Benefits of Membership

The advantages of being a member of Susurluk Chamber of Commerce and our services:

  1. To identfy professional expectations and problems of our members. To try resolving all problems and to meet expectations.
  2. To get consulting services related to the domestic and foreing trade.
  3. To benefit from our publications.
  4. To be aware of legislative changes.
  5. To check and approve to the export documents of our member.
  6. To approve all invoices and documents which are related to the exporter and importer.
  7. To determine expert for foreign trade transactions.
  8. To be supported about the resolution of conflicts.
  9. To regulate of capacity reports, to approve and to send them to TOBB for our manufacturer members
  10. To check the invoices which needed to be approval.
  11. To check demands of manufacturer documents and to complete process.
  12. To registrate and approve the documents of business machine.
  13. To specify values of real estate and movable objects.
  14. To provide registration documents, operating certificate, legal domicile certificate, represantation certificate, specimen of signature, etc…
  15. To prepare and aprrove all the documents of social security of the owner of the company, partner of the company, authorized of the company.
  16. To approve aggrement of master, journeyman, apprenticeship documents.
  17. To provide information about abroad job offers, abroad fairs and tender bit.
  18. To make aggrement with hotels for our members, that they can stay economical.
  19. To reward successful companies.
  20. To prepare certificate of force majeure.
  21. To organize usege of rules related to trade.
  22. To organize seminars, courses, panels for our members.
  23. To work fort he development of our city.
  24. To give scholarship to the students in the city.
  25. To provide documents to the companies which are analizing and researching about some topics.
  26. To rent auditorium to our members cheaply.
  27. To make aggrements with companies, that our members can get benefits.
  28. To provide share certificate.