in houses ( except for those with leisure properties)
55.90.02 activities of accomodation centres, such as guest houses , army homes , police houses and teacher training and rest houses
55.90.03 activities of other accommodation centres ( bed wagons when operated by another unit , etc. included , inns , teachers' houses, and so on excluded)
56.10.01 Mobile food service activities ( bagels, pastries , pies, hot dogs , chickpea - rice, bean salad , ice cream, and so on as well as food made on boats included )
56.10.02 Activities of "borek-makers" (except peddlers)
56.10.03 Activities of soup restaurants and “işkembe” restaurants ( except the activities of manufacturers and  except mobile stalls )
56.10.04 Ice cream business (except for mobile sellers and the activities of manufacturers)
56.10.05 fast-food outlets without seats for clients ( burgers, sandwiches , toasts, etc.). , preparation and presentation activities provided by take away food facilities, and other similar places
56.10.06 Doner kebab, turkish thin pizza bread with meat filling and turkish pita bread activities (with meat, cheese etc., including those providing waiter services and  self- service, except activities of producers and carrier facilities and peddler activities) 
56.10.07 Activities of restaurants of liver, hot dogs , meatball and kebab ( including those with waiters and with self-service; excluidng the activities of take-away facilities and mobile stalls)
56.10.08 The activities of other cafes and restaurants ( those serving alcohol and those not serving alcohol) ( those with waiters and those with self-service included, the activities of manufacturers and mobile stalls excluded)
56.10.09 Activities of pastry and dessert shops (milky and syrup sweetened desserts)  (including those providing services with waiter and self-service places, except activities of producers and carrier facilities activities and peddler activities)
56.10.10 Activities of pizzerias ( including those with waiters and self-service service the activities of manufacturers and mobile stalls excluded)
56.10.14 Restaurant operations in ships and trains when operated by other units ( dining cars in trains , etc.).
56.10.17 Activities of “manti” and “gozleme” makers (including those with waiters and self-service service the activities of manufacturers and mobile stalls excluded )
56.10.18 food preparation and presentation activities provided by fast-food outlets with seats for clients ( burgers, sandwiches , toast, etc.).
56.10.19 Cafes and activities of cafes where food is served predominantly
56.21.01 Activities of institutions that offer catering services on special occasions
56.29.01 Canteens’ activities ( sports , factory, school or workplace canteens, etc.).
56.29.03 the food preparation and supply services for airline companies and other transportation companies based on contractual arrangements
56.29.90 activities of other businesses offering food outside (Fixed menu services, etc. for members of sports facilities , factories , offices, universities, and so on included; service providers providing services on special occasions excluded)
56.30.02 Tea shop, coffee house, cafes, (providing mainly drinks), fruit juice shops and drinks provided in tea gardens
56.30.03 beverage serving activities in bars ( alcoholic and non-alcoholic )
56.30.04 beverage serving activities in bars, taverns and pubs ( alcoholic and non-alcoholic )
56.30.05 beverage serving activities in casinos , nightclubs , taverns, discotheques, cocktail lounges , and so on.  (alcoholic and non-alcoholic )
56.30.06 activities of bars operated  in trains and ships ( alcoholic and non-alcoholic )
56.30.08 serving activities of “boza” , turnip juice and “sahlep”
56.30.90 Activities of mobile beverage stalls and other beverage services
58.11.01 Book publishing ( brochures , pamphlets , encyclopedias, and so on. Excluding the publication of children's books , textbooks and teaching aids )
58.11.03 Publication of children's books,
58.11.04 Publication of books, textbooks and teaching aids (dictionaries , atlases, charts, maps, and so on included)
58.12.01 The publication of directories and mailing lists ( phone books, business and trade guides , municipality and city guides , etc.).
58.13.01 The publication of newspapers ( those published at least four times a week ) ( including advertising newspapers )
58.14.02 Publication of magazines and periodicals in support of education ( those published at least four times a week)
58.14.03 Scientific , technical, cultural and so on. publication of magazines and periodicals ( the seeding less than four weeks )
58.14.90 Publication of magazines and other periodicals ( those published less than four times a week) ( comic books , magazines , etc.).
58.19.04 Activities of publication of valuable paper (Valuable papers such as stamps, bills of exchange , stock certificates, bonds or promissory notes and so on.)
58.19.90 Other publishing activities not elsewhere classified ( postcards, greeting cards, catalogs, posters , advertising material , etc.).
58.21.01 The publication of computer games
58.29.01 Other software publishing
59.11.03 Motion picture, video and television program production activities ( including the production of documentaries )
59.12.01 Motion picture, video and television program post-production activities (works such as audio-video editing, the transfer of actual copies , color correction , digital enhancement, visual effects , animation , subtitling, classification , graphic-making, and so on.)
59.13.02 Motion picture, video and television program distribution activities ( Licensing services for film rights and their revenues , the display of works, providing permissions publications and rentals, the distribution of the income acquired , etc.).
59.14.02 Motion picture projection activities
59.20.01 Music publishing activities (printed musical notations, musical compositions in electronic form , musical audio discs , downloadable music , etc.).
59.20.02 Sound recording and live recording activities ( the recording of sounds , words and music using the special technical equipment of sound recording studios, as well as the recording services carried out  in live events such as conferences, seminars , concerts and so on. )
59.20.03 Licensing activities for the right to use original sound recordings
59.20.06 Radio program production activities
60.10.09 Radio broadcasting (radio broadcasting studios , etc.).
60.20.01 Television programming and broadcasting activities
61.10.15 Wired telecommunications activities ( except for the provision of internet access over wired networks )
61.10.17 Providing internet Access via wired networks
61.20.02 Wireless telecommunications activities (except those providing internet access over wireless networks and those working over the satellite )
61.20.03 Providing access to the Internet through Wi-Fi networks
61.30.01 Satellite telecommunications activities
61.90.04 Operation of radar stations for telecommunications applications
61.90.05 The activities of internet cafes
61.90.07 Activities of re-sellers of telecommunications services
61.90.90 other telecommunications activities not elsewhere classified (providing specialised telecommunications applications such as satellite tracking , communication telemetry and so on. ensuring the provision of online Internet access, the provision of VOIP , etc.).
62.01.01 Computer programming activities (coding, etc. of softwares of systems , databases , networks, web pages, and so on as well as the coding of customer-specific software, etc. )
62.02.01 Computer consultancy activities (the provision of expert opinion on issues related to information such as hardware requirements, , the identification of computer needs, planning and designing of computer systems , etc.).
62.03.01 Computer facilities management activities
62.09.01 activities of saving computers from disasters and data recovery
62.09.02 Other information technology and computer service activities ( personal computers and peripherals, setup , software installation , etc.).
63.11.08 Data processing, hosting and related activities ( data entry, data processing, creation of custom reports , storage, etc.).
63.12.01 Web portal activities
63.91.01 activities of news agencies (activities of news bureaus and news agencies that supply news, pictures and interviews for media)
63.99.01 Other information service activities not elsewhere classified (information research services , newspaper clipping services , etc.).
64.11.06 Activities of central banks
64.19.01 Banks' activities ( participation banks , savings banks , credit unions, and so on included; excluding central banks and investment banks )
64.20.19 Activities of holding companies ( except those managing their subsidiaries )
64.30.01 Trusts, funds and similar financial entities
64.91.01 Financial renting (financial leasing )
64.92.01 Other credit-granting activities ( lending money outside the banking system , international trade financement , specialized non-depository institutions granting housing loans , lending money in exchange for pledges , etc.). ( Excluding lending institutions )
64.92.04 credit-granting activities of agricultural lending cooperatives
64.92.07 the activities of lending institutions
64.92.08 Consumer finance companies' activities
64.99.01 Factoring activities
64.99.03 Real estate investment trusts
64.99.08 Investment banking activities,
64.99.09 Activities of asset management companies ( those made through the transfer of ownership )
64.99.10 Investment trusts
64.99.90 Other financial service activities not elsewhere classified ( swaps, options and the preparation of other contracts for protection against risk, etc. included)
65.11.02 Life insurance activities
65.12.13 Insurance business other than life insurance (health , fire, motor vehicle , residential , agricultural , marine, aviation , accident , natural disaster , transport , transportation, loss of money , debt , liability, etc.).
65.20.01 Reinsurance activities ( risk undertaken by the insurance companies for insurance policies pledged )
65.30.01 Pension fund activities
66.11.02 Management of financial markets ( including the management of commodity contracts , securities, stock exchange , share exchanges , and so on. Except those conducted by public authorities )
66.12.01 Securities brokerage activities ( including stock and futures intermediaries )
66.12.04 The activities of foreign exchange bureaus
66.12.06 Foreign exchange services ( exchange offices’ activities are excluded)
66.12.08 brokerage in commodity contracts
66.13.01 Activities for property capital gains (dividends, bank interests, participation earnings , remuneration , etc.).
66.19.02 loan brokering and advisory activities along with mortgage sales (except for the activities of insurance and pension funding and those of credit guarantee cooperatives for craftspeople and artisans )
66.19.03 Financial consultancy activities
66.19.04 Activities of the operation and swap of securities
66.19.05 Ancillary activities related to investment banking ( mergers and acquisitions activities , business financing and venture capital financing activities , etc.).
66.19.06 Craftsmen and artisans’ credit cooperatives’ intermediary activities and credit guarantee fund operating activities
66.19.07 The activities of trust deeds
66.19.90 Other activities auxiliary to financial services not elsewhere classified ( operation of financial transactions and clearing house activities , wealth management and custody services, etc.).
66.21.01 Risk and damage evaluation activities ( including insurance expertise )
66.22.01 Activities of insurance agents
66.22.02 Activities of insurance brokers
66.29.01 Actuarial activities
66.29.90 Activities auxiliary to insurance and pension funding not elsewhere classified (administration of the insured and recovered goods, etc.).
66.30.02 Fund management activities on a fee or contract basis ( asset management , mutual funds management , pension fund management , etc.).
68.10.01 The buying and selling of own real estate ( own buildings , circuit properties , lands , houses , etc.).
68.20.02 Renting and leasing of own or leased real estate ( own buildings, circuit properties , lands , houses , etc.).
68.31.01 Real estate agency services (property sale, purchase and leasing brokerage, etc. based on fee or contract basis).
68.31.02 real estate consulting and appraisal activities on a fee or contract basis,
68.32.02 management activities of real estate on a fee or contract basis (Administration for site management, mobile home sites, joint ownership of homes , time-share units , non-residential property , etc . )
68.32.03 Rent collection activities on a fee or contract basis
68.32.04 Apartment administration activities performed on a fee or contract basis
69.10.01 Expert activities ( for legal issues )
69.10.02 Legal consultancy
69.10.03 Legal counseling and representation activities ( advocacy activities )
69.10.04 Other legal service activities (Advisory and other legal services such as the provision of patents , copyright, and other intellectual property rights , assets , etc.)
69.10.07 Notarial activities
69.10.08 The activities of social security advisors
69.10.09 Legal mediation and settlement activities (arbitration or mediation services to resolve disputes arising between labor and management ,  businesses or individuals)
69.20.01 Financial consultancy services
69.20.02 Accounting and bookkeeping activities
69.20.03 Tax consulting and tax return preparation activities
69.20.04 The activities of a certified public accountants
69.20.05 Financial auditing activities
70.10.01 Activities of head offices (management services provided by administrative centers for the other entities of the same company or enterprise, including holdings that manage their subsidiaries)
70.21.01 Public relations and communication activities
70.22.02 Business and other management consultancy activities ( consulatncy for an organization's management of strategic , financial issues as well as its management of marketing, production, business processes, projects and so on. Trademark and copyright management consultancy included)
70.22.03 Human resources management consultancy activities
71.11.01 Architectural and consultancy-related facilities
71.11.02 City and belt planning activities (inclusive master zoning plan, layout plan etc.)
71.11.04 Landscape architecture activities and architectual consulation in the case  landscaping
71.12.01 engineering activities for making a location map of the surface or for investigation (Preparation of geodetic, photogrammetric and hydrographic measurements, topography services , cadastral , topographic maps, and so on.)
71.12.03 Engineering and consultancy facilities regarding building projects
71.12.04 Engineering activities orientated to geologic, geophysics and connected probe and consulation services (mineral deposit, pedogenesis in undergound etc. Services) (with the exception of these for oil and wet gas)
71.12.05 Engineering and  consultancy activities for oil  and wet gas concession 
71.12.06 Engineering and  consultancy activities for transportation projects ( highway, bridge, subway, trackage,airport, oil and wet gas  transportation projects, port, etc.)
71.12.07 Engineering and consultancy regarding water, sewerage and drainage projects (drinking water distribution systems, pumping stations, storm water management systems, waste water collection and so on)
71.12.08 Engineering and consultancy activities for industrial and manufacturing projects (rolling mills, mills, transportation vehicles, industrial machinery, etc..)
71.12.09 Engineering and consultancy for energy projects (fuel use like coal, oil and gas as well as for nuclear energy, water, sun, wind and other energy power plants and energy services for the transmission and distribution lines)
71.12.10 Engineering consulting services (except those made ??in connection with a project)
71.12.14 Building audit institutions
71.12.90 Engineering and consulting services for other projects (telecommunications and broadcasting projects, natural gas and steam distribution projects and others involved in the management of construction projects))
71.20.05 Technical inspection activities of road transport vehicles (cars, motorcycles, buses, pickups, trucks and other periodical technical inspection services of road vehicles)
71.20.07 Technique testing and analysis in the fields of composition and purity (biological and chemical properties of substances such as waste, fuel, metal, mineral and chemicals as well as their analysis in the fields of microbiology, biochemistry etc.)
71.20.08 Technical testing and analysis activities in the areas of water pollution, air pollution and so on.
71.20.09 Technical testing and analysis of physical properties (Tests and analysis of strenght, physical properties such as flexibility and conductivity as well as voltage, hardness and impact resistance of materials like metal, plastic, textile, concrete and so on.
71.20.10 Product licensing activities ( consumer goods , motor vehicles , airplanes, drugs , etc.).
71.20.11 Technical testing and analysis activities regarding food (technical testing activities regarding food hygiene, including the field of veterinary supervision)
71.20.12  Technical testing and analysis regarding integrated mechanical and electrical systems (mechanical and electrical component machines, engines, cars, machinery, equipment, communications equipment, etc. testing and analysis of equipment)
71.20.13 Analysis activities of police laboratories 
71.20.90 Other technical testing and analysis activities (radiographic, magnetic and ultrasonic tests to identify defects of machine parts and structures, proving the accuracy of artistic work, radiological examination of sources and others)
72.11.01 Research and experimental development activities related to biotechnology
72.19.01 Other research and experimental development activities related to natural sciences and engineering  (including agricultural research)
72.20.01  Experimental and development activities concerning social sciences and humanities research
73.11.01 Advertising agencies’ activities (selection of the media to be used, ad design, writing, script writing for commercials , display and presentation of advertising products at points of sale, etc.).
73.11.03 The activities of distribution and delivery of advertising tools and accessoires
73.12.02 the sale of spots and time for several media ads based on a fee or contract  (Including the sale of advertising spots and time via bulletin boards , billboards , buildings, vehicles and so on.)
73.20.03 Market research and public opinion activities ( questionnaires, opinion polls , etc.).
74.10.01 Activities ofinterior designers  ( inclusive interior decoration)
74.10.02 Other specialized design activities (textile , clothing, footwear design, as well as the design of personal and household goods , including industrial design , interior designers’ and graphic designers’ specialized activities are excluded)
74.10.03 activities of specialised graphic designers ( including branding and trademark design )
74.20.22 Photographic activities aimed at consumers (Passport photos and portrait photography services, etc. for passports , schools , weddings, etc.)
74.20.25 The activities of air and underwater photography
74.20.26 photography activities related to advertising ( Photographing commercial products, fashion garments, machinery , buildings , people , etc. for advertising images , brochures, newspaper advertisements , catalogs, and so on. )
74.20.27 Event photography and video-recording of events,( Taking photographs of or video-recording weddings, graduations , conferences , receptions, fashion shows, sporting events and other attractions)
74.20.28 The activities of independent photojournalists
74.20.29 Photo processing activities ( developing the negatives and printing images, reproduction of the negatives or slides, preparation of photographic slides, copying films, etc.).
74.20.90 Other photographic activities ( photomicrography , microfilm services , restoration and retouching of photographs , etc.).
74.30.12 Translation and interpretation activities ( sworn translation bureaus, interpreting and translation activities, and so on included)
74.90.01 Appraisal activities (Appraisal services for antiques , jewelery and so on.) ( marine , real estate and insurance appraisals activities are excluded)
74.90.02 Commercial brokerage activities ( arranging purchases and sales of small and medium-sized enterprises , etc.).
74.90.03 Bill auditing and freight rate information activities
74.90.04 Weather forecasting and meteorological activities
74.90.05 the activities of agencies and managers for artists , athletes , entertainers , models , etc.
74.90.06 Ship class enterprises, maritime expertise and marine surveyor activities
74.90.90 Other professional, scientific and technical activities not elsewhere classified (environmental consultancy, security consultancy , consultancy services provided by mathematicians , statisticians , agronomists and so on. intermediary services for patents , etc.).
75.00.02 Animal hospitals’ activities ( including the activities of ambulances for pets )
75.00.04 Veterinary services ( except for services rendered animal hospitals )
77.11.01 Renting and leasing of light motor vehicles and cars without drivers ( including cars, vans, and so on weighing less than 3.5 tons, motorcycles excluded) (financial leasing excluded)
77.12.01 Renting and leasing of heavy motor vehicles without drivers (trucks, trailers ( trailer)  and so on over 3.5 tonnes) (Renting and leasing of caravans, agricultural machinery and equipment, construction machinery and equipment not included) (financial leasing not included)
77.21.01 Renting and leasing horses, ponies , camels and so on for the purpose of entertainment and sports. (financial leasing not included)
77.21.02 Renting and leasing of bicycles (financial leasing not included)
77.21.04 rental and leasing of rowboats , boats , canoes, sails , etc without crew for the purposes of entertainment and sports. (financial leasing not included)
77.21.90 Renting and leasing of other recreational and sports goods ( snow skis , ice skates, gliding equipment, delta wings , surfboards , water skis , golf clubs , camping equipment , beach chairs and umbrellas, materials for field games , toys , etc.). (financial leasing not included)
77.22.01 Rental of video tapes , records and disks. (financial leasing not included)
77.29.01 Renting wedding dresses, costumes, textile products, clothing , footwear and jewelery (financial leasing not included)
77.29.02 Renting and leasing of other personal and household goods not elsewhere classified (furniture, electrical and electronic tools, books, TVs, cameras , plants, and so on included; musical instruments , clothing goods, jewelry, etc. and video tapes, office furniture, leisure and sports equipment excluded) (financial leasing not included)
77.29.03 Renting and leasing of musical instruments. (financial leasing not included)
77.31.01 Renting services and leasing of agricultural machinery and equipment without operators (agricultural tractors, plows , harvesters , milking machines, bee-keeping machinery , and so on included, excluding lawn mowers ) (financial leasing not included)
77.32.01 Renting and leasing services of machinery and equipment without operators used in construction within and outside buildings (crane trucks, tractors to move constructions and earth, road graders and rollers , bulldozers, scaffolding, site huts , etc.). ( Install / removal not included) (financial leasing not included)
77.33.01 Renting services and leasing of office machinery and equipment without operators (including cash boxes, photocopiers, typewriters , cash registers, and so on included; computers and peripherals , telephones and fax machines and office furniture not included)  (financial leasing not included)
77.33.02 Renting and leasing of office furniture ( office chair and table rental included) (financial leasing not included)
77.33.03 Renting services and leasing of computers and peripherals (electronic data processors, central processing units , peripherals, magnetic or optical readers , etc.). (financial leasing not included)
77.34.01 Renting services and leasing of unmanned water transport equipment (including boats and commercial vessels for passenger and freight transport, except for excursion boat) (excluding financial leasing)
77.35.01 Renting and leasing of air transport as unmanned vehicles ( airplanes, helicopters, balloons, etc.).(excluding financial leasing)
77.39.01 Renting services and leasing of unmanned rail transport equipment ( locomotives and other rolling stock, subway cars , light rail equipment, tram , etc.). (excluding financial leasing)
77.39.02 Rental or leasing of containers (those for accommodation and office purposes, those suitable for multiple transport types , and others ) (excluding financial leasing)
77.39.03 rental or leasing of unmanned motorcycles, caravans and camping paraphernalia (excluding financial leasing)
77.39.04 rental or leasing of unmanned equipments used in mining and oil fields (excluding financial leasing)
77.39.05 Renting or leasing services of engines and turbines (excluding financial leasing)
77.39.06 Renting or leasing of measurement and control equipment without operators for professional and scientific purposes ( including the rental of medical devices and equipment)(excluding financial leasing)
77.39.07 Renting or leasing commercial radios, televisions and telecommunications equipment, motion picture production equipment, telephones, fax machines , pagers, cellular phones without operators (TVs, radios and cameras used as personal and household goods not included) (excluding financial leasing)
77.39.08 Renting or leasing unmanned coin-operated gambling machines (excluding financial leasing)
77.39.10 renting or leasing machine tools , and other commercial and industrial machinery without operators (excluding financial leasing)
77.39.11 Renting theater decor and materials ( except costumes )(excluding financial leasing)
77.39.13 Rental activities of animals (animal herds , race horses , etc.). ( Except for those rented for the purpose of recreation and sports )(excluding financial leasing)
77.39.90 Renting and leasing of other machinery, equipment and goods without operators and not elsewhere classified, more generally used as capital goods in industries (exhibition material , pallets , and so on included except for personal and household goods )(excluding financial leasing)
77.40.01 Leasing intellectual property and similar products ( patented assets , trademarks, franchise agreements, and so on included, except works that are copyrighted ) (excluding financial leasing)
78.10.01 Employment agency activities ( including recruitment and provision of personnel to work )
78.10.04 Agencies and offices for actors ( theater, role distribution agencies , etc.).
78.20.01 Temporary employment agency activities
78.30.03 provision of other human resources ( provision of personnel services for long-term study periods )
79.11.01 Travel agency activities (airway, sea , road , rail ticket booking and ticket sales, wholesale or retail of transportation , travel, tour , transfer and accommodation services, etc.).
79.12.01 Tour operator activities ( arranging tours )
79.90.01 Tourist guidance for visitors and consultancy activities ( provision of information on excursions )
79.90.02 Booking (reservation) and sale of tickets for activities related to sports, music, theater and other recreational fields
79.90.90 Other reservation services and related activities not elsewhere classified (Timeshare exchange activities, tourism raising activities, and so on included. Travel agencies’ and tour operators' activities are excluded)
80.10.05 Private security activities (companies providing armored cars, those involved in the collection and distribution of money, precious items, etc, guarding and patrolling, vehicle parking control, guard dog training, fingerprint identification and so on included, excluding public safety)
80.20.01 Security systems service activities (installation, maintenance of systems such as burglar and fire alarms, security systems, electronic safe control, the verification of such systems with an alarm signal received, and the mobilisation of the police and fire departments)
80.20.02 Fire avoiding / fire extinction services which are not classified elsewhere
80.30.04 Investigation activities (including the activities of private detectives)
80.30.05 Identification of signatures and handwriting
81.10.01 Combined support services within facilities (provision of more than one of the supportive services and tasks, such as business or on-site cleaning, maintenance, trash disposal , guarding and security , mail delivery , laundry, reception services and so on.)
81.21.01 General cleaning of buildings (flats, apartments, offices, factories, institutions, shops and so on. Including the general cleaning of all types of buildings, windows, chimneys, industrial machinery, and so on. Specialized cleaning activities are excluded)
81.22.01 Other building and industrial cleaning activities (Specialized cleaning activities such as cleaning outside of buildings, windows, chimneys, furnaces, boilers, ventilation ducts and exhaust units, industrial machine cleaning, etc.)
81.29.02 snow and ice removal on roads and runways (placement of sand and salt included)
81.29.03 Park and street sweeping washing, cleaning activities
81.29.04 extermination of insects, rodents and other pests and pest control activities (except agricultural pest control)
81.29.90 Other cleaning activities (including the activities of cleaning and disinfection of swimming pools, trains, buses, planes, tanks, beaches, bottles, car wash excluded)
81.30.01 Growing and caring for plants against noise, wind, erosion
81.30.05 Creating and maintaining sports fields (football pitches, golf courses, etc.), playgrounds, lawns for sunbathing and other recreational parks, green areas
81.30.90 Other activities related to the landscaping and maintenance of landscape projects (parks, gardens and green areas, planting, maintenance and repair)
82.11.01 Combined office administrative service activities (Providing a combination of services such as secretarial, financial planning, billing and record keeping, personnel and mail, etc. on a fee or contract basis)
82.19.01 Photocopying, document preparation and other specialized office support services (document preparation, typing, secretarial work, photocopying, blueprint shooting, letters, replication, etc.). (including address compilation and mailing services, excluding thesis)
82.19.03 activities of editorial offices such as writing theses, and so on.
82.20.01 Activities of call centers
82.30.02 activities involving the organization of events, such as shows , conventions, conferences , trade fairs, and so on.
82.91.01 The activities of collection agencies and credit bureaus (telephone, electricity, water, and so on. billing and debt collection, gathering information about the loans that individuals or businesses have obtained, or their work histories, etc.).
82.92.01 packaging activities of non-hazardous goods (bottling of liquids and food, packaging of solid products, labeling, stamping, trademark printing, wrapping, etc. on a fee or contract basis).
82.92.05 packaging activities of dangerous goods (bottling of liquids, packaging of solids, labeling, stamping, trademark printing, wrapping, etc. on a fee or contract basis).
82.99.02 reading and billing of wlectricity, gas, water and heating timers
82.99.04 Traffic advisory activities
82.99.05 Verbatim shorthand reporting and recording activities
82.99.06 Phone-based support activities (services related to answering phones, and wake-up services)
82.99.07 Barcoding activities (activities other than packaging)
82.99.08 Business tracking activities
82.99.90 Other business support service activities not elsewhere classified (taking back goods, whose debt has not been covered, discount coupon distribution services, the collection of fees from parking meters and other business support services)
84.11.41 Municipalities’ public administration services
84.11.42 Public administration on economic and social planning and statistical services
84.11.43 Public administration services related to financial, fiscal auditing (revenue offices, property offices, tax offices, the Court, including the management of public debts and funds)
84.11.44 Public administration services on general persennel affairs
84.11.45 Public administration services related to customs
84.11.46 activities of village administrators
84.11.47 Governorates and district public administration services ( including the activities of the special provincial and district administrations)
84.11.48 Legislative and executive services
84.11.90 Other supportive public administration services to the public (central public procurement and supply services, mapping , etc.).
84.12.11 public administration services concerning education
84.12.12 public administration services concerning housing and social welfare (including water supply and environmental protection programs )
84.12.13 Public administration services related to health and social services
84.12.14 public administration services related to sports, leisure activities, culture and religion
84.13.11 public administration services related to multi-purpose development projects (including regional development projects )
84.13.12 Public administration services related to general economy, trade and workforce (forming the general economic policies, incentive activities, patent works, general employment policies, metrology affairs and employment etc.)
84.13.13 public management services concerning mining, natural resources, manufacturing , and construction
84.13.14 public management services concerning agriculture , forestry, fishing and hunting
84.13.15 public management services concerning trade, hotel and restaurant management 
84.13.16 Public administration services related to tourism
84.13.17 public management services concerning transport and communications
84.13.18 Fuel and energy-related public administration services (energy ministry, etc.).
84.21.05 Public administration services related to foreign affairs ( foreign diplomatic services and consular services excluded )
84.21.06 International diplomatic and consular services ( excluding foreign consulates )
84.22.05 Military defense services (armed forces and defense-related administrative services )
84.22.06 Civil defense services
84.23.04 activities of justice-related and judicial institutions ( enforcement offices and so on. included, prisons’ and courts’ activities excluded)
84.23.05 activities of penal execution and detention centers ( training and rehabilitation activities are excluded)
84.23.06 The activities of courts ( including the higher judicial organs )
84.24.01 Activities related to public order and safety (police services, coast guards , etc.).
84.25.01 Fire-fighting services (excluding those carried out with air vehicles, except fight against forest fires and protection activities)
84.25.02 Fire-fighting services via air vehicles ( combating forest fires and protection activities are excluded)
84.30.01 Compulsory social security activities
85.10.01 Activity of pre-school education provided by public institutions (activities of daycare centres ( nursery ) not training for schools are excluded)
85.10.02 Activity of pre-school education provided by private education institutions (activities of daycare centres ( nursery ) not training for schools are excluded)
85.20.06 primary school education activities issued by public institutions for physically or mentally disabled people
85.20.07 The primary education activities of public institutions ( including issuance of adult literacy programs , except for the training of people with disabilities )
85.20.08 primary education activities provided by private education institutions for physically or mentally disabled people
85.20.09 primary education activities offered by private education institutions ( including issuance of adult literacy programs , except for the training of people with disabilities )
85.31.12 General secondary education activity provided by public institutions (secondary school and high school) (except education provided to disabled persons)
85.31.13 General secondary education activity provided by public institutions to physically and mentally disabled persons (secondary school and high school) 
85.31.14 General secondary education activity provided by private eduction institutions (secondary school and high school) (except the education provided to disabled persons) 
85.31.16 General secondary education activity provided by private education institutions to physically and mentally disabled persons (secondary school and high school) 
85.32.10 Technical and professional secondary education activity provided by public  institutions to physically and mentally disabled persons (secondary school and high school) 
85.32.11 Technical and professional secondary education activity provided by public institutions (secondary school and high school) (except the education provided to disabled persons) 
85.32.12 Technical and professional secondary education activity provided by private education institutions to physically and mentally disabled persons (secondary school and high school) 
85.32.13 Technical and professional secondary education activity provided by private education institutions (secondary school and high school) (except the education provided to disabled persons) 
85.32.14 apprenticeship training
85.32.15 Activities of aviation , sailing , navigation, etc. courses issuing commercial certificates
85.32.16 The activities of vehicle driving courses that issue certificates for driving commercial vehicles
85.32.90 activities of other courses related to vocational education
85.41.01 training activities which follow secondary education but not at the level of tertiary education 
85.42.01 higher education activities issued by public institutions ( including conservatories that provide education at the tertiary level )
85.42.03 higher education activities offered by private education institutions ( including conservatories that provide education at the tertiary level )
85.51.03 Sports and recreational education courses ( including football , martial arts , gymnastics , horseback riding, swimming , scuba diving , parasailing , bridge , yoga, and so on as well as the activities of professional sports trainers  excluding training offered at basic, secondary and higher education levels)
85.52.05 activities of cultural education courses (Including ballet , dance, music , photography, folk dance , art, drama , and so on. Excluding training offered at basic, secondary and higher education levels)
85.53.01 Driving school activities (commercial driving, aviation, sailing, seamanship training courses issuing commercial certificates excluded)
85.59.01 Activities of public education centers
85.59.03 activities of courses providing  computer , software , database education and so on. (except education provided at the basic , secondary and tertiary level)
85.59.05 Activities of courses, training and etude centers for secondary school, high school and public officer exams etc.. 
85.59.06 activities of cutting , sewing, embroidery , tapestry , beauty, hairdressing, hairdressing courses
85.59.08 Activities of Quran education courses , and other places of religious education ( except for training provided at basic, secondary and higher education levels)
85.59.09 activities of courses providing training courses in speech and language skills (except for training provided at basic, secondary and higher education levels)
85.59.10 activities of courses offering education in modelling and those offering education for stylers , stylists
85.59.12 activities of courses offering accounting education
85.59.15 Academic private tutoring activities (primary, secondary and tertiary level one-to-one training )
85.59.90 Training course activities not elsewhere classified ( lifeguarding , survival, public speaking , speed reading , and so on included; excluding education , adult literacy programs and education provided at basic, secondary and higher education levels)
85.60.02 Activities supporting education (such as education guidance, counseling, (including education counseling abroad) test evluation, organization of student exchange programs, preparation of leaf test and question bank)
86.10.04 In-patient hospital services for human health, requiring special expertise provided by public institutions (obstetrics and gynecology, oncology, bone, and mental health hospitals, etc.).
86.10.05 In-patient hospital services provided by public institutions for human health (including state university hospitals, excluding specialized hospitals, dental, ambulance transportation, medical laboratory testing activities)
86.10.12 In-patient hospital services provided by private health care institutions that require special expertise to human health- (obstetrics and gynecology, oncology, bone, and mental health hospitals, etc.).
86.10.13 In-patient hospital services for human health provided by private health care institutions (including university hospitals, private and foundation hospitals, dental clinics, ambulance transportation. Medical laboratory testing activities excluded)
86.21.02 general medical practice activities provided by out-patient family and community health centers, (excluding in-patient hospital activities, midwives, nurses and paramedical activities carried out by physiotherapists)
86.21.03 outpatient general medical practice activities provided by private health institutions in polyclinics (excluding inpatient hospital activities, private examinations and paramedical activities provided by midwives, nurses, physiotherapists)
86.21.04 General out-patient medicalpractice activities provided by private examination centres (exluding the activities of hospital and the paramedical activities of midwives, nurses, physiotherapists)
86.21.90 General medical practice activities in other out-patient centres (medical activities provided at homes, in workplaces, schools, and so on included. Paramedical activities provided by midwives, nurses and physiotherapists excluded)
86.22.02 Out-patient practice provided by expert doctors in private examination centres (excluding the activities of hospitals and polyclinics and the paramedical activities of midwives, nurses, physiotherapists)
86.22.05 Medical practice activities provided by expert doctors in polyclinics and out-patient medical centers by private health institutions (excluding in-patient hospital activities and the paramedical activities of midwives, nurses and physiotherapists)
86.22.06 Medical activities of expert doctors in family and community health centers (excluding in-patient hospital activities and the paramedical activities of midwives, nurses, physiotherapists)
86.22.07 Dialysis centers (non-hospital)
86.22.90 Other out-patient medical practice activities of specialist doctors (Including those provided at homes, in workplaces, schools, and so on. Excluding the paramedical activities of midwives, nurses and physiotherapists)
86.23.01 Dental practice activities provided by private health care institutions (excluding in-patient hospital activities and the activities of paramedical dental health practitioners such as dental hygienists)
86.23.03 dental practice activities provided in private clinics (inpatient hospital activities, such as those offered by dental hygienists and dental paramedical personnel are excluded)
86.23.05 Dental practice activities provided by public institutions (inpatient hospital activities, such as those offered by dental hygienists and dental paramedical personnel, are excluded)
86.90.01 Nursing services (Including care for patients at home, protection, maternal care, child health and similar services related to the field of patient care. Excluding the actibities of in-patient care centres with nurses and the services of medical doctors) (non-hospital)
86.90.03 acupuncture treatment activities provided by authorised people other than medical doctors (non-hospital)
86.90.04 patient transport activities with ambulances (non-hospital)
86.90.05 services provided by midwives, health officers, mohels, vaccination-appliers, dressing-appliers (including services provided by authorized persons other than medical doctors, monitoring during pregnancy and postpartum, family planning services within the scope of medical fields) (non-hospital)
86.90.06 Physiotherapy services (physiotherapy, occupational therapy and so on provided by authorized persons other than medical doctors) (non-hospital)
86.90.07 diagnostic imaging services without analysis or reporting (x-ray, ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and so on provided by authorized persons other than medical doctors) (non-hospital)
86.90.09 activities of blood, sperm and transplant organ banks (non-hospital)
86.90.10 Medical laboratory services (except activities of forensic medicine and dental laboratories) (non-hospital)
86.90.14 Mental health services provided by authorized persons other than medical doctors (services provided by psychoanalysts, psychologists and psychotherapists) (non-hospital)
86.90.16 Activities of forensic laboratories
86.90.90 other paramedical human health services not elsewhere specified (services such as occupational therapy, aroma therapy, speech therapy, homeopathy, nutritional therapy, chiropractic practice, dental hygiene training and so on provided by authorized persons other than medical doctors) (non-hospital)
87.10.01 In-patient nursing care activities (nursing care homes, retirement homes, nursing activities, including the elderly provided only minimal nursing care homes, orphanages, homes, dormitories activities and excluding any services provided)
87.20.02 In-patient care activities for mental disability, for sustaining mental health and treating substance abuse (activities of hospitals, in-patient social service activities excluded)
87.30.02 Residential care activities for the elderly and the disabled (activities of assisted living facilities, nursing homes for the elderly without nurses, nursing homes with minimal nursing care included, activities of nursing homes for the elderly with nurses excluded)
87.90.03 Other residential care activities for children and young people (including social services for orphans, child care homes, excluding the activities of child rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes with nurses and centres for those that are physically disabled)
87.90.04 Other residential care activities of homes for children and teens, juvenile offender rehabilitation centres, rehabilitation centres for repeaters
87.90.90 Residential care activities for adults, not elsewhere classified (including women's shelters, temporary shelters for the homeless, residential centres for criminals and repeaters, excluding the activities of nursing care facilities with nurses and the activities of centres for the elderly and disabled)
88.10.02 social services without accommodation for the elderly and disabled (residential care activities and day care for children with disabilities (nursery) are excluded)
88.91.01 Child day care (nursery), activities (including those for disabled children and including, excluding pre-school educational activities)
88.99.07 Vocational rehabilitation services without accommodation (excluding rehabilitation services for the disabled)
88.99.08 other social welfare services without accommodation, not elsewhere classified (family guidance, debt counseling, raising money for social services, adoption, homeless, victims and refugees, providing temporary shelter, determining the appropriate person for the help to be given, etc.).
88.99.09 Rehabilitation services without accommodation for children and young people (including those for the mentally handicapped, except the physically disabled)
90.01.14 Activities of staging live theaters, operas, ballets, musicals , concerts, and so on (illusion shows, puppet shows and tours of shows included)
90.01.15 The activities of the orchestras and bands
90.01.16 activities of independent musicians, singers, speakers , hosts, etc. ( including bands )
90.01.17 The activities of independent models and models
90.01.18 activities of independent actors , actresses and stunts
90.01.20 activities of circuses
90.01.90 other performing arts not elsewhere classified
90.02.11 activities of directors and producers working in the field of performing arts
90.02.12 Other supportive activities for performing arts (activities of scene designers , costume designers, decorators and the preparation of the decor and rear curtain decor as well as the operation of lighting and sound equipment )
90.03.09 the activities of individual artists, such as authors , composers , sculptors , painters, cartoonists , engravers , marbling artists , and so on. ( engraving , calligraphy , goods and motif decoration ( ornamentation ) included) )
90.03.11 The activities of independent journalists
90.03.12 restoration of works of art, such as paintings , engravings and so on. ( including the restoration of the works in museums and private collections )
90.04.01 Operation of arts facilities ( art galleries, concert and theater halls and other arts facilities)
91.01.02 activities of libraries and archives ( including state archives )
91.02.01 museums’ activities
91.03.02 Operation of historical sites and buildings and similar sights ( including the protection of historical sites and buildings )
91.04.02 activities related to botanical gardens , zoos and protected natural areas ( including national parks )
92.00.01 Collective betting activities (betting services in horse racing , dog racing, football and other sports competitions )
92.00.02 activities related to digital games of chance such as lotto, and so on. ( including the sale of lottery tickets )
92.00.03 Casinos’ activities ( including those online )
93.11.01 Operation of sports facilities (Facilities such as pitches of football, hockey , skating , golf, and so on. racetracks , stadiums, swimming pools, tennis courts, bowling areas, boxing arenas , and so on. )
93.11.02 Operation of racecourses
93.12.01 activities of shooting and archery clubs
93.12.03 activities of football , volleyball, basketball, etc. clubs
93.12.04 Wrestling club activities
93.12.05 Jockey club activities
93.12.06 Tennis club activities
93.12.07 Swimming club activities
93.12.09 Athletics club activities
93.12.90 activities of other sports clubs (golf , bowling , chess , skiing, ice skating, etc. clubs)
93.13.01 Shape-keeping and strength-training activities in halls
93.19.01 activities of self-employed individual athletes , referees , timekeepers, coaches , athletic trainers and so on.
93.19.02 Activities of organisers and planners of sports activities and competitions for sportive and recreational purposes
93.19.03 Support services related to sports and recreational sports (operation of  fishing and hunting-based sports fields, hunting, fishing and mountain climbing guides , services of race horse barns and racing car garages , education of sports and entertainment animals, etc.).
93.19.04 activities of sports leagues and regulatory units
93.19.05 activities of billiard halls
93.19.06 Shooting polygons’ activities
93.19.90 Other sports and recreational sports services ( paramedics’ services , delta- wing services , diving services and services not elsewhere classified. Other sports and leisure services)
93.21.01 activities of amusement parks and theme parks
93.29.01 Operation of beach areas ( rental of locker rooms that are an integral part of these facilities , lockers , chairs, canoes, water bikes and so on included)
93.29.02 operation of wedding, prom and cocktail lounges ( except for food and beverage services )
93.29.03 The operation of coin or token-operated game machines ( table football, pinball, arcade halls, etc.).
93.29.05 operation of dance tracks , discotheques ( excluding beverage serving services )
93.29.07 operation of recreational transport facilities, such as marinas , and so on.
93.29.08 Firework, " sound and light " show activities
93.29.09 Operation of ski slopes
93.29.10 activities of leisure ( recreation ) parks (excluding the operation of those with overnight stay, amusement parks and theme parks)
93.29.90 Various entertainment services not elsewhere classified ( bullfighting, rodeo , etc.).
94.11.03 Activities of associations and regional chambers, professional unions
94.11.04 Activities of farmers and agricultural chambers, associations 
94.11.05 Activities of chambers of commerce and industry, maritime chambers and their supreme institutions
94.11.06 Activities of employers' unions
94.11.90 activities of other businesses and employers, unions and parent organizations  (workers, employers and trade unions, except for civil servants)
94.12.01 the activities of the Bar Associations
94.12.05 activities of professional associations, trade associations and chambers (architects, engineers, medical doctors, accountants, writers and so on.) (excluding bar associations)
94.12.90 Other activities of professional bodies
94.20.01 The activities of trade unions of workers and civil servants (including parent organizations)
94.91.02 The activities of religious organizations that require membership (mosques, churches, synagogues and so on. Places of worship of religious organizations or individuals providing services directly to those activities, etc.).
94.92.02 The activities of political organizations (political parties, etc.).
94.99.01 associations and activities that require membership and that work for the protection of the environment and natural life  (including wildlife conservation organizations)
94.99.02 Activities of youth associations and unions that require membership (student unions and associations and clubs, including the Boy Scouts)
94.99.03  activities of patriotic associations and unions that require membership (war veteran associations, etc.).
94.99.04 The activities of associations and unions for the protection of animals that require membership  (animal protection association, etc.).
94.99.05 The activities of associations and unions for the protection of women's rights that require membership 
94.99.08 Parent-teacher associations
94.99.09 Activities of associations and unions of solidarity, culture and leisure that require membership
94.99.12 The activities of organizations and associations of ideology and thoughts that require membership
94.99.13 associations and unions of civilian search and rescue operations that require membership (civil defense activities are excluded)
94.99.14 The activities of Individual freedom and human rights associations and unions that require membership
94.99.15 Activities of health associations with voluntary membership
94.99.16 activities of associations and organizations for disabled people, ethnic groups and minorities
94.99.17 activities of the unions for the development and to improvement of social life (those that require membership) 
94.99.18 activities of membership associations and organizations defending the rights of the consumer 
94.99.19 Activities for the development of aviation organizations and associations that require membership
94.99.20 The higher levels of membership associations (business, employers and professional societies and associations, except for the top team)
94.99.21 activities of aid organizations and associations that require membership (victims of natural disasters, the homeless, the poor, for the events, and so on.) (Excluding search and rescue)
94.99.22 Membership associations and organizations that require training and research activities
94.99.23 Housing associations and associations with development activities that require membership and
94.99.24 Activities of graduate associations and unions that require membership (excluding professional organizations)
94.99.90 The activities of other membership organizations that require membership (classic car associations, tenant associations, and so on. included)
95.11.01 Repair of computers and computer peripherals ( including ATMs and POS devices )
95.12.01 Repair of communication equipment (cordless phones, walkie-talkies, cell phones, pagers, commercial cameras, etc.).
95.21.01 Maintenance and repair of consumer electronics products (TV, radio, CD / DVD players, home video cameras, etc.).
95.22.01 Repair of electrical equipment used at home (fridge, oven, washing machine, dishwasher, room air conditioners, small electric household appliances, etc.).
95.22.02 Home and garden repair materials (kitchen utensils, scissors, lawn mower, pruning shears, etc.).
95.22.03 maintenance and repair of water heater, bathroom boiler and so on. (central heating boilers (boilers), excluding repair)
95.23.01 Repair of footwear and leather goods (shoes, suitcases, handbags, etc.). (Except leather apparel)
95.24.01 Repair of furniture and home upholstery (office and home furniture re-laying, coating, repair and regeneration included, the repair of carpets and rugs excluded)
95.25.01 Repair of watches (including stop-watches, excluding continued recording devices)
95.25.02 Jewelery restoration
95.29.02 Repair and restoration of apparel and home textile products (except apparel made of leather)
95.29.03 Sports and camping materials, maintenance and repair of vehicles and equipment (skis, surfboards, skates, rackets, games, and other sports and outdoor furniture and equipment) (excluding repair of sporting and recreational guns)
95.29.04 locksmithing and key multiplication services
95.29.05 Bicycle repair
95.29.06 Maintenance and repair of musical instruments (including piano tuning)
95.29.07 Composition leather and leather garments and fur garments repair
95.29.90 maintenance and repair of personal and household goods not elsewhere classified (including the repair of books , lighting, furniture, toys, etc. as well as the plastic coating of ID cards.)
96.01.01 Laundry services (including those of money or coin-operated machines)
96.01.02 Carpet and rug cleaning services
96.01.03 Articles of apparel and other textile products and painting services (except those of the manufacturing stage)
96.01.04 Dry cleaning services (clothing and other textiles, fur and leather products, dry cleaning, etc.)
96.01.05 Pressing apparel and other textile products, services (including press and cylinder ironing facilities)
96.02.01 Activities of beauty shops (shops where skin care, eyebrow threading, epilating wax, manicure, pedicure, make up, permanent make up etc are all provided) (except health care services)
96.02.02 Activities for men, hair salons and barber establishments
96.02.03 Activities for women, hair salon businesses
96.02.04 activities of salons offering only manicures and pedicures
96.02.05 activities of salons offering only waxing
96.03.01 Funerals and related activities (operation of washing bays, funeral transport, cleaning services, sale of burial, burial services, undertaking, etc.).
96.04.01 Turkish bath, sauna, and so on.
96.04.02 Spa, spa, drinks, spa centers, and so on. (except accommodation services)
96.04.03 Slimming salons, massage parlors, solarium, and so on. the operation of the city's activities (shape-keeping salons’ and dietitians’ activities are excluded)
96.09.01 Shoe shine services
96.09.02 Weddings and related services
96.09.03 Horoscopes, astrology, and spiritualist services
96.09.04 Operation of public toilet facilities
96.09.05 Porter services
96.09.07 Self-employed Valet Services
96.09.08 Escorts and escort services (security services)
96.09.09 Match-making agencies and marriage agency services
96.09.10 the activities of service providers such as self-employed busboys, waiters, and so on.
96.09.12 Brothel services
96.09.14 Pet-care services (home of the feed given to animals, maintenance, hosting, hairdressing, education, and so on.)
96.09.15 Genealogy finding activities
96.09.16 The operation of coin-operated personal service machines (coin-operated machines, passport photos, safety cabinets, weight, blood pressure and so on. Services, including gaming and gambling machines and laundry services)
96.09.18 activities of scribes
96.09.90 Other service activities not elsewhere classified (tattoo and body piercing services, etc.).
97.00.10 Services of households as employers of domestic personnel
98.10.01 Undifferentiated goods produced by private households for own use
98.20.01 Undifferentiated services produced by private households for own use
99.00.15 Activities of extraterritorial organizations and bodies (the embassies of foreign countries, international cooperation organizations, and so on. included)